• I’m sure this strategy can be countered but with the addition of Italy it was neat for me to see all three powers closing in on my (the US).

    It started as a Canadian Shield…

    Japan moved into Alaska and W. Canada with hopes of taking W US

    Germany moved into E. Canada with overwhelming force to put pressure on E US.

    The neat part was Italy’s role.  They took Brazil w/ 1 INF & 1 ART, West indies 1 INF & 1 ARM and took Panama with 6 INF.  They had a few subs and a loaded CV escorting the transports.

    Although Italy brought very little in comparison to the other Axis players I as the US player just couldn’t run to Ottawa. Even if I was able to recover they did manage to take 5 US IPC’s in addition to the 2 that Japan took.

    So even though Italy had a small ground force they hit the wallet the hardest.


  • so i’m guessing Russia and UK were already defeated then? because that’s the only way i can see any of that happening. or did the Axis just feel like fooling around?

  • Russia had fallen and the UK only had London and Madigascar left.  Germany had a huge fleet around London so putting boats in the water with 9 IPC’s wasn’t a good idea.  They would just buy 3 INF per turn.

    All Russia had left was the sub.

  • cheers for clarifying. i’d say at that point in the game, it would be time for the Allies to conceede  😉

    but if you wanted to play on, i’d suggest building as many fighters as you’ve got the cash for. they defend well, and can be used to counter-attack the Axis navies that are encroaching on your shores

  • I just think it was neat to see Italy augment an already exhisting strategy.  Yeah it was more of an endgame deal but I am sopprised more and more every day how Italy can make it a better game even with limited income and starting units.


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