• What are the most IPC’s you’ve seen Japan hold after turn1?

  • 40. :wink:

  • After turn 4?30 at tops.I own it and Japan creams the Allies in turn i,but after turn 3,Japan is always on the defensive trying to hold what she has.

  • 40 IPC’s after Turn1 !  :|

    How does J accomplish that??  :?

    I was J the other day and got 29. I had thought until now I was doing pretty well  :-(

  • 38 IPC

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    You can do 40, but that’s stretching things pretty thin.  I don’t recommend it.  I usually go for something in the 30s.

  • Is taking the Phillipines a MUST on the 1st turn?

    Is it possible to take all of Borneo, Java, Sumatra & Malaya all on Turn 1?

    Is it better to try to take all of these and the Phillipines on GT 1 rather than striking at the USA?

    Sorry about asking all these Q’s, but I have played Japan only once and only had 29 at the end of GT 1 and later lost the game after a decisive naval battle off French Indo China with the UK.

    I must say that in that game the Allies must have had 4 hits, ones, with their sinking transports!  :x

  • It isn’t necessary, but certainly helps.  In J1, if you don’t attack PI, you should at least surround it and use non combat moves to stage a J2 attack and capture.  It is key to a Japanese Victory Point win.  Last game I played, the Japanese player waited until J2 to invade PI, it was a successful tactic.

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    There are two things that you absolutely must do on turn one.

    One is to attack and destroy the US fleet at Hawaii.  You simply can’t afford to allow the US to use that fleet as a basis for building an attack force, as it will become too strong, too quickly.

    The second is to take the Philippines.  If you do not, the US can build an IC there on its first turn.  If this happens, you may as well start the game over.  You can’t afford to let the US keep it, because it’s a bomber base in range of Japan, and you can’t afford to take it, because it will be an SBR target in range of easily-acquired bomber bases.

  • Wow, very good advice, I hadn’t considered that tactic.  Net time I play US in A&AP, I got a surprise for Japan! (if he fails to take PI)

  • Though a US IC in Japan - if captured - becomes a target for allied attention - surely a large Japanese fleet could keep the Allies from building up significant forces to take it (or even surrounding islands)- and it becomes a base to attack both south to Australia and east toward India with, or reinforce the waters around Java, Sumatra, Celebs etc.

    I reckon depending on how well the situation was handled (and the dice) the Phillipines could be a nice southern base for Japan.

    If you want to go SBR crazy after all - you can go for Japan almost as easily… and while the US is buying bombers and fighters, they’re not buying boats… it’s a while since I’ve played Pacific though - so who knows maybe I’m off the mark…

  • Oh, and back on topic - yes you can get 40 IPCs - but I reckon 37/38 is a better bet.

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    40 IPC’s. I do it every time I play Japan. I take the PI and all the DEI, Malaya, Borneo & Hong Kong. These = 21 IPC which puts Japan @ 40 IPC’s. If all goes well I do not lose too much units due to Japans 1st round attack advantage. (All Allied units, except the Chinese, defend at 1 on the dice) Tonight I won by VP’s, holding over 40 (I topped out @ 45) for 6 rounds. USA had sunk Japans navy on T5 after I slammed into AUS capital after building up INF & ART for a couple rounds and lost that battle. I pretty much had expanded all my forward units and had started reinforcing the India campaign. By the time the USA started to xport land units it was too late. It was great game w/ a few navel battles that cost both sides alot of hardware! Great fun! My boys are grumbling by being beat by the “ol Man” again.  :-D

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