HELP.. though situation what to do with USA fleet?

  • Question for pros…

    The situation before jap turn 1

    Russia hold Manchuria with 3inf 1 arm
    Kwangbang succes with 1inf uk
    China 2inf 2ftr

    But germany very strong position in EEurope 14inf, 10 arm ftrs + 6 arm in germany ready to starfe karelia…

    my question is, if jap decide not to do pearl harbour, which is the best use of the USA fleet and which will be the USA1 purchase?

    Thank you very much

  • '17 '16 Customizer

    On the rare occation that my opponent leaves me the Pearl Harbor fleet, I use it to harras Japan. I still stick w/ my game plan of Germany 1st and buy the xports and units to tag-team Germany from the east. Japan will be distracted w/ some Island hopping going on and will have to use precious resorces to quell it, thus stalling it’s Russia crush somewhat. If I’m lucky, Japan will lose a good amount of navel units fom my attacks and defensive rolls.

  • I agree w/ Maddog77. It is fun to harass Japan.  :lol:

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