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  • I’m new to this game and having trouble playing as the Americans.

    The way I see it the initial setup up gives Japan and advantage in ships, particularly the two cruisers as they lend their power for bombardment and determining island control, while the Americans have more air power, particularly bombers, and the two easily captured supplies.

    The problem I have is that I can’t bring that air power to bear while his two cruisers are having an effect early.

    Furthermore as I see it I have to take the two eastern most islands and eliminate whats left of the troops on Guadalcanal.  After that I’m lost as with my opponent entrenched in New Georgia and their 2 extra cruisers any landings their will likely be ineffective as they can bring not only their carrier based fighters but the fighters on Bougaville (sp).  So even if I have more air craft I can’t outnumber them, and their cruisers give them the advantage in land battles as well as a fleet action.

    What are my options as the Americans, I’m just stuck

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    Krieg’s links are a reasonable place to start.

    I like to get an AC and supply and rapidly deploy it with the ‘extra’ fighters on the base at setup.

    Consolidate your fleet in zone H for landing on S. Isabel (with all the Artillery and 2 Inf. from G. canal.) Ships at base moving into K for the assault of two infantry and 2 bombers on Malatia and the rest of the forces and 3 bombers to Guadalcanal.

    That should be 3 Art/1 Inf at S. Isabel.

    2 Inf. 2 Bombers at Malatia.

    3 Art. 1 Inf. 3 Bombers at Guadalcanal.

    Apply shore bombardments as you see fit. I like the garrison on G’canal myself.

    Build airfield two on G’canal.

    Rapidly deploy new AC with Fighters at base and rapidly deploy a Trns with Inf. and artillery (or 2 art.) to zone J during reinforcement and repair.

    You shouldn’t need 2 of the Trns that start in zone J/K for turn one landings so they should be available for taking supplies got turn 1 to Malatia for airfield three turn 2 or as the rapid deploy Transport above.

    Turn 2 you are on your own (too many variables) but I suggest postponing the assault on New Georgia in favor of consolidation and rapid deploy of additional naval support and getting new fighters on your base and the airfield up at Malatia.

    Edit: I had too many bombers assigned.  :oops:

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