• Hello,I just bought AAG,and I’ve had AAP for 3 years now,and I like big powerful Task Forces in AAP.What is a right sized naval force in AAG?

  • But the thing isn’t the exact make-up so many DDs per BB et al.

    I prefer to think about it more in terms of how many dice I’m going to face and how many I’ll be rolling–which includes surviving aircraft and artillery on adjacent islands.

    Rules of thumb I use:

    3 escorts (DD and/or CA) per zone with a capital ship- minimum. 2 DD and 1 CA per capital ship for preference.

    A fleet must have air attack power from surface ships equal to the number of aircraft it will face.

    1-1 ratio of fighters to enemy aircraft. i.e. Fighter per fighter and fighter per bomber.

    Don’t get in a fight where naval attack power from artillery and surface ships will be more than 2-3 dice behind the enemy. More broadly escort heavy fleets may engage lightly escorted but technically stronger fleets.

  • Thanks,I was wondering how many CV,BB,DD,CA and so on to have.

  • @AA:

    Thanks,I was wondering how many CV,BB,DD,CA and so on to have.

    Just a guide.  :-)

  • I’ve played about three times now,I like having,like you said,2 DDs and 1-2 CAs per capital ship.
    I’ve also found that Japan can win in three turns if the US doesn’t take Santa and that Island above Guadalcanal on the first turn.I’ve played a gave where they both have to get 25 VPs to win and it was easier for the US to win with the extra 1-3 turns.

  • The US must evict the garrison on Guadalcanal and take Malatia and Santa Isabel on turn 1. They must get even on reinforcement points and get the Japanese supplies on G’canal.

  • I played it again today and I took Malatia and New Georgia on the first turn,and I had four airfields on the second turn to the Jap 2.

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