• I can find people to play Risk. I CANNOT find anyone to play Axis & Allies. :x  Do any of you have any ideas on making Risk more like Axis & Allies?

  • @ABWorsham:

    I can find people to play Risk. I CANNOT find anyone to play Axis & Allies. :x  Do any of you have any ideas on making Risk more like Axis & Allies?

    you have to make human beings smarter.

  • infantry, attack 2, defense 2, cost 1

    cavalry, attack 3, defense 3, cost 2

    cannon, attack 4, defense 4, cost 3

    deal a capital to each player from the territory card deck, place a token at the capital territory, reshuffle the deck, and deal the starting territories, each player start’s the game with equal force’s, i.e. 12 infantry, 5 cavalry, 3 cannon,
    place these forces at any of your starting territories,

    for reinforcement’s count the territories that you have, divide by 3, then double the number, i.e. 18 territories = 12 reinforcement point’s, i.e. 7 infantry, 1 cavalry, 1 cannon,

    reinforcement’s for holding card’s, 3 infantry = 6 point’s
                                                  3 cavalry = 8 point’s
                                                  3 cannon = 10 point’s
                                               one of each = 12 point’s

    you may reinforce from your capital, if you hold a territory card and take or hold that territory you may place another reinforcement point there, if that territory is taken you lose that reinforcement point, if you lose your capital and have no reinforcement point, and still have territories left, choose a new reinforcement point from your remaining territories, remember that this can be destroyed if it is taken,

    make as many attack’s as you want, non combat move 2 for all unit’s,

    combat, declare attacking forces from 1 territory to another territory

    i.e. 5 infantry 3 cavalry 1 cannon

    the defender then declare’s their defense force’s

    i.e. 7 infantry  1 cannon

    you do not have to attack or defend with all your force’s,

    when a battle is decided the attacker may continue the attack with whatever force’s they have left or declare a continued offensive at the same territory, if the defender has force’s left,

    i.e. western europe attack’s north africa with a total reserve force of 5 infantry 4 cavalry, 2 cannon,

    it declare’s that 3 infantry, 2 cavalry, and 1 cannon will attack north africa, that has a reserve force of 7 infantry, 2 cavalry, 1 cannon,

    north africa declare’s 7 infantry for the battle

    if you retreat after from attacking any territory, you lose 1 unit

    victory condition’s, take all capital’s, conquer the world

    you do not have to attack or defend with all your force’s, you may attack with any number of your force’s, the defender must defend with at least 1/2 the number of unit’s that they are attacked with, i.e. attacker attack’s with 7 infantry, 2 cannon, if the defender has enough force’s, they must defend with at least 5 unit’s,

    neutral army,

    1 infantry, every territory, 2 infantry, 1 cavalry, 1 cannon at the capital,

    2 player game, 15 infantry, 5 cavalry, 5 cannon,

    3 player game, 15 infantry, 5 cavalry, 5 cannon,

    4 player game, 15 infantry, 5 cavalry, 7 cannon

    5 player game, 12 infantry, 5 cavalry, 3 cannon

    6 player game, 12 infantry, 3 cavalry, 3 cannon

  • here is an example of combat

    player 1 has 7 infantry, 5 cavalry, 3 cannon

    player 2 has 5 infantry, 5 cavalry, 5 cannon

    player 1 attack’s with 5 cavalry,

    player 2 defend’s with 3 cannon, 2 infantry

    player 1 roll’s 2 hit’s,

    player 2 roll’s 3 hit’s

    player 1 lose’s 3 cavalry,

    player 2 lose’s 2 infantry,

    player 1 can now attack again by reinforcing the front line, or calling back the cavalry and sending other unit’s to the front line,

    player 2 can reorganise their force’s aswell,

    the defender can not surrender a territory, by retreating

    if you stop your attack on the territory you lose 1 unit

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    I can find people to play Risk. I CANNOT find anyone to play Axis & Allies. :x  Do any of you have any ideas on making Risk more like Axis & Allies?

    you have to make human beings smarter.

    Yep. Anything that overcomplicates it or will cause them to think will be declined even the reasonable rules proposal above.

  • you should also place 1 infantry unit at each starting territory,

    if you defeat an army you must have a unit to claim the territory and a unit to hold the territory that you attack from,

    if a territory would be unoccupied, do not count that territory, when reinforcing

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    Risk Historical Edition:


    1. Get chips like they have in Axis and Allies
    2. Buy a real copy of risk. That would be the one you buy in Europe (specifically Hungry or England). All three units’ molds actually look decent. The chips are now used to indicate more than one (white=1 army, Red = 5 armies, Blue=10 armies).
    3. Pic: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/image/223268?size=original

    Units have new values: (Attack – Defence)
    Infantry:  1-2- cost 3 moves 2
    Cavalry: 2-2- cost 4 moves 3
    Artillery: 3-3- Cost 6 moves 2

    Turn Sequence:
    1. Reinforcement Phase
    2. Movement Phase
    3. Combat Phase
    4. Redeployment Phase
    5. Replacement Phase

    1. At the start of your turn you count your territories and buy more units using the cost values. This is the economic value you use to build new units. You place all new units and begin your attacks as usual.

    2. The movement factor is the number of different attacks that can be made each turn. Each attack can be of unlimited duration or rounds. For example you can attack with infantry, taking a territory and then attack one additional territory. This constitutes 2 movements. Cavalry can perform this up to three times per turn.

    3. During combat if artillery rolls a ONE result they may select the type of unit they want to allocate as a hit. Otherwise this is the choice of the defender.

    4. If one side has Cavalry and the other does not, then all attacks or defense by those cavalry are at +1 each round.

    5. During combat your cavalry can allow the retreat by the defender of units equal to the number of cavalry forces left defending at the end of a combat round. This is the only case where the defender can retreat.

    6. At the end of combat all units that did not make any attacks can now move within your own territories equal to their movement allowance (either 2 or 3 spaces).

    7. When you get cards they represent the actual piece you get as replacements. If the card is a wild card you get one unit each of all three types. For Example: if you get a Cavalry card then you may place this unit in your controlled territories. Cards are no longer turned in for growing sets. If you happen to get a card with a pictured territory you own, you receive two additional units of the same type in this territory.

    8. As usual you draw your card at the end of your turn and you then get to place your forces. These forces are additional forces that represent replacements.

    Optional rules:

    Adding new units: (Attack-Defense-Movement-Cost)
    Ship-of –the -line:  2-3-2-7. These units can pick up two units and drop them off as an invasion. You will need to add sea zones to your map.

    Grenadiers (elite infantry): 3-2-3-5
    Generals: +1 for all units in territory in either attack or defense. Each player gets one General, when you conquer somebody you obtain the service of an additional general.

    Fortress/Forts: two rolls of 4 each round, both preemptive (no return fire from hit units). Each level costs 6. Place chips under to denote the value of the fortress.

    Capitals: each player selects a home territory: this territory receives a free fort of 3 levels. If you lose your capital you lose the game.

    Starting Armies:
    Each player starts with 100 point army and the free 3 level fort for his home territory. His home territory is selected first when you randomly select positions. You decide how your army will be constructed.

    Alliance Phase:
    Randomly assign 3-9 territories as neutrals each with IPC values of what is rolled on two D6. Each turn a player can roll a D6 and try to get a neutral rolling a 6. Modify the die +1 for each adjacent territory you control from the neutral. Also, you may elect to have alliances with your partners rolling a D6= the minimum number of turns you must not attack that player. Once you have got to that turn either player is no longer bound by the treaty and may attack you… or by agreement roll another die and start another treaty.

    You may even become treacherous and break the treaty and a penalty will be suffered. Your former ally now will receive a predetermined amount of money in his treasury to be immediately used to reinforce the territories you attack. Thus you can have both “hard and soft” treaties whereby high or low amounts of IPC are pledged as a safeguard to prevent the breaking of the treaty.

    Capturing the General:
    If you lose your general in battle, you roll a die as follows:
    1= general comes back safely
    2= general comes back but is wounded two turns.
    3-5= general is captured. He may be held for ransom for money, hostage in treaty, or for control of a territory(s).
    6= General is killed

  • @cystic:


    I can find people to play Risk. I CANNOT find anyone to play Axis & Allies. :x  Do any of you have any ideas on making Risk more like Axis & Allies?

    you have to make human beings smarter.

    Karma deserving statement

  • Thanks for all the ideas. You people rock!

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