• I bumped across this one while reading the official errata here: http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=ah/faqs/axisrevised

    “Must I offload all the units from a transport?
    No. Units may stay on board when other units offload. For example, one unit may offload during an amphibious assault, while another may offload into the same territory during the noncombat move.” -emphasis mine.

    Now I know that a transport doesnt have to offload all its cargo at once (tho its turn will end and it will have to wait the next turn to offload the rest, so might as well dump it for safety and more freedom of choice next turn…), but this quote seems to be in direct contradiction to what I assumed was a main rule.

    That being, that units cannot be moved during the noncombat move phase into a territory which was just captured during combat.  Its perhaps a moot point, as you really ought to send them all in during the attack if you want them there in the first place, but it does come into play in the cases where a player has made a grave human error (which they should be punished for, naturally) or where they are just trying out some wierd tactic or cannot make up their mind.

    Do I have it all wrong?

  • the only units that cannot be moved into a freshly captured territory are air units. nothing is stopping you from moving some extra ground defenders in

  • Official Q&A

    Tin_snips is correct.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Since we are speaking about transports here i came across a somewhat strange thing the other day playing tripple a.

    Is it a legal move for the US to let UK load their troops onto US transports in UKS turn (this i know is ok)

    AND (here comes the tricky part)

    Unload in next uk turn. (yes i know still ok)

    And the in the same turn US loads and ofloads with the same transports? (here is where im in doubt, thought it´s allowed by tripple a engine)

  • Official Q&A

    That would be legal if the transports’ capacity isn’t exceeded.  In other words, if the UK player loads one infantry onto the US transport, the US player could then load one land unit onto the same transport.  If the UK player fills the transport, the US player may not load units onto it, as this would exceed its capacity.

  • 2007 AAR League

    But they don´t load same “time”…

    UK loads in his turns, us moves the trn, uk unloads in his next turn, US loads and un loads as well in his turn.

    Thats the chain of events.

  • Official Q&A

    Ah, I see.  What you mean is that the US player uses the transport in the same round, not the same turn.  A turn is one power’s sequence of actions, while a round is a complete cycle of turns, from USSR to USA.  Yes, that’s legal, since in each turn the transport isn’t carrying more than its capacity.

  • Transport cannot have more than it load limit at any time.  If Transport full of Allied units, no new units can be bridged with Transport.

    But if United Kingdom have units on United States transport that United Kingdom offload, then United States use Transport on their move is OK.

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