• Just played AA50 as Germany with my younger son, 15, as Japan; we faced my elder son, 27, as the Allies:

    OK at the end the income of Germany was about 45, Japan at 40. Germany held Leningrad. Italy held Egypt. Japan held India and Manila and Hong Kong.

    The Allies WON!!

    OK what went wrong??

    Japan had jet fighters from turn 1.
    Germany had paratroopers from turn 4
    Allies had no Techs.

    Both USA and UK built battleships and the USA also built bomber, bombers and more bombers and finally relentlessly advanced on Japan and took it easily!

    The UK built 6 BB’s and invaded France time and time again as Germany counter attacked and took back each turn, but the Germans had no counter strat that could wipe away a fleet like that. they could take 12 hits!

    Germany was so weakened that Russia just pounded away on the Eastern Front and went straight for Berlin. Germany even held Stalingrad on it’s last turn as a result of a tandem Italian German attack and 3 paratroops into Stalingrad.

    My oh My!!

    Edit:  I’d like to point out how important Iwo Jima is from the USA POV. It helps their bomber fleet immensely: do not let the US take Iwo Jima!!

    The Japans should take Hawaii in order to bomb any new built BB’s the USA build on the West Coast.

    The Germans should never ever let UK build 6 BB’s, me bad!!!

  • Sis you play 1941 or 1942 set-up?

    what was italy doing?

    What UK shipping did Germany sink on G1?

  • 1941 set up

    no German attacks on UK navy , ever!!! :x

    Italy was attempting to help Germany take Egypt and was successful
    then turned it’s attn to bulking up the German position in Bulgaria
    and took Gibralter

  • @Constantinople:

    no German attacks on UK navy , ever!!! :x

    Then there’s 1 thing that went wrong IMO. On G1 you have to attack at least 1 sz, maybe even 2.

    Italy was attempting to help Germany take Egypt and was successful
    then turned it’s attn to bulking up the German position in Bulgaria
    and took Gibralter

    If the UK can afford to buy 5 BB (100 IPC!), then I think you didn’t hurt their economy very effective.
    From my pov, UK’s economy can be reduced to like 20/30-ish by T3. If they then can still afford 5 BB’s, there shouldnt be anything in London at all.
    Buy a sh*tload of Sub’s, or send in the Luftwaffe to wipe out the fleet, and go for London, especially if the US is focusing on Japan.
    Or take advantage of the fact that there cant be a Tommy in Russia at all.

  • I played it today,it was me and 5 friends.we,the Axis,we lost!!!How did we?I’ll never know,I was Japan,I held most of the Pacific islands and most of china,Germany took Moscow so many times,and Russia just took in back so many times,by the end,Germany only had 12 tanks on Berlin and that was their army,Italy was holding so many Russian and German Teritories that they were to spread out to the stop the amassed British fleet and army and the US Atlantic fleet.I lost to the US Pacific Fleet after about 12 turns,I held out as long as possible,and the game lasted 6 hours!!!It’s pretty cool though,I’m playing it again soon and I’m buying it next time I get my pay check.I like it when Japan has a carriers,9 cruisers and 7 subs,it can really hurt the US Fleet when you attack.

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    Next time, have Italy mass troops to hold France so Germany can focus on Russia more.

    And I agree, at least sink the ships in SZ 12!  Without them, England cannot sink the Italian Fleet and that gives Italy at least a chance at 20+ income on Round 1!

  • As Larry Harris would say: “Comments noted.”

  • Another thing that may have happened is too much other activities(island hopping, naval building, teching), and not enough “boots on the ground” grunts heading to the key victory locations.

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