• Hi everybody. I’m new to the forums, but not really new to the game. I’ve known about it for years. I just recently started playing 2nd edition, but hope to get revised or the anniversary soon. Okay, so I was wondering what exactly are bids.

    I’ve read over the thread 'Bidding Systems" but I still don’t really understand the concept. If I was playing the Axis, and I bid say… 20, and the Allied player bid 19, and then I decide not to go lower, he wins it. But what exactly happens then? Do my bidded IPCs get taken by the opponent? or vice versa?

    My idea of it is this: The person who gets the lowest bid gets that amount of IPCs of troops to spend pre-game start. But does that amount get docked from them on T1? Does the bidding loser get any IPC amount of troops at the start?

    I would just like a very simple definition of bidding, because I only half understand the concept.

  • Both players bid to be the Axis-side as the Allies are the strongest side. The person who bids the lowest amount of IPCs gets to be the Axis and starts with extra units equal to the number of IPCs you bid.

  • Okay, now I understand. Thank you for clarifying those rules. I don’t think in any of those previous threads they spoke about the strength of the Axis side in regards to bidding. But I may just be short sighted.

  • How would bidding work with more than two players?

  • '10

    The side that is the axis can divide the bid they as they see fit

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