• Hi, I really need people to test out this new modern day version of axis & Allies called Superpowers. Its an online version of the board game that is free to play with better rules and more pieces than axis & allies. Check it out.


  • i’ll take a look, but the world war ii genre is what draws me to axis and allies

  • ME TOO.  WW2

  • Its free if you play it online, like GTO and TripleA?

  • @CaptRick
    I admire your work in building this game (the boardgame) and follow the progress of your design with great interest. I know how hard it can be at some moments because I went about a same course myself. But what I personally really can’t understand are the colors that were used. And by that I mean Are the colors of the units and the colors used on the gameboard. Perhaps it is a matter of taste. But they are way to bright, almost like candy. Why did you choose these color preferences above a more softer more serious looking color.

    I don’t want to offend you in any way. Absolutly not! But I’m wondering.

    I’m from Holland. Maybe that explaines a lot.

    Best regards, Hicks

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