• My main strategy for USA is to mass a large fleet, then move to Alaska, then launch a massive Amph. Assult and finish Japan off. 1 has anyone else tried this, and 2, at what turn level have you done this, meaning after 5 turns of massing forces etc.

  • I rather go after the two major jap islands worth 4 ipc and also take the phillipines. that way you starve Japan. At the same time take iwo jima so your bombers can land there and industrial bomb japan like hell. then invade japan

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    Japan can easily fend this off.  I’ve yet to find a way to out produce Japan in AA50 with America without SERIOUSLY neglecting my allies in Europe.

  • In a 41 game, I, as the USA, tried a Japan invasion similar to what you listed. In out game, USA caught the Japanese fleet separated and sunk every one of their ships. After a couple more turns the USA made a ~75% attempt at taking over Japan. They failed (1 Japanese fighter remained), and it cost the Allies the game due to the USA focusing 99% of their efforts in the Pacific. A handful of turns later USA attempted a low percentage attempt on Japan again and failed. Around this time USSR was completely run over and we called the game.

    Even with Japan beat back to only their homeland and a couple other random IPCs, they were still able to produce enough infantry to make a USA invasion extremely difficult due to the long transit time from Western USA and how easy it is to sink transports now. You almost have to move your entire navy together to protect your transports or risk getting them sunk by a bomber/fighter attack from every direction imaginable.

  • true, it shouldn’t be the first time that entire UK fleet was sunk by german fighters, just because there weren’t enough escortships
    and they had like a battleships and 4 destroyers, in regular fame more than enough, here, insufficiënt
    same with japan
    KJF Is hard, you’ll need luck to succeed
    and 1942 helps to 😄

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    Just thinking, things might be a little easier if England had some of their boats repositioned.  I’d trade Germany +2 Fighters if I could reposition boats where I wanted them (within reason).

    For instance, Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean boats should be consolidated out of range of the Japanese fleet and the North Atlantic should be consolidated into two groups (Cruiser, Destroyer, Transport in SZ 12, the rest in SZ 2.)  Gives Germany a chance to do crippling damage to the British fleet, but still gives England a transport to use on round 1.  It is, after all, an island nation!

  • I’ve never played a total victory game with AA50 ( i usually play to 15 VC) so I usually ignore Japan itself and go for its islands, then encircle it to stop any threat.

  • It sounds like no one really thinks it can be done, but i have, i think based on feedback is to make sure your whole navy protects the transports (i also moved the atlantic navy over) and i made sure that the land units landing outnumbered the japan units.  Now the disclaimer is, my japan player didn’t strike at my navy at round 1 so i had no losses, and he moved land units to manchuria, so yes if your enemy knows whats comming, they will build land units. I also used bombers with both stratigic (if i lost) and normal bombing.

    I admit, if you fail, you will not get another chance.

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    Okay, maybe if the American fleet is not destroyed in Round 1 you might have a shot.  Still, with 3 carriers and enough fighters to fill four carriers, this is going to be very difficult to pull off…

    Anyway, I would expect the Battleship in SZ 53 and the Destroyer/Transport in SZ 56 to be wiped out. (Also the fleet and philippines to be taken out too.)

    From that, you really have a hard time rebuilding.

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