• of course a a female president will be another… (main reason is that, what do you do about the “First Man?” :))

    But really… most likely the next Chief Justice will be a woman. Sandra Day O’Connor is brilliant when it comes to jurisprudence… 😎

  • I just want to mail President Bush a copy of the constituion, it would make an interesting read for him.

    I agree, mostly, with the Republican party. If someone else had been elected President (someone like John Mccain), you’d find me behind them. However, President Bush is not on my Christmas card list.

    President Bush is not going after terrorists. They’ve shown their faces numerous times in the past year. He stopped at Afganistan.

    President Bush is not setting any initiative against White-Collar criminals. Until that happens, your not going to have people investing their money in the Stock Market. With the Stock Market down, the rest of the economy is suffering. Unemployment is rising to 1980s levels.

    Government Tax Revenues are down, yet President Bush wants to keep taxes low, and increase spending. This puts us in much more long term debt. He’s putting the burden on my Generation, and the Generation before mine. We are going to have to pay off his debts.

  • What about the actions in Yeman?

  • Well, I don’t want us to just throw bombs the Mideasy like Golfballs at the Costumed ball collector. However, I highly doubt that those who planned the attack knew an American citizen was on the ground. If they knew, they would of tried to capture him and create another media circus.

  • They broke that Al Quaeda cell in Albany, but two of the people were off in Yemen, so they tracked him down and killed him and five of his Al Quaeda buddies.

    Sounds like counter-terrorism to me.

  • they killed them without a trail?

  • SO during WW2, we should have put all those Nazis in France on trial?

  • this is 5 people

  • I think that I share GeZe’s sentiment that Bush stopped at Afghanistan… I don’t think that it’s on purpose, but because of that fool Tom Daschle and his party. They demanded that Bush go through the UN, which I know not many people on this site like, instead of just bombing the hell out of Saddam. THAT’S why we’ve been waiting since last January for some real action…

  • I think you messed up something, are you talking about me?

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