• Does anyone do this strategy. Is it worth it? What’s everyones strategy for the pacific?

  • i think it’s more viable in the 1942 setup, but it does depend on what the japanese fleet is doing in any case

  • In Revised, there were two paths: massing ships in Alaska, then attack Japan home islands or my favourite: make a defensive fleet and pick Dutch East Indies and Philippines, then build a IC in Borneo or East Indies and then shift to build attack ships.

    In AA50, Alaska fleet is the same, but now Dutch East Indies revert to UK, so you cannot build IC there. This leaves you with Philippines as only option for IC (China reverts to China and FIC is usually too well defended), so you must build BB there (2 IPCs value of phi). Still, Philippines is too near from Japan, so is more difficult taking and holding it than Dutch East Indies.

    A interesting new feature is that you can sneak subs to annoy lonely trannies and small fleets: while there is no dd in range, they are safe from air strikes or even naval strikes. ACs are still very good, have at least 2 of them, and also as many bbs as Japan (or they will strafe your fleets).

  • Carriers also keep Japan “honest” in that with the consolidation of the two sea zones at Japan they now no longer have a “safe”  seazone to park unescorted transports in.

  • 2007 AAR League

    What the designers did was break up the big Japanese sea zones into a lot of little ones but they left the sea zones close to the US wide open which encourages a policy of harrassment by a smaller US navy. But, the US is unlikely to make it very deep into Japanese controlled sea zones without spending every dime on the Pacific.

    However, with a small naval investment the US can usually claim the Midway, Wake, Hawaii, Solomans National Objective and keep a decent portion of the Japanese navy tied up.

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