• @mini_phreek:

    do you mean NRA the IRA is the Irish Republican Army.

    The IRA are probably conducting some undercover missions in the US border crossings….

  • Long live the IRA!

  • @EmuGod:


    do you mean NRA the IRA is the Irish Republican Army.

    The IRA are probably conducting some undercover missions in the US border crossings….

    They were training the FARCS . . . .

  • Imegration and Revanue Agency

  • . . . thought i’d share this gem . . . .
    Two Americans boarded a flight out of Salt Lake after the hockey


    One sat in the window seat and the other sat in the middle seat.
    Just before take-off, a Canadian got on and took the aisle seat.
    After take-off, the Canadian kicked his shoes off, wiggled his toes
    was settling in when the American in the window seat said, “I think
    up and get a beer.”

    “No problem,” said the Canadian, “I’ll get it for you.”

    While he was gone, one of the Americans picked up the Canadian’s shoe
    spat in it. When he returned with the beer, the other American
    “That looks good, I think I’ll have one too.”

    Again, the Canadian obligingly went to fetch it and while he was
    the other American picked up the other shoe and spat in it.

    When the Canadian returned to his seat, they all sat back and enjoyed
    flight. As the plane was landing, the Canadian slipped his feet into
    and knew immediately what had happened.

    “Why does it have to be this way?” he asked. "How long must this go
    This fighting between our nations? This hatred? This animosity? This
    in shoes, and pissing in beers

  • Ehhh… poor editing job. :-?

  • See, if we and Canadians all got along, who would we blame?

  • i can’t speak for all canadians, and i don’t know what you think but where i’m from we consider Amaricans dumber then the average human. and it’s scary how true it can be. just spending a few minutes talking to an amarican tourist or or if your in the states and hear it. it’s really sad how stupid you people can be like.

    if you have no idea what 'm talking about, i encurage you to watch (if you can find it in the states) a documentary by Rick Mercer called “Talking to Amaricans”

    or if you need more info on what we think of you, just watch any Canadian Commedian, thay’l do some jokes about Amarica sooner or later.
    one of my favorite lines is from Glen Foster: “I don’t see why it’s called Customs, if it was really customs, you come into canada id be, hey heres some beer and a hocky stick, going the other way, heres some crack and a handgun”

    or you can try to find the I Am Canadian commercials. ( it’s scary that the beer companys know more about Canadian patritism then the goverment)

  • sorry about the editing TG.
    Also MP - the thing is that Americans don’t give a st about Canadians - it’s not that they’re so stupid. There are many intelligent Americans (one of them is beating the crap out of me in our PBEM game).
    Also that Rick Mercer is some funny S

  • thing is that Americans don’t give a s**t about Canadians

    Heh… remind me NEVER to retake Canada when the Germans or Japanese invade it next time I play A&A. 🙂

  • Kill off Tom Green and his family and we’ll talk 🙂 In return… we’ll burn Andy Dick.

  • no burn the people of CNN that where involved in the crossfire when they where talking about the moron comment

  • Why do you pick an idiotic newsbite type quote to rebut?
    Why not debate one of Pat Buchanan’s facts based, intelligent soliloques…

    GeZe, what’s with the spelling?
    “Imegration and Revanue Agency.”
    “well what ever the imegration peple are called.”
    Helpless is the word I would use.

    Is it Canuck or Cunuck? Nevermind! I don’t want to start using another
    “N” word.

    Is Tom Green the guy on the Red Green show? If not who is he?

  • Is Tom Green the guy on the Red Green show? If not who is he?

    oh god no, red green for those that don’t know is canadian TV show. about the adventures of possom lodge. it fetures sagments such as “adventures with Bill” “handy man corner” and ask the experts. it stars steve smith as red green the lodge leader. and is one of the funniest shows on TV.

  • steve smith is much funnier than Tom Green.
    much wittier, and more clever.

  • The RED GREEN SHOW! lol lol watch it every sat.!!:lol::lol:
    I JUST LOVE THE HANDY MANN CORNER! what Red comes up with!!! LOL LOL!!!. (the elevator, bob sled) good show very good show!!! (can’t wait for Duck Tape Forever! :lol: )

  • lol i saw once where red green made a sled in the summer, it had a roll out “slip and slide” on the front that kept rolling out and let him sled down the hill in the summer! weeee!

  • do many of you amaricans watch canadian TV, like Red Green, this hour has 22 minutes, royal canadian air farce, and Ed the sock, just too name some of the funnier ones.

  • Ed the sock is a good show… 😎

  • it is, what the hell is up with that insalt comic dog, what a rip off

  • Phreek, who are you calling dumb, you can’t even spell American.

  • Probably because he speaks French not English primarily…

    I “speak” Spanish, but hell I can’t spell their name for the US 🙂

  • like Conan’s insult comic dog.
    great mock of the Star Wars geeks.

  • i can speak both english and french, but i prefere english, i mispell american all the time becase i like to piss people off anyway i can.

  • Yanny, how hard is it to spell “rich-gringo-land”

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