Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition Cold War/Modern Variant

  • IL made a variant like this for revised, but with A&A 50 i think we can make a better game without changing the map much, plus i dont think anyone played IL’s game

    I have a lot of idea’s for a game like this, and since christmas break(sorry Holiday Break) started today, I have two weeks to playtest stuff

    for starters I mainly want to know if their is any interest in this game
    and if there is the first thing we would have to decide is the start date
    1948? 1950? 1962? 1985? 1989? 1991? 2008? 2020? others?

    anyways if no one is interested, i will just start posting my idea’s, which will be annoying because this topic will alwasy be the first topic and you will have to scroll down to click on the topics that interest you.

  • I have just finished watching Charlie Wilson’s War and HBO’s House of Saddam, so I was thinking it could be set in the 80’s but any post ww2 setting is good

    also for a post cold war ( and probalby a cold war game) game we would have to think how alliances would work in this non-bipolar world

  • Here are my notes on a AA50 1985 game for who anyone wants to try and makes sense of them
    I will try to get a setup and playtest soon, and make a more clear version of the rules
    much of it is taken from IL’s AARME so he gets most of the credit
    i want to combine some units and get rid of others to make it more simple, but its hard becasuce combat in this game should feel diffrent from world war 2

    Axis and Allies 1985
    Player Sequence

    1. Soviet Union
    2. France
    3. China
    4. United Kingdom
    5. India
    6. United States
      USSR receives 30 IPCs to be used as he wishes to save or place additional units. The US gets 20. China gets 20. India 10. France 10. Britain 5
      Units Cost Move Attack Defense
      Insurgents 2 1 0 1
      Regular Infantry 3 1 1 2
      Special Forces 5 2 3 2
      Mechanized Infantry 4 2 2 2
      Towed Artillery 4 2 2 2
      MLRS 9 2 5 4
      Tank 5 2 3 3
      Main Battle Tank 8 2 4 4
      Air Transport 8 6 1 1
      Fighter Aircraft 10 6 3 3
      Ground Attack Aircraft 8 4 4 2
      Strategic Bomber 12 10 4 1
      Stealth Bomber 15 12 3 2
      Carrier 14 2 2 4
      Cruiser 12 2 3 3
      Destroyer 8 2 2 2
      Attack Submarine 6 2 3 1
      Ballistic Missile Boat 8 1 2 1
      Transport 7 2 0 1

    Strategic Units
    Chemical Weapons 5 0 D6
    Tactical nukes 8 2 D6
    ICBMs 15 20 D6+2
    Laser Shield 25 1 - D6
    IC 15
    AA 6 1 - 1
    Anti-Ballistic missile System 10 2 2
    Nuke silos 20 - - -

    Insurgents: can be built in occupied territories, but only one per territory a turn. Can hide in the occupied territory and cannot be attacked unless the controlling player agrees. They have a first strike of 1 or less and cannot be forced to come out of hiding.
    Special Forces: can perform first strikes into other territories and can pick the target. They can also perform these strikes from subs, aircraft carries and air transports
    MLRS: supports 2 infantry like artillery
    Main Battle Tank: Can only produce 1 per IC. Takes 2 hits to kill
    Air transport: can two infantry or another ground unit except for MBT and MLRS
    Chemical Weapons: D6 enemy units may not attack this round of combat. Their bust be a friendly artillery, ground attack aircraft, or strategic bomber, for each of the D6 chemical attacks

    Tech is just like AA50, cept there are four categories
    Ground Tech
    Self-Propelled Artillery: May build MLRS. Starts with it: US
    Chobham armor: May build Main Battle Tanks Starts with it: US, USSR, UK, France
    Special Forces: May build Special Forces: US, UK, USSR star with it

    Naval Tech
    Cruise Missiles: Cruiser and Destroyers can launch tac nukes:
    Navy Seals: Submarine transport elite unit. Starts with it: US
    Rapid Deployment Forces: Carries transport elite units. Starts with  it US
    Nuclear powered Subs: subs move an additional 2 spaces: starts with it US, France, USSR, UK
    Subs nuclear weapons: subs can launch 1 tac nuke. US, France, USSR, UK, China

    Aerial Tech
    Long Range Aircraft: all aircraft may move two additional spaces
    Air Transport: may build air transports Starts with it US and USSR
    Ground Attack Aircraft: may build GAA: US, USSR
    Stealth Aircraft: may build stealth bomber Starts with it: US

    Strategic Tech
    Chemical Weapons: may build chemical weapons: US, USSR
    Tactical nuclear weapons: may build tactical nukes Starts with it US, France, USSR, UK, China
    ICBMs: may build ICBMs Starts with it: Us, USSR
    Mobile missile silos: may launch nukes from MLRS
    STAR WARS: may build laser shields

    Scrambling fighter: fighter get one round of combat with aircraft flying overhead

    Oil Centers: rules from AARME

    Victory Points
    Victory points cost 10 IPCs. Your forces can not be mobilized on a turn you purchase victory. You may not purchase more victory points a turn than victory cities you control. First to 30 victory points wins

    Mobilizing Forces
    All countries forces start not mobilized. Your forces are only mobilized if last turn you did not purchase any victory points. While demobilized all your forces defend at 1 and have a -1 modifier when they attack

    If your total original territories IPC count is reduced to half you cannot win the game

    New Territories
    Draw blowup boxes for the new spaces
    Germany: Divided into East and West Germany
    Trans-Jordan: Divided into Syria and Iraq
    India: divided into 3 Indian Territories and one territory for Pakistan
    Manchuria:  divided into Manchuria, North Korea and South Korea

    Starting Territories
    East Germany
    French Indo-China
    West Indies
    Italian East Africa

    North Western Europe
    West Germany

    United Kingdom
    Eastern Canada
    Western Canada
    South Africa
    New Zealand
    Solomon Inlands


    3 Indian territories

    South Korea
    Saudi Arabia

    Other Politics

  • I thought it would be cool to make a variant that had three teams.

    Team 1

    UK (with the whole gang as in A&A)

    Team 2

    Other Middle East Muslim dominated countries

    Team 3

    Other Commie countries

    Just a thought.

  • yah, with three diffrent idealogies competing for contol, that would be cool, but i was going for a game that was a little less black and white

    leaders of arab countires are more often allied with western powers than with Islam, Russia and China are not on the best terms either, and in this game i am going to make it possible for Russia and China to have full scale war with each other. Also its not like the US, UK, and France are able to agree on eyerthing either. I think it is best if they are seperate powers.

    sure their will still be too sides, NATO, headed by the US, and the Warsaw Pact, headed by the Soveits. but the alliances are not set.
    In fact at the start of the game all countries should still be at peace. each power can either buy NATO or WARSAW Pact vicotry points with 10 IPCs, of course doing that lowers the effectiveness of their armies the next turn, and so should only do this when they are not expecting attack

    THe US and USSR are the only countries that start out active, If  US/UK/France are attack all of those countries can become active, of course I am going to have diplomacy rolling that can weaken or change the NATO alliance

    China, and India are different. You can gain control of them diplomaticly or you can attack them to makes them active. if you attack one, the other becomes contoled by your alliance

    The diplomacy thing will be clearer later, I also might make diffrent national objectives for each contry so that when you have more than two players, diplomacy can be represented by people instead of dice rolls.

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