• so?

  • I always liked the Axis, in evry A&A game.

  • Axis, for the simple reason I like being evil.

    Okay maybe not for that single reason.  Here are a few others.

    1.  I love being the underdogs.  Always.  Whenever one side gets snubbed, or is at a gross advantage, that’s the side I’m going to pick.  People love lovable losers.  Me, I love lovable winners.

    2.  It’s a chance to rewrite history.  We all know how fascinating alternate history theories can be.

    3.  By nature I’m a proactive person.  I don’t like reacting to other people’s decisions.  Unless you’re the lead sled dog, the view from the front doesn’t change.  And I always enjoyed the view.

    4.  Control Markers.  I love placing them on the board.  It’s not acceptable if the game ends and my control markers haven’t littered the world.  What can I say; I’m an expansionist.  That’s how I gauge progress.

    5.  Initiative.  To me the Axis are who you should choose if you’re adventurous and believe bold strokes should determine the outcome of a war.  None of that attrition garbage, I fight wars of annihilation and total envelopment.

    6.  I love seeing the Allied players whine and carry that doggy bowl expression on their face as they brace themselves for inevitable Axis tsunami.  It’s gorgeous.

    7.  Did I say I like being evil?  The Axis should have won WWII and I’m out there to prove it.

    8.  The Axis have the best toys.  Look at what units they start out with.  Seriously, does anyone want to be Russia in 1941?

    9.  The pressure.  Having only two nations (sorry Italy), there’s so much more load to bear on the Axis’s shoulders.  Make one mistake and your side is toast.  I thrive under pressure.

    10.  Hitler made me do it.

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