• if uk has luck unlocking improved production in round 1, they would be able to built two ic´s in africa, placing six to seven units a turn. secure africa and march to russia through persia. without spending a dime on fleet. they could built men in africa and bombers in uk, to bomb italy and germany.

    i am not talking about this as at strat since it is obviously not something you could plan for. this is more of a what if thing, that would mess up the games every once in a while. and it is bound to happen for someonesooner or later.

  • I’d buy a IC at India and the 2nd at SAF. 5 units a turn is enough to stop that pesky japs even without the poor chineses, and 4 in saf is more than enough for stop that pesky italians (I could even think Egypt if there are enough units to defend). I think this succesfull tech roll would balance the 1941 scenario (that favors axis).

    Don’t buy bombers. It’s better buy fleet and raid Atlantic Wall … as in real life  😄

  • Havent played a game with tech yet, but i think heavy bombers with germany would be devastating. I am already buying alot of bombers with germany in these games. the 12 ipc price tag is tasty, and having 4 bombers in germany is pretty tough on allied shipping. Add heavy bombers to that? now ur talking baby.

  • Yea, until Germany gets radar, improved industry or war bounds

  • Strategy:
    As germany, you build 1 BOMBER every turn, try not to loose any!
    After you have gained a handfull of bombers, hope to get paratroopers.

    If lucky, take UK! With 4 bombers and 4 infanteri and an Uk taken off guard,
    its not that unthinkable.

    Game finished!

    Heavy Bombers:
    What makes heavy bombers so powerfull is the x2 dices versus ships!
    Should be repalced by either: x2 dice in all LAND combats or x2 dice when doing industrial bombardment.

    Improved production is nice, and yes building an extra IC become a very popular choice then. But I think its not
    broken compared to heavy bombers and paratroopers.

    Heavy artellery:

    I havent played the game but feel like this is a weak thing.
    1 artelleri and 3 infanteri, would function the same way as 2 artelleri and 2 infanteri.
    You save 1IPC for every 10 IPC spend this way. Nah. Would be much better to simply add +1 to the attacking strength of the artellery.

    Heavy armor?
    Why is this not a tech? +1 attack or +1 in defence would by no way make the tank overpowered so I realy dont see why they did not include this technology.

  • what about Mech Infantry coupled with Heavy Artillery? I know the arty wouldnt be able to keep up with the Mech troops and tanks,but man that would be a mean army. 😮

  • Mech inf can aid soviets send trops to Siberia faster, or UK bring men from saf IC to north faster (big combo, 1 inf, 1 arm) or Japan sending men to west, or USA with torch and such or west axis for their african campaign. Pretty good tech

    Improved art makes trading easier. Very good for soviets. Also, good for taking islands

  • Actually, mech inf and heavy artellery works GREAT together.

    What useually happens is that you start of with a few artellery and many infanteri.
    As time goes by, you sacrifice your infanteri, and at the front you get less and less infanteri and more and more artellery. With heavy artellery you should be able to bring fresh troops to the front faster, thus easer using the heavy artellery benefit.

    When that is said, mech inf or heavy artellery are far from gamebreaking.

    Do anybody think that heavy-armor (tank gets +1 defence) be overpowered?

    Another question, does improved production have a second hidden benefit? Obviusly the +2 units helps a lot if placed in a 3-income or 2 income province, but is it also a good benefit to be able to build 12 instead of 10 units for germany?

  • The randomness of the tech results make AA50 HORRIBLE for players that rather not have the outcome of a game decided by a single, unforeseen, and unpredictable die roll. I was hoping the tech rules in AA50 would be changed to be controlled and deterministic instead of what they have always been. The tech rules shouldn’t be used if you rather not have the game decided on the lucky roll of a turn 1 die roll.

    The first AA50 game we played UK got Heavy Bombers on turn 1. Unfortunately we didn’t know the game well enough, so we decided to keep playing, even though we had a feeling it was over already, and it was. UK (hvy) bombed both Germany and Italy into the Dark Ages (SBRs and sinking all boats) from turn 2 on, giving the Axis no chance to win.

    One of my qualms with AA50 is the absence of new tech rules that don’t break the game when achieved.

  • I wouldn’t see tech as a random factor. If you want it, just throw quite alot of cash at it… and you will probably get something.

    I can see how the UK could be lucky by just one or two tech rolls, but the overall gameplay is hardly influenced too much by mere tech-luck imo. Clearly, in your game this was slightly different.

    PS: I’ve never believed in something like one techroll each turn, but rather in spending 20 or 25 ipc’s each turn you’re going after tech.

  • @P-Unit:

    The first AA50 game we played UK got Heavy Bombers on turn 1.

    1 of 36 chances rolling 1 tech team, 1 of 20 rolling 2 teams and 1 of 12 rolling 3 and still Germans can develop war bounds, improved industry, radar, rockets, their own HBs or simply a bit of luck with AA guns. I prefer that than losing China J1 (1941) or chinese fighter J1 (1942) 99 % of times and that crappy “we chinese cannot attack our hated japanese enemies in FIC, Burma or China seas” rule 100 % of times. You will lost British Empire very soon if continue purchasing bombers again and again. And Japan can still attack America if USA tries the same.

    Even if you still think HBs are unbalanced, don’t forbid tech, mod HBs to make them weaker, this is the best tech system until today. I think making China viable is more urgent than HBs stuff.

  • Moderator

    I’ve never been a huge fan of Tech, but I think the AA50 system is a bit overpowered to begin with.  I certainly think it encourages tech much more than previous versions b/c there is no threat of losing your money.  This does however open up tech to all nations, which is nice.

    All you need is one investment of 5 ipc and you are good to go.  Of course you may never get anything but it is still only 5 ipc.

    I REALLY LIKE the UK factory idea.  If I got that in Rd 1, I’d seriously consider an IC on Per as well.  Your first one to Ind and then one to Per and you are putting 8 units right where they need to be.
    If you don’t get it, you can put the IC on Safr, unless you are hoping you get the tech in Rd 2.

  • @DarthMaximus:

    I REALLY LIKE the UK factory idea.  If I got that in Rd 1, I’d seriously consider an IC on Per as well.  Your first one to Ind and then one to Per and you are putting 8 units right where they need to be.
    If you don’t get it, you can put the IC on Safr, unless you are hoping you get the tech in Rd 2.

    Yea, that’s a very good combo. 5 units each turn sure aids defend India. I could even try Rhodesia instead saf, or even West Canada

  • I dont actually think that its the tech system and randomness is the major problem. The major problem I guess is that some of the techs are a bit to strong. If you get a tech is supposed to be a small minor benefit. As for example long-range aircraft, mech infanteri and heavy artelleri. Then the randomness would not matter that much cuz they are not gamebreaking if you get them early. However rockets, heavy bombers and paratroopers are in my view not ok, cuz they are to strong to be gained randomly.

    Besides, HB should roll x2 dices versus SRB only. Why should heavy bombers roll 2 dices versus LAND, SEA and Industrial bombing???

  • Germany getting Long Range Aircraft on turn 1 = sinking every allied boat in the atlantic.

  • We found the ultimate gamebreaking tech when we played yesterday. My team-mate and I were in the lead with the Axis, and everything was going smooth. Germany had two bombers in Germany and UK only had two bombers and a few inf. in UK. The German player rolled the paratrooper tech  😄

    5 seconds later both bombers was shot down by AA-gun fire and we lost the combat, turning the tide of the battle and after 3-4 more rounds we lost…

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