How much do you people actully know about marxism?

  • i’ve already explained how the soviet works so thats the government and managment. the economy supples what the people need rathor then what will bring a profit for a company. obviusly the goverments not going to dictate how much of what your going to get but will instede supply you based on your input. there is more then enough food on ths planet to go around, it’s just destrubed very lopsided. and i belive the number right now is 2/3 of amaricans are over waight. i think they can aford a little cut in the amount of food they can buy at the super market.

  • oh and just incase you did not get it, the poll option Marxism evil evil is intended for those ignorent basterds too stupid have an informed opinion but instede swallow what the goverments tell you.

  • I’m not saying Marxism is evil, I’m just saying I won’t bet the farm on it working better than Capitalism. Moderacy is always the key.

  • So, there is basically no Government. Anarchy doesn’t work. Law and Regulation must be enforced.

    No. Only that the means of the government now rest in the hands of the people instead of the ruling Bourgeoisie. The government is instead based on intelligence instead of profits. In no way are ethical, rational rights (meaning as without the right to the greater exploitation of the masses for profit) are taken away - if anything you have more rights… such as the right against monetary censorship. In fact, if you read any of Marx’s works, he was a staunch protester against anarchy. What is to replace the state machine?

    Its called Democracy. A Moderate Economic system would allow limited Government intervention. Too much Government intervention and you have a Democratic Stalinism.

    Mini explained this perfectly. There is plenty of goods around, it is that it is so unevenly distributed. And are you even sure what Stalinism implies?

  • @Yanny:

    How can a Government plan human life? …

    Did i say that the government should run everybody’s life, or did i ask why they can’t run corps efficiently?

    According to the CEO, each person needs 7 glasses of water, 3 apples, and a loaf of bread every day. Every 2 years, they need a new pair of shoes. Every 9 years, they need a new car.

    Not that different from what the capitalists CEO do: they have to estimate what will be needed to bring production on that level…
    of course, the capitalists CEO want me to buy not only “three apples a day” but … the super-mega new, organic, healthy, genetically-manipulated-so-they-are-even-better-than-nature-could-make-them, golden or red shining brand new insert corp name here-apples… and they want me to buy a dozen aday, not caring wether i have to spend the next day on the toilet or not.
    🙂 😉

    I, and most people out there, want to control my own life. I don’t want my Government, no matter how fairly elected, making decisions for me.

    sorry…… this is not an insult but…
    pretty naive… (like most capitalists 😉 )

    You talk of economic planning. The Government never planned any overall plan for the country. It just happened. People took risks, and our country grew in wealth.

    Isn’t there this Greenspan guy who sets the interest rates?

    France is probably the best, and only, example of a Capitalism turned Marxist nation (well, almost). France, in the late 1700s, was a country of two people. The Wealthy, and the workers. The Wealthy got too powerful, and the workers not powerful enough, and sh*t happened. A truely Marxist country would of arose. And this is before Marx was born.

    They were not really “workers”. The Steam engine techonlogy was new and not wide spread, there was no railroad in France. The workers you mention include farmers, merchants, intellectuals (like medics etc.) and more or less everyone except the nobility and the high clergy. And the wealthy didn’t get too powerful. They already were “all-powerful”. On the other hand, the ones without power grew “too rich”, and wanted rights and political participation … they grew too smart, wanting the same rights regardless of birth and wealth … and then all it needed was a spark, like a little famine, and a raise of taxes…
    Guess why the educational system is cut down to a level where it doesn’t “educate” but only teaches “useful !!” things, that you need later as a trainee or apprentice or any other kind of wage-slavery. And if you want a better education, you have to pay more and more…
    A very smart way for stabilizing any regime 🙂

  • Well keep in mind, the French Revolution really was just a Parisian Revolution.

  • Isn’t there this Greenspan guy who sets the interest rates?

    Yeah, that’s what I thought… :roll:

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