• I luv the game, but the one thing that irks me is that transports can inflict heavy damage on airfleets and warships with a little luck. I was playing a game today, and my opponent attacks a jap trans with 2 US fighters. I lucked out and rolled a 1 and he missed with both fighters, then the battle went a few more rounds and he won, but I was close to winning with a bit of luck.

    Then I attacked 3 transports in SZ7 with a bomber and fighter. He rolled 1 twice, winning with 1 transport left.

    On a third occasion, he attcked my destroyer and trans with a sub, and I missed with the destroyer and hit with the transport. AN ESCORT CAN NOT ALLOW HIS PROTECTED SHIP TO DESTROY A SUB.

    All of this defies all logic of military thinking. I used to consider the transport an abstract representation of an escorted convoy, but now that we can buy destroyers, that is no longer a realistic assumption.

    I hate the low luck rules and we love throwing dice, so is there any good house rule to make transports a less dangerous but balanced part of the game? :?

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    Welcome, Miket2424!

    You could try reducing transports’ defense value.  If a transport rolls a 1, roll again and only hit on a 3 or less.  This would effectively halve their defensive capability.

    You could also try using the transport rules from the new Anniversary game (see pages 13-16, 18-19, 21 and 31).  This is a bit more radical approach, and may require tweaking the setup a bit to counter the reduction in combat strength of some fleets.

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