Just How Old Are We Axis and Allies Players?

  • I’m 48.

    I started playing in 1986 or 87 {“It’s all a blur!”}.  I’ve bought and played every variant since then. I went through a gaming dry spell for a few years {Early 90’s}. The release of Revised is what really got me more involved in the hobby. Joined the forums at Avalon Hill…met some great chaps who shared the love of the game…got involved in a gaming group…went to my first convention…etc.

  • I started playing in the late 80’s.  My brother and I found a semi-damaged box on a shelf at Toys’R’Us.  We were hooked.  Years later I have everything from Original to Guadalcanal . Hoping to get AA50 for Christmas.  I have managed to bring my wife’s family into the game and now a few games between Christmas and New Years is a family tradition!

  • I’m 19 and I probably started playing about 4 years ago.

  • I started playing in 1987 (give or take a year). I’ve been away from the game for years (never played Revised) but the Anniversary Edition has rekindled my interest so here I am.

  • Im 14 now , turning 15 on christmaseve, I first played d-day about 2 years ago ( wich sucked by the way) i been playin europe and revised mostly and cant wait for the anniversary ed 😄

  • Ok, hair is down, MB version 1984 in college.  I was, lets see,  29.  The board went across the dorm everynight, some where in play. five player games, great fun.  Still have the original board.  The playing pc we use are so brittle, we break some each time we play.  We used them to augment the AA50 sets.

  • 2022

    Hi all,

    It axisvirus started with me, at 06-04-'87, my sister’s birthday. A friend of my brother in law, brought it with him, since then, I am adicted to it, great game. 😄 I am 46.

    Axisgreettings, GoekaWar.

  • Played the MB version back in the day (don’t remember the year) as a kid. Stopped as I felt it was too biased towards the allies. Back then There was no internet so I didn’t know about a bid. Started up with revised, maybe two years ago and have been playing strong since. Now with AA50.

  • I was used as a place holder at the ripe old age of 7  in 1985 by my brother and his friends who needed someone to be russia, they had no idea how important russia really is when they started playing.  I have been playing as often as possible ever since and have loved every game no matter how great the win or how terrible the loss.  I look forward to many years of A&A.

  • 14 🙂
    i started playing a bit over a year ago
    first game i was Africa-corps 😄
    that’s why i’m rommel on 3A

  • Started playing just over a year ago when my son got AAR as a gift for his 12th birthday.  I can’t get him to play, but I’m hooked.  :roll:

  • Im 25, been playing with my cousins and brother since i was 10. I stoped playing when i reached H.S. but I’ve been playing 1-2 times a week since I bought AA50. I’m a WWII buff. I play anything that has to do with WWII, Call of Duty, Panzer General, Wolfenstein etc.

  • TripleA '12

    Hey everyone. I’m 34, played my first ever game in 2001 against the AI on the Hasbro pc version! Loved it so much I just had to have the board games - and now I own every variant, from MB to 1942. Well and truly sold my soul to Axis & Allies! Can’t wait for Pacific '40!  🙂

  • Played my first game a little over 2 years ago at the age of 13. Still playing it, can’t wait for Pacific and Europe 40, but right now I’m hooked on the Anniversary edition.

  • I first started after Christmas of last year.  A couple of friends and I were playing risk b4 Christmas. One of them got d day for Christmas and I took an emesiate liking.  I got aa50 for my birthday. Now I looking into getting the ultra deluxe 1940 versions.  Aa50 is the deluxe version

  • I read a review of A&A in Games magazine in 1984 and anxiously awaited its release. Didn’t find it until January 1985 in a Toy’s R Us store. I’ve been hooked ever since.

  • played my first in 1991.  a friend and i worked at mcD’s and the boss said come on over and play. we were 15 and  he was new in town and got us hooked.  he has since moved on, but that same friend and i play aa50 almost twice a week.  we lost some interest during revised, got into again during AAE and AAP, but aa50 has been “The Game”.  i am now 33, and my 8 y/o daughter and 2y/o son are getting into it.  she plays(kinda) and he loves to just play with the pieces.

  • '20 '18 '16 '13 '12

    Would have been about '97 for me. A friend of mine bought it and we were so excited we played our first 3 games before we even read the rule book.

    It took buying the old '95 PC version before I actually understod how the game mechanics worked. And we kicked that lame IA’s ass every single week.

    Played AAR with a friend about 2 years back and have been absoloutely addicted ever since.

  • MB version in ~86…

  • It’s good to see that there are a lot of players over the age of thirty. I’m about to leave my twenties behind.

  • my first game was in early 2009. I instanly loved the game

    I ordered my AA50 copy soon after

    Robert 22 years old

  • '10

    I think I played my first A&A game around 84 or 85.

  • I was 12, bought my first copy in 1987 (must have been the 86 version)- also bought Shogun later- awesome game!!!  I played it for about 3-4 summers with my baseball buddies after games/practices.  We would always play with all 5 players, roll the dice on the pool table and battle.  It brings back great memories.  We had some legendary battles!!!

    Played only a couple of times during high school, then put it down- played lots of sports then.  After 10-11yrs I happen to see Europe and Pacifc at the store- talk about a revival!!  I bought both games and read the instructions during my 2-week honeymoon in the Keys- pretty sad I know.  My wife is very gracious though- not a big AA fan but loves Catan!!!

    It doesn’t surprise me to see that most of the AA community is in their 30s- we all grew up with the game in the 80s.  Its nice to see the 20’s and Teens players get involved and discover this classic series.  I believe Axis and Allies will continue to rise as a classic like Monopoly, Risk and Catan!  The Revisions this decade have been fantastic!! 🙂

    One of my favorite games- I was Japan and holding on to the island of Japan (that’s all I had left after 15 rounds or so) but I had some 80 infantry, 40 tnks and about 25 ftrs and 10bmrs on it- we were playing total domination.  My friend said “Give up already!!!”, I said “NO you haven’t beat me yet!!”- he finally quit and I claimed victory.  I didn’t lose too many games in those days- very competitive.

    At 34, I still love it and play when I can!!

  • '14 '13

    Played A&A for the first time in 8th grade History class for one week.  Found the game that summer and had it all these years.  Just bought the 50th Anniversary Edition this past Monday.  Can’t wait to get it and play with my friends.

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    It’s good to see that there are a lot of players over the age of thirty. I’m about to leave my twenties behind.

    Hahaha - no need to feel embarassed or ashamed!
    Yes, I’m in my mid 😮 30’s, and I will be playing all kinds of games to my dying day.

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