Just How Old Are We Axis and Allies Players?

  • OK, just what are the Axis & Allies demographics?

    When did you first play an Axis & Allies game?

  • First game ever was about 2 years ago.
    I had known it before, since my oldest brother got it for his 12th birthday or so, about 18 years ago.

  • Official Q&A

    I first played in 1984.  I got the Milton Bradley version as soon as it hit the shelves.

  • I started playing in 1986.  Played a ton during high school with my friends, played at some conventions in Texas (Dallas, San Antonio), played less frequently during college, then just occassionally until April of this year when a friend and I decided to start a local Axis and Allies club.  We now play twice a week at a FLGS.

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    Is it no longer rude to ask a lady her age?  :wink:

    I played my first game in 1987, but I didn’t really start “playing” until 1991.  The difference is, my friend’s brother got the game in 1987 and we played a game, but then my family moved.  In high school I was caught up with it again after someone told me Risk was for babies. heh

  • Played first game in 1986.

    I can not believe I have played this game for over 20 years.
    Many rules versions later, I still love it.

    Recently got AA50 delivered to the house.  Family will wrap and give it to me for Christmas.

    Am going to play Dec 26th  :)

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    Just as I suspected…  The AAA community is alot older than most games communities.

    I played my first game before High School and I was hooked…  I played a game every week (Original edition ofcourse!) some times we played with more that the 5 players with some splitting a Nation.  It was dynamic because players would vie for resources for their theater or front!

    I have been a huge fan ever since and have been luring new talent and players where ever I go my whole life…  Once hooked, they always come back  :-)

  • AA50 is my first A&A game so I’m really new to this.

    Having some experience playing Hearts of Iron and HoI II on my PC it was time to find a WWII board game to play with some friends at home.

    It is really great  :-)

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    I played my first game in 1987 at a ripe old age of 10.  I can still remember my first game, I was Germany and put up what I thought was a great fight as a novice 10 y/o player taking Moscow, before eventually losing the game.  I enjoyed dominance in my high school years against anyone I played.  College years brought new friends and new challenges, finally finding worthy opponents.  With each new version the fun and enjoyment of playing grows.  I love this game and look forward to playing it for many years.

  • First played in 1999, while i was in high school. I like that someone mentioned risk, because that’s what I had heard about AA. “Oh, you like risk? Well, see theres a better game….”

    I liked AA so much that i made roundels and tons of house rules to mix Risk and AA.

  • I didn’t start until 1987. Played it until the box was in shambles… along with all the other releases (e.g., Shogun, Forceless America, & Conquest of the Empire). Then they sat on the shelf for many years gathering dust until we started a group up here in San Antonio last year. We have monthly get matches usually with 2 boards going.

    Where is your FLGS QuakerGeneral?

  • I played my first game in 2005 with some friends from college. I have been playing as much as possible for the last few years. Going to play a 5 player AA50 game tomorrow night after some friends get done their finals, beer and pizza time!

  • 1988 for me. It was a game all the guys I played Squad Leader with could get the wives to play. Off and on through the '90s again due to it was a war game the wives would play. As a matter of fact a friend of mines wife owned the game. When I gave up on getting back into Advanced Squad Leader (The rule book was out of print forever) I bought Revised in 2005. The girlfriend bought AA50 for us and we will be starting our first game tonight.

    Ohh and for you guys that think the retail price of Anniversary is high go by http://www.multimanpublishing.com/index1.php and look at ASL prices.

  • started playing around 2002. first game was with my girlfriend-at-the-time’s family. i played USA, and built a bucket-load of bomebers  :lol:

    purchased the game not long after, and have been playing ever since. long live A&A  :-D

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    played my first game in 1987, age of 9

  • Started about 2 years ago…

    addicted now… had to sell everything I own to buy AA50…

    … can’t get enough ! :mrgreen:

  • I bought the MB 2nd edition in about 1985 and I have dragged several people into playing since then, 7 new people. The newest two are my sons who started playing AAD-Day when they were 7 and 6 years old. :-D

  • Started playing a couple of years ago, but picked it up again this year with the new AA50. Hopefully will be playing more frequently in the coming months.

  • saw it in a toy store around '86 and I bought it but didnt actually start playing the game until around three years later. I couldnt find anyone to play when I first got it.  :|. Im 42.

  • I started playing when I was 18. I guess that means I’ve been addicted for 5 years now!

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