Cards for Axis and Allies

  • i’m sure some of you guys have seen these before but for those that have not. i found this company that makes and sells Cards for axis and allies. these are great, thay add so much depth into the game and keep it from becomeing repetitive.

    they also make decals and improved acsesoriys. i even got them to make me stuff for italy including control markers.

    you got to check these guys out

    the price for the stuff is’nt bad iether.

    anyway see ya

  • do you work for them or something because you posted the same thig on thrashers forums

  • i’m just getting the word out for a small business

  • Do they sell game pieces too?

  • they don’t sell standard piece sets but they do sell diferent peices for there cards, including fighter aces, land mines, fixed artilery, and hovercrafts.

  • @mini_phreek:

    i’m just getting the word out for a small business

    OK , just dont want any more commercials and spam.

  • I have had the owner as a guest at my place for games after talking to him and ordering some of his cards. He is a super nice guy and a good gamer. The cards he makes really add to the game and go a long ways toward keeping it from becoming just a numbers game with tactics and strategy being thrown out. Allot of his stuff is also common sense, like an IPC chart with a bigger range and pieces to represent new unit types. The oen thing he has that I cannot reccomend is the Fog of War set. The cards are good looking but the rules are terrible. They are a seperate set and rule type all together and made by a different company.

  • can someone explain how does it work with cards?

  • the cards are great i have the set and the first 4 booster
    Every turn you draw a new card.
    They can be used at different time, like some are defencive and others double the size of transports for one turn some upgrade units
    its really cool and they work great

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