• Germany
    Land 171
    Naval 44

    Land 142
    Naval 6

    Land 163
    Naval 106

    Land 142
    Naval 100

    Land 45
    Naval 51

    USA 107
    Naval 87

    China - 22 Land

    These numbers are misleading though because of Japanese ACs.  There are 6 fighters on there so take off 60 from Land and add 60 to Japanese Naval…

    That gives them 213.  That’s why Japan’s such a beast.  With the USA having 1 loaded AC… really that means that Japan has just as much as England and the USA combined?  That seems way out of whack.  Especially given they have the initiative and doesn’t get separately destroyed like England.

  • I would have to say from the starting units that:

    Allies start with:
    606 total
    413 Land
    193 Sea

    Axis start with:
    580 total
    379 Land
    201 Sea

    Also please note that air units are counted as land units.

    The Axis start with a navel advantage.  Half of the fight for the allies in classic, revised and now AA50 has been getting into the war.

    I guess if you wanted a true way to tell who has the upper hand you would need to break down units by theater.


    Med / Africa



    You would have to mesh same sided units.


  • Moderator

    Thanks guys.

    The numbers look fairly even to me.  I don’t think there is much of a question that the Axis start out with the ability to do a ton of damage in rd 1 and can realy put a dent into the Allies.  Germany can smash multiple Russian territories with Russia being limited in countering and Japan can really go crazy.  So I think that the Axis need to severly outnumber them in terms of IPC and do so for several turns.  Remember the supply lines for Japan (to Moscow) have been extended.  I don’t think an Allied deficit of 10-15 ipc per turn is that bad (maybe Axis 120, Allies 105), however, if you get into the 20-30 range for multiple turns then it is bad news.  Anything under 10 can be potentially be written off by dice (ie when one lone inf hits on def, or maybe 2 inf hit out of 3-4, bom shot down due to aa, etc).

    So I still think that for the most part the longer the game goes the better it is for the Allies.

    I think one of the biggest factors is how quickly can the Allies kill the Italian fleet.  If you get it by round 3 or 4 you are in good shape, anything after that and you might be pressing your luck.

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