Japan and IC

  • we’re all agree that Japan becomes a monster in 1941 scenario. right? after J3 it would be cashing about 50 ipc per turn… after J4, about 60 ipc…
    it unbalance the game

    now there is an idea:

    why not making Industrial Complex really expensive?
    Let’s say that a new one would cost 40 IPC now.
    side note: did you ever think how weird is that building a whole new factory is cheaper than building a single Battleship?

    so, now Japan can cash a lot … but can’t produce more than 8 units (unless making big investment on a new IC)

    I’m not even sure that would prevent Japan to unbalance the game… but it may help.

    ok… it was just a thought … it may be very flawed  😞

  • i’m pretty sure a battleship would take longer to build and complete than a factory  😉

  • i’m pretty sure that a factory is just an abstraction, and comparing it to building a battleship is neither here nor there.

  • Is it really?  What makes Japan such a monster that it gets so much production?

  • @Alair:

    Is it really?  What makes Japan such a monster that it gets so much production?

    I was kinda wondering the same thing. Agreed, I only played the AA50 version, so there were no NO´s, but still I never got much then 31, 32. With the NO, that would have been what? 41, 42. I wouldnt that really define as monster.


    Ow, and I never got past turn 4 or so, because by then my Italian fleet was sucker punched, and I gave up….
    So, does the Godzilla monster usually appear around turn 5 or ? becaus ethat I can see.

  • Even quicker.

    At the end of round 2 in my current game Japan is at 39 with out NOs and 54 with them. We are using NO’s but so far no purchased units have even entered combat yet. This game is against MrMorden and is in the play by forums section for those of you that would care to look.

  • Hey,

    I took a look at your thread.  You were really aggressive!  I only saw up to turn 1 though.

    How did you take the Dutch East Indies on turn 1?  Your notes say TRN…. is that transport?  Either way it’s 4 squares away.

    Are you leaving your transports unaccompanied too?  I’d be scared with the Indian fighter there and the Australian fleet, I hope to hear how it turns out.  If the fighter flies over the transport it’s auto-death.

  • What Indian fighter are you talking about?  😉

    As for Japan / Godzilla. 39 at J2 is quite normal, and you get 15 IPC bonus too since you took either India or Australia (or even both). So Japan does grow back with NO’s. Without NO’s she gets to around 45 - 50 max.

  • …and the east indies are two squares away from from the transports off of the caroline islands.

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