Rule clarification: FTR lands on newly-built AC

  • Me and my opponent have a little dispute regarding fighters and ac’s. Hopefully someone can clear it out for us.

    Situation: UK attacks SZ5 with some ships, and 2 FTR’s which were stationed in Moscow. All surrounding territories of SZ5 are in German control, there’s no AC around (yet).

    Now, where do the fighters go after combat? They can’t make it to London, only to sea zone 6.
    The british player purchased an AC, and he states that he is allowed to move it’s fighters to SZ6 in non-combat, end non-combat, then in placement unit phase place a newly purchased AC, and have the fighters land on that.

    However….shouldn’t the fighters have landed at the end of non-combat phase, and thus, not able to participate in the

    I know there’s the “fighters can land on newly built AC’s” rule, but I thought that was only possible if the fighter was located in an adjacent territory to the sea zone where the AC will be deployed.

    Thanks for any clarification!

  • Official Q&A

    It depends.  Are you playing with the box rules or LHTR?

    In the box rules, fighters “land” at the end of the Noncombat Movement phase.  The fighters would have to land in the UK and then be transferred onto the carrier when it’s mobilized.

    In LHTR, fighters don’t “land” until the Mobilize Units phase, so they can move in Noncombat Movement to the sea zone where the new carrier will be placed and wait there for the carrier.  In fact, they must if they are to be placed on the carrier, since you can’t transfer them from the IC territory when you place the carrier.

    In either case, if the fighters can’t make it to a potential safe landing space by the end of Noncombat movement, they can’t make the attack.

    In summary, if you’re playing by the box rules you’re right, and if you’re playing by LHTR your opponent’s right.

  • Box Rule it not legal move.  Fighter not have place to land in movement range so Fighter not able to fight in Sea Zone 5.

    Online rule it is legal attack if United Kingdom purchase Aircraft Carrier before they move Fighter from Russia.  Fighter land on purchased Aircraft Carrier in Sea Zone 6 at end turn.

  • So OOB, I am right, LHTR my opponent.

    Swell, since we made no agreements on that :P

    Thanks guys!

  • Now that we are on the subject btw: Weren’t the LHTR only supposed to clarify and “fix” some rules (like the Op SeaLion upon luck rolling for 1 tech)?
    Changing this rule just seems to me like “making it easier”. With other words: This rule does not seem “broken”.

    The OOB rule makes perfect sense to me. We all lke to discuss about the “reality” of the game, and IMO, during combat and non-combat, your nation’s labour men are working 24/7 in the factories to feed the gigantic WW2-war machine of every nation.
    Upon Unit Placement, the ordered material is finished, and slid into the water with (in case of ships offcourse :P ) with a nice bottle of champagne against the bow.

    Now…if we are talking reality, it would be kinda silly to have your worn out british fighter return home after combat, all shot up and tired, and have british flight control tell them: “Say ol’ chap? I know you’re tired, I know you’re almost out of fuel, but could you just circle above the harbour for a few days, while we complete your landing spot?”

  • Official Q&A

    The rule was changed for consistency.  In the box rules version, existing pieces (fighters) are moved during the Mobilize New Units phase.  The LHTR change makes it so existing pieces are only moved during the movement phases.

    As to “making it easier”, sometimes you’d benefit from one version, and sometimes you’d benefit from the other.  It depends on the situation.

  • Got ya Krieghund, thanks.

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