Which is country is your first choice.

  • I thought to myself, isn’t this not the most basic of questions. The question deserves a poll.

    Have a good holiday season!

  • I would have to go with Germany with out knowing any variables.

    For example how many players there are, level of experiance yada, yada, yada.

    Germany is my fave any way but if I have a good co-pilot I may choose an Allied player.

    (FYI: This is my 1,000th post  :-D.  I’m not a sub any more.)

  • UK by far my favorite. I love causing trouble for Germany

  • always germany. if there’s a german nation, i take it

  • Judging by the votes it looks like every one here likes to play a totalitarian (sp) dictatorship.

    Your my kind of people.  :evil:

  • Russia - Personally there is nothing better in my opinion than turning back the Huns and holding the Japanese at bay long enough to march through eastern europe and into Berlin! Russia is at constant war usually on both fronts to some extent during the entire game. There is no time to prepare for the big attack, there is only the need for the next battle to be victorious and the hope that every unit that dies will cost the enemy greatly.

  • Honestly… UK would have to be my fav. I like going into W. Europe and making Germany mad 😉 sometimes even jumping into Germany’s Capitol and taking it! What I don’t like about UK, is when Germany (in beggining) wipes out all my transports, battleships 🙂

  • Everyone loves an underdog, Im going with Germany.  Its an awesome feeling when your axis to meet up the Japs in the Middle East.  When forces meet in Persia don’t stop your inertia!

  • 2017 '16 Customizer

    Hey Madpup! Germany ALWAYS takes out the British fleet! I taught you that right away. You did rather well last week. You actually beat the 'ol man!  😮 You’re the 1st to do that in years! So this Friday you’re in deep pooh-pooh 'cause Mad Dog’s gonna take you down by the 4th round! 😄 Get your gameface on and warm the dice up. Remember -It’s MY island!

  • Hey Maddog. I warmed up the dice alright. They were REALY on my side today.  😄  I beat the ol’ man twice since your defeat many moons ago!  😛 But I think this friday, me and Countryboy gunna take maddog out!  😉 So make a  😞 face about that!  🙂

  • Germany is my first, followed by Japan.

    Just like the challenge!

  • The Axis are my favorites, followed by the U.K and U.S.S.R.

  • '10

    When I played it was almost always with the same two people so I usually got stuck with Germany. I got to play the US once and that was a lot of fun.

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