• -Puhase during buy units phase for 5ipc each.
    -Can be represented by a crate or truck figure or just a chit.
    -move during non combat using aa movement rules.
    -Can be seized by enemy land forces.
    -Can only be destroyed by being sunk in transport.
    -On place units phase if cargo is on IC it can be immediatly used to by 5 ipc’s worth of merchandise by that controlling nation. On only the IC it’s on.
    -It can be combined with the players existing money to build somthing better.
    -Normal build caps on IC are still in effect.

    Example: Russia buys a factory in Soviet far east. USA brings one cargo over. On Russia’s place new units phase phase it can buy (one fighter by paying 5 ipc) (one tank for nothing). It can’t however, buy two inf (even by paying 1ipc) because SFE is only worth one ipc. It can however buy 1 inf and just lose the two ipc (because you’re a bad a** that can throw away ipc’s).

    I’ve been thinking of implementing this. It doesn’t seem to be too abusable and it’s impact would be small. But it would be a way to represent the ways the countrys supported each other militarily through lend-lease. Whats everyones thoughts opinions?

  • better let it be worth 1 IPC each crate rather than throw away IPC
    its too slow to use anti-aircraft movement rules, I would make it 2 spaces per NCM makingit 10 spaces per game round

  • yeah, i think it’s a good idea, what would the capacity of the transport be, do the crate’s represent construction material’s, i think i would  purchase the crate’s for 1 i.p.c. and have a cap on the number transported by ship, no restriction’s by land movement, except maybe a friendly tank escort, decided between the two national power’s, there could even be a small, interest clause, you know when the national power lending from another wins territorial gain’s they could pay back some of the i.p.c. loan, i would set the capacity to be transported by transport ship to 20 i.p.c., which would leave it needing a heavy escort, i cant imagine myself taking that much of a risk during a game without the benefactor, moving ship’s to join the escort or without the prospect of some payback.

  • maybe I didn’t make sense (regarding move 2 spaces per turn, 10 spaces per round)
    forgot to add I wouldn’t make players use an explicit transport unit to move the crate through sea zones

  • @tekkyy:

    maybe I didn’t make sense (regarding move 2 spaces per turn, 10 spaces per round)

    i can see how that would work, it would make for a speedier transport and more option’s to take evasive action should the cargo get detatched from an escort convoy.

    this is how i would implement the new unit into a game.

    each cargo ship unit would cost 12 i.p.c, each cargo ship would have a defense of 2 and an attack of 1, and could hold a cargo of 20 i.p.c.
    cargo transported by land would have the same stat’s, except if it would be captured (by destroying the unit in battle), where by the capturing power would not gain control of the unit’s attack and defense capabilitie’s, and they would have to provide their own armed escort to get the cargo to an i.p.c. or capital, or run the risk of having the cargo re-taken without a battle.

  • In my mind the two places where cargo would be used would be USA to UK and Germany to Italy. Which would be as fast as a journy you could get with anything else. The only other possible I could see would be Japan to Italy and USA to Russia. But both of those would be a stretch. No sane player would waste the IPC’s on just a inf.

    The only reason I would be against making cargo 1ipc is that you would either have to make the transport capacity bigger than normal to be usefull.

  • i could see the cargo unit as being a very strategic unit, if a friendly power need’s i.p.c. assistance the cargo unit can be deployed and moved to a territory controled by a friendly national power, with the capabilitie’s to defend and not need to have a game-breaking escort with it, i have been wracking my brain about this and cant find the optimal way to make it fit with the game, without breaking the game too much in either side’s favour.
    i think that the idea of cargo transportation is a great idea, i am not sure about how to implement it without upsetting the balance of the game, i think that there should be a cost for each cargo unit, and a capacity that each unit can carry, i think that the capacity of each cargo should be proportionate to the cost of each unit, i think that the i.p.c capacity that each unit can carry should be counted within the parameter’s of whatever the capacity of the cargo ship would be, i.e. 1-20.
    without the capabilitiy to defend, i.e. with a supposed escort (or armed cargo ship’s), i dont think that the cargo unit would be viable as a stand alone unit without a defense, on land or sea, i could see the situation of, small i.p.c. convoy’s lost because of a small armed escort. or a large escort being deployed with a heavy or light i.p.c. capacity convoy, thereby moving strategic sea unit’s to join an escort convoy that may or may not complete the mission.
    i suppose that the presence of a large escort may discourage non-friendly power to attack a convoy, and make an oppurtunity for a non-friendly power to take an advantage on the i.p.c. lending power.
    i think that the idea of i.p.c. support via inter-power lending of supplies, and construction material’s is possible,
    i think the answer is finding the balance between cost, capacity and armament capabilitie’s :?

    has anyone playtested this unit succesfully.

  • the transport capacity is one reason why I sugguest the cargo unit shall not require an explicit transport

    esorting is fun, but if we make cargo unit follow naval units it’ll take too many turns to send IPC to your ally

  • In regards to it needing a transport to move it on the sea: I see it as a way so it’s not just a free movement across the sea as you have to invest in transports to move it accross. Otherwise you might as well just hand it over the IPC’s to UK, perhaps with a delay. Which would just make a gamebreaking strategy of USA giving all it’s money to UK making a unhistorical gamebreaking strat. Giving it a defensive value would in my opinion just make a strat of investing in cargo as cheap hit takers for the navy. Plus, theres a simple elegence to the two unit staking currently on the trans (1 inf 1 cargo).

    In regards to it being defenseless: Almost all USA strat’s involve at least sending some “defenseless” transports to UK (E Canada shuck). In almost all the games I play Germany never has the ability to threaten them much as the risk rewards are high (Bombers are the only unit with the range, and only from Norway no less). Granted if you wanted to send a crap ton of cargo to UK, I could see a smart German player bombing those trans.

    In regards to it taking to long: It takes just as long to send ground forces into the UK as it would to send the cargo. The cargo wouldn’t be a instant gratification unit, it would be part of a long term strategy to help bolster a quickly deteriating UK.

    The other place I see cargo actualy being done is with Germany giving cargo to Italy. Germany doesn’t have to buy transports but there is a two turn delay and Germany can’t afford to give too much.

    Additionaly, It could possibly be done with Japan giving to Italy (4 turns on the sea), or USA to Russia in the example I gave at the start of the thread. You could even spend the entire game trying to get a cargo to the Russian front with Germany.

  • yeah to solve the issues of cheap hit takers or a big delay
    cargo can have no combat values or movement points
    its still better then just handing it over
    its a physical unit that the enemy can attack or block

  • i think that the cargo unit should cost 3, move 2, capacity 5 i.p.c. with no defense.
    i think that buying the unit’s would stop excessive funding of other national power’s, and the capacity would mean that even though the unit’s might be more numerous, they have a cost which would be factored into the descision to send them, the cargo can be distributed to a territory that has an i.c. and can be used at that i.c. until the cargo has all been spent. i.e. a territory with an i.p.c. value 2 get’s 15 i.p.c. worth of cargo, build’s 2 tank’s at the next purchase unit’s phase, save’s 5 i.p.c., which can then be used at the next purchase unit’s phase to buy 1 tank.

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