"Iron Bear" scenario for AA50

  • Gonna play test this soon with my group and wanted to get any input or suggestions. My group on analizing this scenario feel it’s probably in Axis favor, but like it still the same, as it makes for new strategies, without being too out there in new alliances.
    Name: Iron Bear
    Bid: Yes, Allied preplacement bid
    Setup: 1941 setup
    Teams: (allies Japan, UK and USA) (axis Russia, Germany and Italy)
    National Objectives: No
    Tech: Yes
    Turn Order: Germany, Japan, Russia, UK, Italy , USA
    Special rules: If non Japanese allied take back a territory historically owned by China it will be given back to China. Japan on the other hand can claim Chinese territorys only if taking it back from Axis powers.
    Victory conditions: Axis win if all Europe, Asia and africa lands are owned by Axis powers (mainlands only) Allies win if axis hasn’t won by turn X (10 turns? till allies give up, not sure really.).

    German Background: It’s just prior to spring 1941. Hitler has just been assasinated, thus changing the future coarse of the war. Hitlers replacement, though a  fascist also, doesn’t share in Hitlers goal of eliminating Jews and defeating Russia. Instead, He Enters into a even stronger alliance with Russia. An alliance that promosis Russia all of asia with nothing to stand in there way. “The Iron Bear of Europe”. 
    "Germany with its new brother in arms will unite all their lands under the protective umbrella of the motherland". -New German leader

    Japan Background: Japan never being consulted on this new alliance gets a hold of the terms and are pissed to find that this new alliance gives Russia rights to asia and marginalizes Japan. Plans for an attack on the US pacific fleet is cancelled and instead a diplomatic envoy is sent to the US detailing the Iron Bear alliance and its future goals. knowing a war with Russsia and USA would be near impossible to win they ask USA for a alliance.
    " At this moment it would behove us to revaluate our future expansion plans." -The Emperor

    Russia Background: Seduced by the dark side of power Russia eagerly joins with Germany in hopes of creating a new empire.
    “Did someone just say “We’re getting a Navy”?” -Uncredited Russian Officer"

    UK Background: though sceptical of Japan joining with the alliance, it agrees to it, knowing that without peace, their intrests in the pacific will undoubtabley fall.
    " I question the repurcusions it will bring us, allying with those overarmed south seas pirates" -Winston Churchill

    Italy Background: It’s along for the ride and they’ve been promised Africa.
    “Call me crazy, but I swear we haven’t been getting the love since Russia came into the picture.” -Italian Conscript

    USA Background: As Pearl Harber never happened there isn’t a major anti Japanese sentiment and among the American population this new alliance is seen as a good thing. China on the other hand is pissed at Japan for taking its land. Not wanting to lose it’s new ally USA allows Japan to keep it’s current Chinese teritorys on the promise it wont take any more and that at the end of the war it gives back a majority of it.
    “I assure you sir, a total “kill Germany first” tactic will not work for us here” - Cpt Matthew Thompson advisor

    Granted the Japan as a American ally thing is far fetched but this scenario would be ridiculas without it. The cool thing about this scenario is that russia and Germany can dust off those ships it never buys and put them to good use. Japan is nerfed but that just makes them kinda like the allies mini-me. Their only chance for extra IPC is through russia. UK will most likly be in a constant fight for its life trying to stop Germany from storming in. USA will have to split its forces knowing that ignoring one front will be costly. Germany and Russia will now only have one front to defend which makes their positions stronger than ever.

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    ok so its Germany, Russia and Italy against the rest.

    Id say id like to give it a try, but i think the Iron Bear is too strong as UK territories would be lost in short order. The combined land domination in IPC would allow the reformed axis and huge fleet to kill UK then Japan.

  • No doubt Uk and Japan would need USA’s assistance. It’s also my hope a bid would help level a little ground. It still doesn’t change the fact Axis have an advantage but than again I never sought to try and level the field. Only, try my hand at a “what if” scenario, though improbable, that could have been possible.  If it ends in a complete slaughter, I’ll have the satisfaction of the ride.

  • very interesting. any ideas when you’re going to play this one out? i’d like to hear the recount haha

  • It’s my A&A groups next scheduled game, but because of the hectic holidays it might be awhile. I’ll be sure to give a full recount once we do.

  • Couldn’t get a full game in because of time constraints but we did get in 3 rounds.

    In short

    Germany: focused on Navy and threatening UK. At the start of round four made a suicide charge into UK.

    Japan: focused on getting a foothold on asia and eliminated the eastern Russia forces.

    Russia: focused on India but was held back by a multi national foce positioned there with a UK IC. It also tried going through China but was hurt by the fact china could get a better grip in the teritory.

    UK: built a India IC and ships to compete with germany.

    Italy: Did what it does best and just died. Actually the multinatial Jap/USA/UK force did that.

    USA: built transports in the pacific an IC in Philipines and some transports in the atlantic. Also helped UK with fighters.

    China: Gets to keep its fighter and is in a better defensive position.

    Granted this was only three turns but the Axis player was demoralized by the fact that he wasn’t gaining ground fast.

    We talked about having China go to Axis hellp balance things out. Plus it might make sense in the context of the scenario.

    I’ll update this when I get a full game in.

  • this scenario sound pretty good and sounds like it could be fun to play but I have 3 questions
    1. What was the Allied bid?
    2. What was the turn limit?
    3. Were there any changes in placement?

  • I think the bid came out to 16. Uk fighter and two inf on egypt.

    We were thinking a 8 turn limit. Roughly ending the war when the USA makes the atom bomb. But we really actually want to find out how long it takes Axis to win and create a turn limit based around that.

    No changes in placement except for the bid.

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    Let us know how it goes.

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    Nice idea.  I’d say you’d have to give the allies a big bid or a ton of extra units.  A ton of Allied airpower to start with (say 3 times as much as the Germans have) might even things up a bit.  The Allies need to seriously threaten Italy and Germany from the start.  If the Allies have like 4-5 bombers in United Kingdom to start with than the Allies can hold an IPC advantage for a while.

    The problem is game dynamics favor the side that controls Moscow and Berlin.  I’m not sure how either of these capitals would ever fall if you began with the normal set-up.  China wouldn’t last long against the Soviet blitz either.  Japan might be able to help the allies hold India but wouldn’t get far on the Asian mainland.

  • You’re right, I don’t think Russia and Germany can Fall to any sort of allied attack. Thats why the allied victory conditions are for it to only stop Axis from cliaiming Africa Asia before USA creates a Atom Bomb (by turn X) and forces a treaty/surrender.

    As it was, the only ground Axis had gained by turn 4 was Persia, Trans Jordan and 1 territory in China It had lost Libiya. If you had asked my opponet who was Axis, he would say my bid was already high.

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