• In my most recent AAP game, I played as the Japanese. We used all standard AAP rules/setups, etc…
    On my first turn I captured all of my objectives: Hong Kong, Sumatra, Malaya, Borneo, Celebres, Dutch New Guinea, Phillipines, Java, Solomon Islands, Midway, Shan State, Kiangsi, and Kwangsi.

    I attacked Pearl Harbor with three ftrs from the carriers, in addition to two subs. The other three ftrs attacked Hawaii. These two attacks were successful, destroying: 2 battleships, destroyer, transport, 2 inf., ftr, bomber. I lost 1 sub and 1 ftr. I thus decided to keep the carriers off of Midway, returning the five surviving ftrs plus the ftr that had supported the Midway landing (from Marianas). I moved the Battleship from Japan to Midway. This massive fleet now comprised of: 3 full AC, 1 battleship, 1 destroyer, and 1 transport.
    I also moved the carrier off FIC to New Britain, joining the battleship there. The third battleship had supported the Java landings.

    IMO this is an impregnable force off Midway. The U.S. would be suicidal to attack it, and it is within range of any U.S. fleet come turn two, as well as being within striking distance of the Coral Sea. Its presence will dictate the enemies movements. Are these good locations for my capital ships and Carriers?

  • Just a couple of things before I comment on the strategy.

    First, you said that you used the standard AAP rules/setups.  Is that the corrected setup in accordance with the FAQ?

    Second, you said you captured Sumatra, Malaya, Borneo, Java (among others).  You did not say that you captured New Britain and you said that you moved the AC from FIC to New Britain.  There’s a few things wrong with that statement.  You couldn’t move the FIC AC to New Britain without capturing New Britain.  Did you do that?  Next, you used the BB off Java.  Did you capture the convoy routes in sz46 and sz47?  You don’t have enough naval units to capture sz43, sz46 and sz47 if you move the AC to sz27.  This may not be key to your strategy, but it does mean you can’t get 4 VPs for J1.

    I think my likely response to your move of the fleet to sz20 would be to completely ignore it.  I would vigorously counterattack all of your other units around the board - transports or DD in sz47, sz33, sz39 and sz15.  I would move the US fleet to sz14 along with all ground units and I would build 5 bombers for the US placed in US, not Hawaii.

    It would be interesting, but I think Japan’s fleet would be out of position to defend a vigorous US/UK attack into the Pacific Islands.  By the time the Japanese repositioned themselves, the Allied forces would already be taking back islands.

    Just my thoughts.


  • SS,

    What would your opening move be as Japan?


  • Well, I won’t give away all my secrets and I will say that my opening depends a little on what I think I want to do in the game and sometimes depends on who I am playing.  But, a standard opening will see the following:

    Capture Anhwe, Kiangsi, Hongkong, Malaya, sz46, sz44, sz43, Java, sz38, Philippines, New Britain, New Guinea, Midway, Solomon Islands, sz15.  I would also attack sz9.

    I would attack sz38 with at least 7 attacking units to ensure the sub there is killed in the first round to prevent it from diving.  In sz27, my attack includes 2 DD and 1 BB to ensure the sub there is killed.  I hold the sub and transport from sz26 out of combat to be used in NCM.  My attack on Midway includes 2 infantry and 1 fighter and the attack on sz9 includes 2 subs and 5 fighters.

    On NCM, I move the sub from sz26 to sz28 and the transport from sz26 picks up the infantry from Marshall Islands and drops them in New Guinea.  The ACs from sz20 and the fighters from sz9 move to sz27.  I land a couple of fighters in FIC along with fighters on Formosa.  Bombers are sometimes in Formosa and sometimes in FIC.  The BB and AC from sz45 end up in sz43 and I use a DD to capture sz46 convoy route.

    That’s a basic opening.  Like I said, sometimes I change that up.


  • Never take Hawaii,it’s really a bad idea and having carriers withing 3 spaces of it is REALLY BAD!!!Trust me,I lost 3 carriers and all their fighters,1 battleship,3 destroyers and like 4 transports full of troops to US bombers and fighters in like the 3rd turn.

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