Rule clarification: Fighters/bombers flying over enemy-occupied zones

  • Hello!  I have a fairly noobish question for you vets out there.

    In the middle of my UK turn early in a classic game with my friend, I declared a strategic bombing attack by my UK bomber against Germany, flying through the Baltic SZ en route.  My opponent, who has a battleship and tran in the Baltic, stopped me and claimed that he gets AA fire on my bomber IN THE BALTIC SEA ZONE before I even get to Germany, because it’s enemy-occupied.  I told him I thought that’s absurd, that only land territories with AA guns get to fire on passing planes.

    I scoured the rulebook, online rule clarifications, and forums to try to find an FAQ that specifically states fighters/bombers can fly over occupied zones that do not possess an AA gun, unmolested.  Unfortunately, I cannot find any, and my friend is unconvinced by my explanation of what the rules state under “How they move” for air units.

    Can someone (or two, or three!) please respond and settle this argument.  If so, thank you.

    Cliff notes:  I say bombers can fly through any territory other than AA-possessing enemy territories without taking defensive fire.  Opponent says my bomber can be fired on in German-occupied Baltic SZ en route to Germany.  Who is right?

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    The only way the battleship would get to fire at the bomber would be if the bomber was directly attacking the battleship.  In your scenario, you are correct – the battleship does not get to fire AA at the bomber.

    I don’t have the rule book handy so I can’t quote from it to give you evidence to convince your friend, but Krieg may be able to help with that

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    Welcome, Narrator!

    The rules specifically state on pages 13 and 14 that AA guns may fire at air units passing over them during combat movement.  They make no mention of any other units having the capability of doing so, so no other units may do so.

  • Thx Krieg, hopefully that clip from the rulebook plus the word of two experienced players will be enough.

  • A related Question: During non combat, can air unts fly over enemy AA guns without being fired upon? I say the rules clearly state the guns are only used during the combat phase. This is a “classic” game.

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    You’re right.  AA guns fire only during Combat Movement in Classic.

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