• Although the only Axis Power that can easily transport troops to Africa is Italy, which has a starting income of 10 IPC, I believe (and will try this next game) that the Axis should do everything it can to get a breakthrough in Africa.

    The reasons are:

    1. It won’t take that many Italian/German troops to beat the British in Egypt.  Once the Brits are out of Egypt, the rest of Africa is for the Axis taking… unless the Americans and British divert troops to Africa to save all that precious British Income.  In the hands of Italy and combined with NOs, those extra IPC would allow Italy to build several tanks a turn.

    2)  The counter-argument to this is every unit sent to Africa is one less that can be sent to the main objective, Moscow, and that any time wasted away from that goal will doom Germany in the face of the combined IPC income of the Allied Powers.  For instance, on Turn 1 the Brits can build 5 destroyers and the Americans 5… meaning 10 destroyers can be sent to the coast of France or North Sea. (This is just an example, not a suggestion).

    1. However, the time and resources needed to breakthrough at Egypt aren’t so costly as to significantly diminish the Axis main drive into the Soviet Union, a drive that is unavoidable because of the game’s design.  If Africa can be threatened, the Axis can create an invaluable diversion that would draw British and American resources away from France.  This is really the only diversion I see possible because the cost of maintaining an Axis navy in the Atlantic against the combined US-British airforce/surface fleet would be staggering.  Placing subs in the North Sea is next to impossible once the Brits get a few destroyers in the water.

    Any British and/or American unit that goes to Africa (if only for a couple turns) is one less that will be sent to France (or the indefensible Norway!)  It is difficult for the Germans to fortify France, making a Normandy landing possible on turn 2.

    Any comments?

  • '22 '21 '19 '15 '14

    I don’t know, Africa seems like a pretty good proposition.

    If the Allies drop the ball, I imagine we will probably see a lot of Jap ships and fighters positioning around the Med. Sz 15 is pretty dangerous though with the bombers around, and Gs hit on Egypt is no guaranty. Could be that Italy doesn’t get a chance to expand all that much before getting turned back.

    Africa is still a huge piece of the pie though. Maybe Italy takes it first, Allies reclaim it only to lose it again to Japan. Hard to tell at this point.

  • Japan should never get that far.

  • It worked.  It helped that my opponents using the Allies are less experienced in the game than me.

    But Italy’s success in Africa helped a great deal and by the time my opponents had surrendered, Italy was collecting 19 IPCs plus 10 National Objective Bonuses per turn.

    Of course, had the dice gone the other way….

  • Don’t underestimate Italy, they can really get powerfull through Africa on 1941

    And japan, in most of my games, japan can’t get easily to africa, they have hard enough time because extra seazones and countries

    but whern they’re at 70, what does takes several turns, then they can invade it, but by then, Germany is already in great threat

  • In our 5 player AAA, Italy was about to make a breakthru in Africa and thru Transjordan to India. Egypt was being lightly held by the UK, India was open, no units at all, (in Burma), but the UK had earlier begun a move of Australian units and transports to Egypt & literally snatched victory from the jaws of defeat by landing those units and transporting the So Africa by means of the Australian transport.

    It was so close for the Italians to be on the verge of a major game changing situation!  If Egypt had fallen on that turn, Africa and India lay open……

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