• Title:  1941 first KGF
    Date:  mid january
    Special Rules:  NOs yes tech no, faq-rules no
    Victor:  agreed draw
    Game Length: 8 hours 10+ rounds
    Bias: 3 ppl 10+ games AA50 41
    Description:  usa went africa while uk was bleeding of german troops. russian never real danger. japan dice  first 2 turns real bad… lost 6 planes, couldnt take phillipines  :x. this lost him 2 turns to get to africa basically. but allied player was very worried about his fleet and axis gained 2 turns  in exchange for 2 unsinkable uk/us fleets by air…

    by the time jap fleet reached med ( just in time to stop us taking italy) uk/us troops landed nwe, creating a stalemate in westeurope. if russia could have pushed west, allied victory would have been sure, but  a combined  ger/jap tank force in and around caucasus held a stalemate there too.

    since allied were not strong enough to take out germany a long fight for africa  was ahead.

    Observations/Recommendations:  in the long run japan probably would have got too strong.
    axis got a bit lucky with allied logistics. definatly gained  time here. considering the aweful dice j1/j2 it evens out.

    at 3 in the morning we ended it.

  • Nothing like German and Japanese tanks meeting up in Stalingrad.  😄

  • word. and thx to india /fic IC  5 tanks more  each turn.

  • Title:  infantry stack
    Date:  3rd of February
    Special Rules:  NO’s and Tech were both used. 1941 scenario
    Victor:  axis victory, by 15 VC’s
    Game Length:  around 6 hours
    Bias:  i was on axis

    Description: Germany pushed into Russia, but held off after an initial push into Moscow and losing. Settled for surround moscow. Built transports and invaded UK 3 times, succeeded on the 3rd. Then purchased additional units with the extra dosh and took Moscow

    Russia went straight onto the defensive, building up a ridiculous amount of infantry in Moscow. They repelled the German advance once, but didn’t counter-attack. ended up being surrounded by Japan and Germany

    Japan pushed into China and took the islands, then took Australia and India. Out-built USA fleet-wise and started invading Alaska and the East Coast of America

    UK lost its fleet a few times, but did some very heavy SBR’s on German factories. Unfortunately Germany had already pumped out enough tanks to scare Russia into staying at home. Eventually got invaded by Germany

    Italy took Africa (with some German help at the start), then invaded Brazil and started moving up towards Washington

    USA tried to take back some islands but eventually lost out, then went on the defensive and built some ridiculously large infantry stacks of its own. China didn’t do much but die

    Observations/Recommendations: i would have done things differently had i been an Ally, but the game was fun. As Germany the SBR’s could have taken me out of the game if they had’ve started a round or two earlier

  • I probably would’ve stopped playing by the time Germany took England. 🙂

  • yeah, but we wanted the face-off between Germany and Russia (i wanted to devestate the infantry stack!)

  • 1941

    Title: Back and Forth
    Date: 5 February
    Special Rules: No NO’s. No Heavy Bombers.
    Victor: Allies by concession.
    Bias: All players about equal except for Japan who had very little.
    Game Length 7-8 rounds
    Description: Germany took Russia turn 3. Started to advance into china and towards India IC. Japan played very conservatively (big mistake). Even let UK retake all british islands. Didn’t take china. Italy took Egypt, but was pushed back by UK counter-attack using Indian troops and transport. UK built large anti-Germany fleet. Germany player left Berlin too empty (Four inf. three Armor) and British landing took Germany. Went back and forth a couple of times with Italy softening up before Germany attacked, but Germany ran out of units to take it back. Once British could produce in Germany Axis called the game.
    Observations/Recommendations: Neither Axis power should ever play a defensive game. Japan was of very little help and let the British stomp on Germany after getting its money back. Italy is a joke as a playable faction.

  • Was this 1941 or 1942?

  • Title:  Failed Landings - 1941
    Date:  Jan 30, 2009
    Special Rules:  Tech yes.  N.O. yes.
    Victor:  Axis
    Game Length:  6 rounds
    Bias:  Probably the Allied Side Had Better Players
    Description:  USA and UK attempted to Sack Italy and failed.  UK built Indian IC but failed to defend adequately.  USA was focused on Europe and not on Japan.  Japan turned into a monster. 
    Observations/Recommendations:  Unless USA and UK are totally coordinated, landings in France and/or Italy are doomed to fail.

  • Title:  Focus on Japan – 1941
    Date:  Mid- Jan 2009
    Special Rules:  Tech + N.O.
    Victor:  Axis
    Game Length:  8 rounds
    Bias:  Allied had better players.
    Description:  Allies decided to kill Japan first.  It didn’t work.   Germany and Italy were tag teaming Africa, which drew down the UK fleet to try to stop it, which was sunk by a 1-2 punch from Italian fleet and German air force in I2/G3.  Russia was too aggressive in the south, and lost Karelia up north.  While trying to rebuild its navy, UK could not help Russia.  Before USA could build enough to seriously threaten Japan, Germany and Japan were closing in on Russia and it was over.

    Observations/Recommendations:  In my opinion a USA balanced strategy is best.  Japan is a monster if the USA ignores it.  UK loses Africa if USA doesn’t help.  US needs to be in both places at once.

  • Try a 60/40 Europe/Asia split the next time you play USA.  It’s found success before.

  • Title:  First Play - 1941
    Date: 2/3/2009 
    Special Rules:

    We intended to play with NOs, but forgot (well, teh japanese player remembered to go for it but we quit before it mattered that the rest of us forgot). We did play with tech and Germany got paratroopers but never used them.


    Axis conceded.

    Game Length:

    We were on the second round. We got in a couple arguments about the rules, as some people hasn’t played in a long time.


    Honestly, I had played several times the total number of games that everyone else had played. The german/italy player hadn’t played in years and had last played Classic.


    Allies followed a KGF strategy. US focused on africa, and wasn’t very ideal with movements, but didn’t end up effecting much. Germany killed a lot of the allied fleet to begin with but lost all of theirs, although italy moved their fleet north. UK built a FAC in India, but Japan was focused on China and hadn’t even taken all of the major open islands yet by the end of the second turn. Russia was destroying germany, while UK had destroyed the germany airforce.


    The allied players (me and the other guy) worked together. In retrospect, I think I should have backed off more, but I was excited to be playing. This is more of a “how to play board game” thing though. Germany and Japan need to be very agressive. Without NOs, allies make way more than the axis.


  • Title:  Second Play - tripleA - 1941
    Date: 2/3/2009 
    Special Rules:

    We played with tech and NOs although with tripleA it was buggy. Was probably going to be unplayable at the time we quit because despite having jet fighters, UKs fighters were still attacking on a 3.


    Axis conceded.

    Game Length:

    We were on the third round.


    This was my normal (virtual) partner. He has played more games than I and is a bit better.


    Allies followed a KGF strategy. Germany started off killing most of the UK fleet (I wasn’t sure about the russian sub so didn’t hit the UK DD, I should have), also gemany didn’t hit egypt, in fact egypt was never hit because reinforced it was too large. UK destroyed both axis powers fleets with bombers/fighters. Japan took all major islands first turn and australia second turn and should have taken india third turn. Germany rolled bad against russia all along the front, the worst being bad rolls so that they didn’t take caucus on germany turn 2 (russia wouldn’t have been able to recapture if luck had been average).


    I generally play on even with bad luck but this was too bad for me. The caucus thing killed germany, although perhaps I was too agressive (germany and russia were tied for TUV on german turn 3). Even with the european setbacks, At the beginning of turn 3 axis were making over 10 more per turn than allies. Because of the large amount that germany and japan make, I think making factories is about required for them, in fact after I made 8 purchases with japan on turn 3 I still had 16 left over and so I made a FAC although I had originally intended not to do an asian FAC with japan. Also, I really think that for the axis to take egypt, which is needed for italy to be really useful, they need to do a first turn attack by germany. If UK focuses on europe, they will support egypt, and there will be no way to conquer it later.

    I conceded because it was late and I attacked india with 4 inf, 1 art, 1 tank, 4 fights, 1 cruiser, 1 battleship against 3 inf, 1 AA, and 1 art…. and lost it all. I might have been able to fight back up if luck had started to go my way, but I just didn’t feel like it. Also, while japan gets huge (and I am not really sure how anyone could significantly stop me), it is pretty slow to get to where it needs to to do damage.


  • I’m a supporter of TripleA, but I wouldn’t recommend playing it yet – unless that’s your only available option.  Especially if you’re new to the game.  In it’s current state TripleA:50 is far to buggy for a few of the reasons you mentioned.  I would wait until they at least come out with the full release and not deal with the headaches caused by beta.

  • Sorry for the omission moses. It has been corrected.

  • Title:  Infantry defense
    Date:  Jan 2009
    Special Rules:  Tech + N.O. (1941)
    Victor:  Axis
    Game Length:  14 hours?
    Bias:  Axis had (slightly) better player
    Description:  I - playing Germany - really wanted to keep my three eastern provinces for the NO, but I didn’t like to go on a Russian offensive, knowing this would be too costly. I concentrated my troops in the Baltic and in Ukraine, trading East-Poland with Russia early on. I build a IC in Ukrain, so I was capable to hold it as long as I wanted. My fighters and bomber took out two or three UK-ships, but never really bothered them any further than that. Germany would concentrate on infantry and armor for the rest of the game. I guess I only built a single German fighter in the entire game. Later in the game, I decided to build a bomber every know and then, but they got shot down pretty easily when trying to SBR Karelia.
    Russia was capable to hold the invasion by training nothing but infantry. She too built a single fighter for trading purposes. Thanks to the German build-up, she was only capable to sent a single infantry to China for the first 6 or 7 turns.

    The UK focussed upon building her navy in the Atlantic and her IC in India. She lost Egypt after four turns to Italy, and Australia to Japan at the same time. Her NO were lost for the rest of the game, but she was capable to make a fierce stand in India, even threatening South-East-Asia. Her Atlantic fleet liberated with some minor (temporary) US-support Morocco-Algeria and even Libya (and trashed my Italian fleet). American landings in French-West-Africa, and an ever approaching British army in Northern-Africa made sure my African campaign was over. A small Japanese fleet would be capable to liberate Madagascar once more, but could make a difference.

    In Asia, Japan could keep the upperhand by building quite a lot of battle ships, as did the US. Her IC’s in Kwantung, Kiangsu (?), and later in French-Indo-China-Thailand and East Indies secured the Asian mainland indefinitly. A slow advance in China, and an even slower advance in Siberia gave her a ±60IPC’s/turn.

    After my early successes, I got a little cocky I think. I split my Japanese fleet in two, to fight off the UK-infantry from India and the ever rebuilding US-fleet (after Japan used Hawaii to SBR the US, my thinned fleet soon faced some 8 US-bombers as well as several ships). By falling back, and sending my own Asian bombers to the Pacific, I could achieve a stalemate (I couldn’t attack the US, and the US could not attack me), but my Asian offensive had to be halted once more (giving the UK and Russia even more time to outbuild me).

    It was around that time the UK-fleet that destroyed my Italian fleet a while ago, and that sailed to Persia later, suddenly returned and took Italy. (damn!) I lost my Italian bomber, and didn’t have enough troops to retake it immediatly. The German infantry stacks managed to contain the British threat early by sending close to 20 infantry to both France and the Balcan (opposing some 10 to 12 UK-pieces).

    After increased SBR against Russia, I decided to close in for Russia. Europe was still pretty well defended (some 40 to 50 german infantry, combined with around 15 to 20 Italian infantry, opposed by 3 UK battleships, 2 cruiser and 6 to 7 transports). My now huge stacks in the Baltic and Ukrain merged in East-Ukrain (some 40 to 50 infantry and 30 armor, all German). This left Ukrain vulnerable to a counterattack, but threatened Moscow directly. Since the Japanese infantry was (finally) approaching as well, and since Moscow soon got surrounded soon afterwards, the Allies surrendered.

    Tech-wise: the game had been a stalemate. Only after 10 turns, I started to invest in technology, which granted me Radar as Japan and Industrial Production to Germany. Shortly afterwards, the US got super-submarines and the UK got war-bonds. Especially these super-subs were pretty frightening when the US started to spam them.

    Observations/Recommendations:  Not trying to fight the UK-navy, but simply outbuilding them with infantry stacks seemed to be a great strategy. The construction of an IC in Ukrain helped to secure German positions as well.

  • 14 hours!  I think that’s the record for longest match game in history.  Plus you guys made it competitive until the end.  Any idea of the total number of rounds?

  • Title: Kido Butai**(1941)**
    Date: 2-6-09
    Special Rules: optional Rules Black Sea Closed, carrier Islands
    _National Objectives_yes,
    Tech yes  U.S. shipyards, Supersubs, jets;UK paratroopers.
    Victor: Axis win -Allies Concession after Japan takes US West.
    Game Length:4.5Hrs/8 rds- Hours/Rounds
    Bias:  Going into the game, Japan had the higher skill level.
    Description:  UK/USSR vs Germany/Italy and US vs Japan
    Japan/Germany expand typical first 3 rounds. 
    Japan had easy time going through China, this time.
    Italy drove everyone out of Africa took India. 
    US concentrated on airpower using carrier Island. Japan countered with massed Fleet strength, 3-CV, 6-FTR, BB, CA, DD,4-CT.  Japan stopped US Air Armada in Hawaii, then surprised US, instead of hitting Hawaii where it was strongest, Sliced into US west Coast and ended game. 
    Germany beat back UK invasion of NW Europe, advanced on USSR.
    Victor writes the History,Allies put all their eggs into a single basket Axis massed their strengths, Japan Naval/Air, Germany INF/ARM.   
    Observations/Recommendations:  China still too weak in 1941.
    I believe the US needs its CA and SS units in 1941. 
    UK needs better NO’s tweak, Like some of, not all of.
    I felt unstoppable as Japan.  Next time, I would want to play US.
    I think the guys are going to choose a 1942 setup again for next time-2 weeks out.

  • What are “Carrier Islands”?

    Do you think the closing of the Black Sea had any impact on the game.  It seems like Italy still had an easy time slicing into India.

  • maybe that fighters starting of an island start(and even end?) their movement in that seazone. basically jetfighters for islands only?

  • Title: Jutland again, again again, …
    Date:  01/02/2009
    Special Rules: NOS, optional Rules Black Sea open, escort fighters
    National Objectives: yes,
    Tech yes 
    Victor: Allies winning
    Game Length: 7Hrs/9 rds- Hours/Rounds
    Description:  6 players
    place : Bruges
    The german player insisted on eliminating the British thread, the British insisted on a having a fleet. Us West-coast was invaded (2nd turn) america could not retake it without Lancasters paving the way thus saving Uncle Sam’ s bacon. An german desperate move on London was… desperate. Later in the game the eastfront was empty.
    The game was not played till the end but slowly the axis ran out of options. Italy was playing its own game after being asked to do on the east front what the Germans did not.

    Observations/Recommendations:  with NOS
    1941: a long way for the German, fun for Japan (early)
    1942: better chances to take Moscow but more a challenge for Japan.
    6 players : FUN!

    Optional rules:
    Bosporus closed: disadvantage for the axis. If so why no rules for other straits? Kattegat, strait of Oman, The Channel, singapore strait, Gibraltar, ….
    Escort fighters; good idea not very balanced.

  • Thanks for the insight on the two optional rules.  Personally, I was not a fan of both rule changes.  Closing the strait limits Italy’s options and escorts-interceptors are unbalanced and limited the opportunities to SBR.

  • Title: How the Mighty Fall… (1942)
    Date: 8:00pm February 9th - 4:30am February 10th
    Special Rules/ Tech: None
    Victor: Allies by concession
    Game Length: Approximately 8.5 hours (9 turns?)
    Bias: Me (most experienced) as Germany, newbie as Japan, Intermediate player As United States, Intermediate player as UK and Russia

    Japan solidified it’s southern expanse by moving a Carrier and cruiser to east Indies. Moved onto mainland china, made some gains. Germany made quick gains in Russia. Later, Germany pushed into both Stalingrad and Leningrad. Put choke hold on Russian industry.

    Russia, responded with mostly infantry and some tanks to counter German advances. Russia also moved stack of infantry into the backwoods of China.

    UK built IC on India UK1, and began pushing on Japanese ground troops very successfully. Later, used India for naval operations to great effect. It retook almost all of it’s colonial possessions. Also increased fleet over time.

    United States focused on the Pacific theater and built up large navy to combat the Japanese threat. The Chinese forces slowly pushed back the Japanese ground forces.

    Overall, The Axis made great gains in the first half of the game. Russia was on the verge of collapse. But the Germans made a huge gamble for Moscow and ended up depleting it’s forces along the entire Eastern Front. The battle went in favor of Russia, just barely. Soon after the Allies landed in Norway and Finland and retook Karelia.

    After this battle, the Russians retook all their possessions and forced back the Japanese tanks coming from the Urals. The Italians opened up Africa, but Russian tanks forced the Suez canal permanently closed.

    After the gamble for Moscow, it was a slow downhill decent for the Axis. At the end, France was taken, and an IC was built cementing their position. The UK fleet stood offshore ready to mount more troops. Italy was undefended, Japan made a mad dash for territories last turn, reaching 40 IPC,s but to no real effect.


    I hate India. It was what derailed every operation me and the Japanese player thought up. The Chinese front proved to be more formidable than I thought it could have been. It proved one of the most annoying things on the board. I have yet to use NOs or Tech in any game for either scenario and cannot wait to see how it comes out. The 1942 scenario is definitely more balanced than 1941, and it created a very tense game.

  • **Title:**Just one of many in '42
    **Date:**Feb 10
    **Special Rules:**NOs and Tech
    **Victor:**Axis, by Allied surrender.
    **Game Length:**2
    **Bias:**Even, though I made the crucial mistake.

    **Description:**Well, dice can be a fickle master.  Fairly standard J1, EI IC.  R1 overly aggressive, attacking every front in the Eastern theater, 0 kills in Baltic States results in an easy collapse of Karelia.  UK1 saw the loss of the Royal AF in Britain and I didn’t even destroy the Cruiser/Trans.  US1 = Heavy Bomber breakthrough  Also I failed to topple France and the counterattack on the UK fleet was devestating.  Very successful campaign in Africa and a successful start of an IC in Australia went for naught with no resistance to the blitzkrieg.  Resignation facing overwhelming odds for the Reds and no pressure coming from other Allied powers.  Could have continued the fight but the UK had almost nothing of consequence on the board to counter Germany, and though HBs would have prolonged it the Axis begin to divide up Eurasia and look without.

    **Observations/Recommendations:**Don’t attack all 4 fronts with Russia, duh.  Just 3.  Attempt and subsequent failure to blow up the German navy is gg.

  • I love the pictures!

    I sure welcome them at the end of any after action report.  😄

    It seems like a lot of bad dice seemed to doom the Axis cause early.  At least the Axis were partially able to recover.

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