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  • '22 '19 '18

    Seeing as how the Axis had one experienced player and two newbies, wouldn’t it make more sense for the experienced player to take control of Germany (or at least Japan) instead of Italy?

    Since it was a new game we decided to do a random draw for countries.  The other two axis players weren’t newbies, they just aren’t as strategy minded as the Italian player was.  We decided after this game to not do random draws anymore!!

  • I think that Italy should always be played by some one who wants it or a newbie in AA world et some one not very experienced or played by germany……never draw from a randomly play

  • 2007 AAR League


    1942 gets no love…

    Seeing as how the Axis had one experienced player and two newbies, wouldn’t it make more sense for the experienced player to take control of Germany (or at least Japan) instead of Italy?

    I disagree. I think Italy is the critical component to the Axis. It will never take a capital but it’s job is to tie up as much Allied time and money as possible. The more it ties up the easier it will be for Germany and Japan to conquer Russia. And with Germany’s and Japan’s massive incomes there is built in leeway for purchasing and movement mistakes. The wrong move or purchase can instantly make Italy irrelevant so the experienced player would be my logical choice to play them.

  • Game 1

    Title:  Axis Advance, 1941
    Date:  December 6, 2008
    Special Rules:  NOs and Tech were used.  13 VC victory. 
    Victor:  Allies conceded with Axis at 11 VC and no sign of stopping
    Game Length:  4 hours, about 4-5 rounds.
    Bias:  Played with strangers, but likely Axis.
    Description:  Germany smashed UK fleets and went for Caucasus.  Italy went for Africa.  Japan hit China and Pacific, taking Hawaii and destroying all US boats on J2.  UK went for India IC, and US went full tilt against Japan, but the combination barely slowed the Japanese down as they had 2 mainland ICs to answer the Brits.  Mech inf for Germany and Jet Fighters for Japan sealed the fate of the allies towards a conceded endgame.
    Observations/Recommendations:  US needs to preserve their remaining early fleet to seriously threaten Japan.  Techs can really help the Axis if they get the right ones.  UK really needs to consider the worth of an India IC if they want to take on Japan.  Allies suffered from having no US help in Europe.
    Link:  http://www.axisandallies.org/forums/index.php?topic=13010.0

    Game 2

    Title:  Terrified by tea lovers 1941
    Date:  December 6, 2008 
    Special Rules:  NOs and Tech were used.  13 VC victory. 
    Victor:  Axis Victory by Concession after Moscow capture
    Game Length:  7-8 hours, about 8 rounds
    Bias:  Slight Axis, but closer than last game. 
    Germany and Italy cooperated against Russia.  Germans took Karelia G2.  Japan went north against Russia as well, breaking through Russia, China, and India around J6.  US went full tilt against Japan and lost fleets.  Russia tried desperately to hold out.  UK took France frequently but was forced back despite a large income due to losing fleets to the Germans.  The game took a huge turn when UK developed Heavy Bombers.  Axis suddenly engaged in a hell-for-leather dash for Moscow before HBs ruined Europe and captured Germany.  Desperate counter-thrusts from Russia and UK (sacrificing bombers) held off the Axis for some time, but in the end a final, desperate assault with the last Axis units in Asia brought Moscow down.
    This game made me love technologies, because the development of Heavy Bombers turned what was becoming a clear allied loss into a huge, manic dash of a game, with no clear winner right up until the end.  I think I will have some trouble ever topping the fun I had at this particular game, but then again it’s only the second one I’ve played, so I hope I’m not speaking too soon.
    Link: http://www.axisandallies.org/forums/index.php?topic=13010.0

  • Gotta love Bombers in this game.  :mrgreen: (We need a smiley with Aviator Goggles)


    Do you think the Allies should adopt a full on Kill Germany First Strategy, since America focusing her efforts on Japan clearly isn’t working?

  • I haven’t seen a full KGF (or KIF) myself, so I don’t know how well it would work.

    I do think that the US needs to do something to distract the Japanese fleet.  Even though the US in both our games lost their fleet to the Japanese, it didn’t have to happen that way if the players had been more careful with their units, and both times it did significantly slow down Japanese expansion in Asia, especially around India, where the fleet would have been otherwise.  That said, their absence from Europe was sorely missed - I think the US needs to do something in both theaters, contesting the Pacific enough to keep the Japanese from having free reign and posing a threat to Japanese pacific NO holdings (not to mention trying to acquire American NOs), while still sending troops off to Europe and Africa to help out there.

    Next time I play I’ll try to be the US and see how well a balancing act works.

  • I dont see anyway the US can do anything of significance in the pacific in the 41 version. Maybe simply make japan keep her fleet closer to home in fear of a sucker punch, but thats about it. The US would be much more efficient in destoying italy first.

  • Title:  game of games (1942)
    Date:  9th of December
    Special Rules:  played with NO’s and Tech
    Victor:  axis won, minus japan
    Game Length:  around 7 hours
    Bias:  skill level was possibily favouring alies a tiny bit
    Description:  japan pushed on china and india. germany went for moscow, re-inforced italy in africa, and hassled british shipping occasionally. russia attacked germany at every opportunity. italy did its thing in africa, then pushed towards india also. uk defended an indian IC as long as possible, and used airforce tactics to annoy germany. america built up a huge airforce and attacked japan.
    japan fell to america due to poor defensive planning. germany took moscow eventually, then took uk with the added IPC’s. america should have landed its airforce (6 fighters, 4 bombers) in moscow to crush the german push, but took japan instead. we played on after russia fell to see how the game went for another round or two, but america conceeded as germany had the IPC advantage (72 IPC’s not including NO’s by last round).
    Observations/Recommendations:  russia’s stratagem of attacking germany worked really well (see link below). japan should have made defence plans at home, but was too busy focusing on china. america spent mucho IPC’s on an airforce to assist its fleet and went for japan, but if they had’ve diverted the fighters to moscow then the allies would have won by simple attrition. uk rolled long-range planes on their first turn, but didn’t use them to full effect. germany got super-subs turn 4, and jet fighters towards the end (after russia had fallen). definitely worth tossing a few IPC into tech rolls. germany also tried some strategic bombing on uk after russia fell. this worked quite well, as germany utilised 6 or so bombers, and uk was left with little IPC’s after repairing
    Link:  http://www.axisandallies.org/forums/index.php?topic=12974.new#new

  • Tin_snips,

    1.  Did USA head straight for Japan or did they try island hopping?

    2.  How was UK’s initial game?  Besides India, they seemed like a non-factor.

    3.  Was Germany getting super-subs a game breaker?

  • usa pretty much spent its time building a large airforce and adding a few transports to its navy, then skirted the western coast of usa/alaska, lurking. they attacked japan when the japanese fleet was a few sea zones away. the only island they ever captured was wake

    uk held india for a while, as well as japan. but germany sunk all their transports, as as america was busy in the pacific they didn’t bother building any to replace their losses (which i felt was a mistake)

    super-subs didn’t do much of anything. i was just pleased at how much more efficient the tech rolling was

  • Title:  Pharaoh builds german fleet … again (1941)
    Date:  11th and 18th of December
    Special Rules:  played with NO’s and Tech. Target: 18 VCs. Face to face game.
    Victor:  draw, because of time issues
    Game Length:  8 hours, 7 rounds
    Bias:  One bad player each side, one good player each side. I play USA/China/USSR, 1 guy plays Germany/Italy, another Japan, and another UK

    1st round:

    Germany builds AC 1st round (to Baltic sea) and fails utterly in Egypt (loses 5 guys to 1 uk inf). Barbarossa and killing some UK boats as normal, but he doesn’t attack Karelia.  1 tech roll fails
    Soviets (me) buy 1 fig, 1 arm, 5 inf but not attack, stacking Caucasus and Karelia. Big stack of 7 in Buryatia. No tech roll
    Japan enters the trap and attacks furiously soviet stack in buryatia. Soviets manage kill 4 inf before die, but Japan don’t attack Pearl Harbour nor the chinese fighter (only kills 1 chinese inf). Dutch East Indies and Philippines taken 1 tech roll fails
    UK builds 1 IC and some fleet for Atlantic ocean. Kills the mediterranean german trannie, stacks India and retreat Desert Rats to Sudan. 1 tech roll fails. Bomber killed in SBR
    Italy takes egy and trj (receives bonuses). Builds 2 inf, art and no tech roll
    Me, as USA, kill 1 german sub with dd and aircrafts, building 1 AC to each coast and some more boat for west coast. No tech roll. As China, general retreat and gets 3 inf

    2nd round:

    Germany: 1 tech roll fails, Barbarossa continues and the last german sub kills USA dd. Germans buy IC, aa gun to France, and land units. Strat bomb on London makes 6 damage.1 tech roll fails.
    Me, as soviets, take Finland and recover some ground at west. Against Japan, retreat last siberian inf to west. Big stacks at Karelia, Caucasus and Moscow (fear of 1-2 blitz with german tanks). I buy 1 fig and land units. No tech roll
    Japan: advances a bit on China, takes Australia losing some buys and advances to a bit to west in Siberia. IC built last turn build 3 tanks. Also, a new bb is built. 1 tech roll fails. Japan reaches 50’s. IC to East Indies
    Italy: Send more guys to ukraine and advance into Africa. Buys land units. No tech roll
    UK: 1 tech roll fails. Build saf IC and more fleet for North Sea. Takes Norway. Stack advances to Burma
    Italy: builds 1 tra and guys, send some fleet to Madagascar, advances to Persia and Africa
    Me, as China: local attack agaisnt lone jap inf (fighter is good). Build 1 more guy
    Me, as USA: east fleet attacks empty Morocco, killing the last sub in the process. Double SBR makes 7 damage to Berlin. Building 1 new BB and boats to west, and 1 trannie to east.1 tech roll fails

    3rd round:

    Germany buys 1 fig and fail 1 tech roll. Also, tanks and infs. Repair damage. Continue trading territories but don’t attack any mayor stacks. Bomber SBR is killed in London.1 dd to west mediterranean
    Me, as soviets: 1 Successfull tech roll gives me War bonds and free 4 IPCs! Continue trading guys and massing stacks. Send some inf to Siberia to stop japs. With WB, I collect 38 IPCs
    Japan: kills 3 chinese inf, losing 1 inf, 1 tank. Build IC in East Indies. Takes Hawaii and N. Guinea. Sends reinforcements to FIC. New shiny BB
    UK: 1 tech roll fails, builds land units for the 3 ICs, and some repairings. Fearing Italy taking south africa (1 art, coast attacks vs 2 armors), retreats Desert Rats to south just in case a counter is needed. Baltic fleet killed, losing only 2 dds. Dieppe landings in Nort Western Europe!

    Game will continue day 18 (sorry for the wall text  :lol: )

  • (My first post here)

    Title:  It’s still just a dice game, 1941
    Date:  10/10/08
    Special Rules:  Allowed Tech development
    Victor:  Axis…Allies?  Depends! (game called due to time)
    Game Length:  4 rounds
    Bias:  Axis had the higher skill
    Description:  Japan (played by me) rushed to 34 IPCs by end of round 2, end of round 3 it held the Caucuses at 44 IPC.  America began to threaten Japan at the end of Round 2 with a Pacific navy.  Germany, played by a complete novice was a non entity.  Italy was the swing state needed to hold Axis in Europe.  UK was completely out of the war with ultra cold dice… until the end.  Russia did what Russia does.
    Observations/Recommendations:  As my title suggests, this game to the core is too reliant on dice for me.  The game was called an Axis victory and we allowed the Allies to do Hail Marys one last time.  Japan fell due to a complete whiff of my main fleet in the home waters and the subsequent landing of 3 infantry and a tank took on my 3 infantry and tank (granted I could have had more in Japan but my fleet really should have never gone down to the American).  I was just the first, Russia fell to Germany in Round 4, but then Germany fell to the UK in an even more disproportionate battle.  My recommendation is an old one from me, I wish there was an official variant that relied less on dice.

  • Congratulations, Emr.  Even with your post you’ve made it on the Axis leaderboard.  Many people, including myself, haven’t cracked that one yet.

    A single question:

    How did you make it to Caucuses in three turns?  Even at it’s short, through Burma-India-Persia, you had to at least blitz through two territories in one turn.  That’s quite an incredible drive.

  • Title:  We’re all speaking German - 1941
    Date:  December 6th
    Special Rules:  All optional rules included with the game
    Victor:  Axis - Allies conceded
    Game Length:  5 hours
    Bias:  Germans (myself) have played the game the most (won tournaments), Russia and Japan weaker players.
    Description:  For Germany, it was pretty straight forward.  I creamed Russia all along the front on the first turn but due to some bad dice rolls, I ended up with only 3 tanks left in the Baltic states (colonies now).  Russia saw the opportunity and attacked the tanks to try to wipe them out.  This was a mistake (they defend on 3 now) and I saw my opportunity and on the following turn counter attacked his force and invaded Karelia with all the infantry from Finland, etc… and 2 infantry via ship into Karelia and took it.  After that it was just waiting for my first turn’s infantry production on Germany to reach the front and I took Moscow.

    Against England I attacked and wiped out most of the English fleet the first turn with my airforce and fleet, but left the bulk of my force in the Baltic for safety.  I pulled my troops out of Africa, and used them in a battle in the black sea before the transport was destroyed.

    For tech I rolled Heavy bombers and in the turn before taking Moscow I build 3 bombers 🙂

    Russia had a tough go, basicly building infantry and some artillery and tried, unsuccessfully to slow the German onslaught.  They focussed on keeping Caucassus and lost Karelia.

    Italy was poor and wasn’t able to hold Africa, but did manage to keep their fleet.  They sailed with some troops and took Brazil and were going to attack in Africa before the Allies conceeded.

    UK focussed on India and built a factory, and also built a factory in Eastern Canada.  They had a fleet by the end of the game for some harrassment, and kept Africa.

    Japan failed Pearl Harbour and because they tried holding back fighters and taking the land territory.  They ended up having to retreat.  They retreated from the American fleet once they build up and parked themselves on Japan, but USA couldn’t win the land battle and lost part of their airforce trying to invade Japan and Japan successfully repelled them off Japan.

    All of Japan’s, except 1 maybe, transports were distroyed when USA rolled Long Range Aircraft on the tech table… and they were being used independantly to take undefended UK southern pacific isles.

    USA survived Pearl Harbour and kept their battleship and built up quickly and tried taking Japan but wasn’t successful.

    Observations/Recommendations:  From 1 game, no changes necessary.  I wouldn’t recommend using any house rules whatsoever with a game that’s been out for less then 2 months.  You need to play it more to learn the ins and outs before any imbalances are found.  One thing I’ve noticed, in the earlier A&A Russia could fend off Germany by itself… now I don’t think it’s able.  I steamrolled Russia pretty bad, USA and England need to focus on Germany or it will win the game for the Axis.   
    Link:  NA

  • Alair, thank you for your after action report.  I love forward to reading more of them.

    General Observations

    • Ah, yes there’s nothing greater than the sight of an Axis Control Marker in Brazil.  It’s such a slap in the face to the Allies.

    • How did Japan bungle Pearl Harbor J1?

    • What are your thoughts on National Objectives?  Do you think they benefited the Axis too much?

  • @TG:

    • Ah, yes there’s nothing greater than the sight of an Axis Control Marker in Brazil.  It’s such a slap in the face to the Allies.

    I love it when that happens. Especially if USA was foolish enough to place an IC there  😄

    Alair, as Moses said, thanks, I love reading these. I wont be playing AA;50 untill January 10th, so this is the next best thing  😛

    1 q. You sate that US loft their airforce trying to take Japan. Was that just a lost battle already for the US and just a foolish attack, or did the dice get funny?

    Because, if its the latter, then that means USA found some way to take on Japan…

  • @TG:

    Alair, thank you for your after action report.  I love forward to reading more of them.

    General Observations

    • Ah, yes there’s nothing greater than the sight of an Axis Control Marker in Brazil.  It’s such a slap in the face to the Allies.

    • How did Japan bungle Pearl Harbor J1?

    • What are your thoughts on National Objectives?  Do you think they benefited the Axis too much?

    Japan, well I reread what I wrote and I wasn’t clear.  J1 Japan moved to do Pearl Harbour and tried to take the hawaiian islands mainland.  They divided their airforce between the fleet and mainland.  Since fighters can’t participate in the naval fight if they’re going to be used on the mainland… those fighters never fought that round.  Instead what happened was USA got some good rolls and Japan had to retreat.  I think Japan devoted 2 fighters and some infantry to attacking the ground troops.

    Once USA kept their battleship, Japan retreated more and took some islands and tried using unescorted transports to take the islands in the south pacific.  They would have been out of range of anyone’s airforce… but USA rolled long range aircraft.  They used the long range aircraft to wipe out almost all of Japan’s transports.

    Japan seemed far from overpowered when we played, but you know… we haven’t played enough.  We’ll see when I play Japan 🙂

    The national objectives are good.  I liked them.  It’s a good way to make people concede.  I almost never play games to the end, I’d rather end early and if the axis are fullfilling all their objectives it’s a good way to point towards packing the game in.

    With USA’s airforce, well Japan retreated after losing Pearl Harbour and then went south when the USA came for the Japanese fleet.  USA’s fleet was parked on Japan and it looked grim for Japan, then USA attacked mainland Japan which was a huge mistake.  It was the person calculating bad odds (all too common).  When they calculated odds they looked at number of troops and hits per round, without calculating that Japan would be losing a defense 2 defender and USA would be losing an attack 3 fighter.  You know, the usual mistakes you see people do who then blame it on bad dice.

    Japan was able to recover and attack USA"s fleet afterwards once USA had lost most of their fighters and I’d taken Moscow as Germany so we called it quits.

    In retrospect… there’s only one change I’d like made…

    Lend lease:
    USA can lend UK and maybe Russia a bit of money and Germany can lend Italy money.  That’s it.

    About National objectives, one thing… people seem to be thinking of them in terms of what they need, and not in terms of what to deny your opponent.  I’m 100% convinced that UK needs to move all their fighters onto Karelia and maybe some troops the first turn to deny Germany from taking it.  If you try to deny your opponent from getting their objectives, and not just to get yours it works.  If the allies don’t work together then the Axis will win, it’s similar to the original A&A.

  • Title:  Unfinished game
    Date:  December 14, 2008 
    Special Rules:  NOs and Tech were used, 1942-game. 
    Victor:  Maybe the allies would have won if we continued, but this wasn’t too clear.
    Game Length:  5 hours, about 5 rounds
    Bias: The Axis player was slightly less experienced, so he opted for playing with the (probably stronger) Axis forces in 1942
    As the Allied player, I decided to take a huge gamble. I wanted to keep Moskow and her three IC, to keep the Germans at bay and to take my ‘No Allied troops’-bonus. Therefore I decided not to send any UK-troops to Karelia. Even worse, as the UK I didn’t see the point (yet) of building a IC in Asia or Africa. Instead, the Russians were attacking German fighters and armor whenever they had any opportunity of doing so, using almost only infantry and fighters. Once they conquered Finland-Norway, they got the opportunity make attacks the German player was forced to react upon. Germany was cashing out quite a lot of money, but they had to spend it fighting the UK fleet. They sacrificied their entire Luftwaffe at G1 or G2, but failed in a tied sea-battle. After this battle, the Germans only built three more fighters, but gave up fighting the UK-fleet. This fleet counted at UK-5 three or four battleships, an equal amount of transports and some smaller defensive ships. This forced the Germans to allow huge openings in their defenses, enabling the UK to attack Morocco, France and even Poland… grabbing the NO and thus even more IPC’s. By the end of our 5th turn, UK and Russia were all around 40-45 IPC. A 44 IPC Russia is definitly dangerous on the German-Russian front. As a side-note: no SBR were executed after Germany shot down two British bombers at their very first attempts. As for the research: Germany and Russia both went after some research (four tokens each), but all failed.
    In Africa, a weak Italy managed to gain 16 Ipc/turn (by one national objective). After a tied battle in Egypt, the Axis forces were left with nothing but an armor and the reinforces the Italians could send in. The Germans didn’t bother building a new transport after hers was sunk.
    Italy could be stopped in Africa rather easily by UK-forces from Morocco and Sovjet forces from the Caucasian.

    On the Pacific front things were much more messy. After an agressive J1 - which got my Indian navy wiped out - I got into the defensive. The Australian fighter had to get to India on UK1, whereas the Chinese held out quite well against Japanese attacks every now end then. In the end, the Japanese managed to break through Northern China with some infantry units, whereas Chinese forces occupied Kwangtung in an attempt to hurt the Japanese monster.
    The US - her fleet left alive at J1 - started to build a considerable fleet, and pulled back her Atlantic ships. At US3 or US4, 3 battleships, 2 AC, 7 or 8 destroyers and some defensive ships tried succesfully taking over Solomon and Caroline, threatening the Philipines which it never made.
    Japan was forced to focus upon her fleet, building destroyers, submarines and battleships at an equal pace. She managed to take over two Sovjet provinces, but didn’t got any further than that. Due to my eagerness to destroy the Japanese fleet, my navy got completely wiped out near the Carolines, leaving the Japanese with her three battleships and a cruiser. As for the IPC’s, Japan was around 40, equal to the US, which shortly before reached heights of over 50.
    As the US, I heavily invested in tech, hoping to create a war of attrition by means of a tech race and naval build-up. I got at US3 Improved Naval Shipyards and at US4 Long range aircrafts. At J5, the axis gained heavy bombers. Up until the fifth turn tech development didn’t influence the game too much (Japan could only field one bomber in the battle of the Carolines), but it would definitly become more important should we have continued the game. Due to a lack of time however, this was not the case.
    By the end of the game, Germany was severily weakened by constant Russian pickings and UK attacks. Italy-Germany lost their African campaign, whereas Japan gained superiority in the Pacific, but lacked the ships and an Asian IC to be ably to conquer her recently lost islands - which would buy the US time to build up a second Pacific fleet.

    I believe a focus upon NO can actually turn tides in this game (at least as far as the 1942 setup is concerned). Both me and my younger brother were never to keen for a KGF, and were both used to the Milton & Bradly version. Up until now, we both believe in a balanced game (with the US going Pacific). This may have influenced our gameplay - which relied heavily upon naval build-ups.
    Not building any IC as the allies didn’t hurt too much for the first turns, given the strenght of Russia, which could easily free up infantry and her airforce (which was bigger than the German) to strike against some Japanese forces.
    The three IC Russia is blessed with proved crucial for her succes. She was ably to place troops wherever she wished upon her entire front, whereas German infantry had to move slowly from Germany onwards.

    Eager for our next game next weekend (with another experienced player),


  • Dammit, the Axis Winning Streak is Over!  :evil:

  • Title:  Hitler’s downfall (1941)
    Date:  12/13/2008. 
    Special Rules:  Tech development and No’s 
    Victor:  Allies won. Axis conceded.
    Game Length:  About 10 hours, 4-5 turns.
    Bias:  Two most experienced players: one in the Axis as Germany and Italy, the other  in the Allies as the USA. Two newbies in the Allies side and one semi experience player as Japan.
    Description:  Germans destroyed most of the British navy in the first round, Japan captured most of the inslands in the Pacific. Russians built a quick defense, Americans  harassed the Japanese in the Pacific, SBR Germans and Italians. British concentrated on European invasion. Germans got motorized infantry and paratroopers. Germans captured Leningrad with heavy airplane loss. Italians helped to set up for the invasion of Moscow. Unexpectadly, the British captures Berlin in the turn before with 3 soldiers, 3 tanks, two fighters and 1 shore bombardment, against 2 bombers 3 soldiers, 3 tanks. Moscow falls, Italians liberate Berlin, but British recapture it, Axis concedes. Although japanese controled most of Asia, the Russian invasion did not to Moscow on time.
    Observations/Recommendations:  Germans rolled really bad in the defense of Germany, and was not expecting an invasion that turn, with only 3 transports in the British fleet. The Allies can win if they work well together, and the Axis is not very careful.

  • Title: The Ever Victorios Army (1941)
    Special Rules: Techs and NO’s
    Victor: Axis won
    Game Length: 5 hours, 5 turns
    Bias:More experience on the Axis(me) for Gremany, and hleping a new player step by step (Japan). Allies made good attacks in Russia but were not coordinated in other areas.

    Description: Germans attacked and sunk the UK BB and trans, as well as DD in sz7. Attacks in russia, setting up for a G2 attack on Kaleria. Lost almost all infantry to insane Russian defense rolls. No attack on Egypt. Placed 9 inf and 1 art, collected 45.

    Russia purchased 3 arm, 5 inf, and launched attacks on the baltic states, and one other territory. Lost both battles and retreated. Moved all infantry in the east to one stack of 7, tempting Japan. Placed 2 arm in Kaleria attempting to hold it.

    Japan opened normally with few losses. Left the flying tigers alive in China in order to keep from being spread to thinly in Asia.

    UK bought 8 units mostly land with a few fighters. Placed its fleet off the coast of france and laned a tank and inf. Collected around mid 40’s with bonuses. Retreated out of egypt as well deeper into africa.

    Italy retook france, moved into egypt, and reinforced the russian front.

    US sent a fleet to england, and built in paciffic.

    Turn 2.

    Germany sunk us fleet with a sub and bomber. Sunk entire UK fleet with cruiser, and airforce. Lost 2 fighters and the cruiser. But the UK lost 1 cruiser, 2 DD, and 2 or 3 transports. Took Kalaria, moved up infantry closer to Moscow. Took trans jordan. Collected 55 with bonuses, and placed 1 bomber, 1 fighter, and several infantry and art.

    Russia bought a fighter tanks and inf. Attacked 2 spots, took 1, lost 4 infantry in the exchanges, to Germany losing 1 art. Attacked into Manchuria with 4 infantry. Collected in the low 30’s.

    Japan continued to push into asia, and killed the russians in Manchuria. Collected in the 40’s.

    Uk built a new fleet. Tried retaking Egypt with 2 inf, 1 tank, 1 fighter, against 4 inf. And lost everything. Germany lost 1 inf. Very bad dice for UK.

    Italy moved deeper into africa and attacked russia. Collected 24ish

    The US build more fleet in the Pacific, with several subs and a BB. Took Algeria with a transport. Sent a bomber to italy for sbr……shot down.

    Turn 3…

    Germany bought 6 tanks 5 inf and an art…I think. Started an SBR campaign against the russians, with 1 bomber. Did 4 dmg. The other bomber was used for a different battle. Continued to press russia. Attack in Archangel failed with 2 inf 1 fighter, vs 2 inf.
    Collected in the 50’s.

    Russia attacked Archangel, and a few lightly held territories, retreated from Japan. Collected in the high 20’s.

    Japan continued pressing Asia. Failed to take an empty India…left Japan to make its own choices this turn…:( Over all it could have been worse.

    UK invaded france again.

    Italy retook with 1 tank left. As well as taking cacauses.

    Us continued to harass africa and began to come after japan. China stayed alive and was not much of a problem.

    The End Game…The next few turns were the death of Russia. The SBR damage and large german army rolled over russia by turn 5, and took moscow. Japan and US destroyed each others fleets, with Japan having its BB as the sole surviving ship, along with its transports.

    Overall the game was very easy for the Axis. If the allies had been smarter, and better coordinated in africa and europe, russia would have been able to live longer. Even with the us sinking the italian fleet it did not slow them down much. With more equal skill levels I think the game is pretty well balanced. Russia is still the key, one mistake and its over.

  • It’s great how, out of all the games that have been posted, really almost of them have come from different players.  It isn’t the same playgroup playing the same game over and over again.  So it looks the Axis have the slight advantage in the 1941 Scenario, but the game still looks relatively balanced.  I think most of the victories have been due to player skill, which is a good thing.

  • Title:  Japan vs. the World 1941
    Date:  12-16-08
    Special Rules:  National objecties and tech 
    Victor:  Axis victory, by victory cities 16 were taken.
    Game Length:  The game lasted 8 rounds, and took 4-5 hrs.
    Bias:  I was playing the axis and have played the game longer, however my foe is of equal skill and cunning.
    Description:  Japan took a India turn 3 and then Aus turn 4 to hold the pacific.  The US player split his forces between europe and pacific.  Germany pursued moscow and karelia with Italian support in the south.  Italy gave up on africa after US and UK destroyed it’s navy in turn 2.  UK with US support bombed germany in an all out SBR strategy. 
    Observations/Recommendations:  SBR is a good tool, but shouldn’t be the focus of US and UK.  I have played the game 4 times and japan is over powered.  Each time japan took what it wanted when it wanted.  Although I have yet to play the US.  So I look foward to my next game in which the Empire of the sun is going to set forever under the heel of my boot. 
    Link:  (Optional) Link your own thread discussing the game in greater detail.

  • Captain_target,

    What are your thoughts on the victory cities winning condition?  16 VCs seem like a bit much.  Do you think the game could end at 11 or 12 VCs with a clear winner (meaning Japan clearly had the upper hand by then)?

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