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    Classic was ridiculously in favor of the ALlies – it wasn’t even close after Russia moved.  Even after Russia got restricted, the Allies were still at a supreme advantage.  But you’re right:

    (imbalance) Revised < Anniversary < Classic

    I’d say least balanced:

    Classic Worst, in favor of Allies
    Revised Bad, in favor of Allies
    Anniversary, close to neutral, can have a very slight bias for the allies or the axis depending on how round 1 turns out.

  • Title:  USA in the Pacific
    Date:  3/23/09
    Special Rules:  1941 with Tech + NOs
    Victor:  Axis Victory > Allied Concession
    Game Length:  Almost 5 full rounds
    Bias: About equal

    This game went pretty fast.  USA adopted a strategy of “all in” in the Pacific.  Only USA action in the Atlantic was one landing at Algeria.  USA max build every turn in Western USA.  Culminated in a big naval battle in the Philippines which the USA won, but without enough forces left to threaten Japanese Empire seriously.

    Germany slowly moved in on Russia and by the end of turn 5 Moscow was virtually surrounded and would have fallen on turn 7 for sure - no help was on the way from UK or USA for Moscow.  Game conceeded by Allies.

    UK got Long Range Aircraft, it helped sink a transport here or there was not a major factor.

    3/24/2009	1941 with Tech + NOs				General Strategy: USA Max Pacific	
    	Ger	Russia	Japan	UK	Italy	USA
    1	45	31	40	42	15	49
    2	49	31	54	43	10	49
    3	49	25	59	26	10	40
    4	53	31	65	19	14	50
    5	54	28	57	31	Conceded	

    Axis by Team

    	G	J	It	
    1	45	40	15	100
    2	49	54	10	113
    3	49	59	10	118
    4	53	65	14	132
    5	54	57		111
    6				0
    7				0
    8				0
    Axis	250	275	49	574

    Allies by team

    	R	UK	US	
    1	31	42	49	122
    2	31	43	49	123
    3	25	26	40	91
    4	31	19	50	100
    5	28	31		59
    6				0
    7				0
    8				0
    Allies	146	161	188	495

    Major Events
    1 UK gets Long Range Aircraft, Germany tries and fails to take Egypt, sinks some UK fleet , Japan builds factory in FIC
    2 Rus/Ger trade Karelia, Italy fails to Take Egypt, Japan Takes Egypt, UK sneaks into France
    3 Japan expands into Africa, build mighty sea force to match US plus IC in Manchuria, UK sinks italian fleet, France is retaken
    4 Massive Sea/Air Battle In Pacific, Heavy Losses but US is Victorious, takes back Java
    5 Japanese forces in Persia and eliminate China, Germany tanks in East Ukraine, Allies Conceed

  • Title:  1941 With New Players
    Date:  3/28/09
    Special Rules:  1941 with Tech + NOs
    Victor:  Allied Victory > Axis Concession
    Game Length:  4 rounds
    Bias: About equal

    All players at the board were new (1 game experience or 0 games experience) except for Italy who has played about 10 games of AA50.

    The game took some interesting turns.   The players were willing to make attacks that sometimes were not in their % favor, with the exception of UK and Italy who did not make risky attacks.

    Major Events Turn 1:

    1. Germany took Karelia and Russia took it right back.
    2. Germany attacked Egypt but did not get any hits first round and withdrew.  UK counter attacked and took Libya.
    3. Japan played conservatively, taking Philippines along with Borneo and East Indies.  Japan did not advance into China.  Japan attacked and sunk the Battleship in Hawaii with fighters.
    4. UK moved in and took Morocco.

    Turn 2:

    1. Germany and Russia once again traded territories, but Russia rolled well and was left in a defensible position.  Russia income above 30.
    2. USA builds in Western and Eastern, adopting a balanced strategy, and lands in Morocco.
    3. Germany builds a couple bombers and UK builds a fleet to match.

    Turn 3:
    By turn 3 Japan had only secured 1 of its National Objectives.  As a result income was in the low 30s.  Germany had also failed to secure more than 1 of its National Objectives, and Russia income was now greater than Germany income.

    Turn 4:
    UK sinks Italian fleet and secures Africa.  I did not record numbers sorry, but by this turn incomes of the Allies were superior to any of the incomes of the Axis.  Meaning UK, Russia and USA each had an income that was greater than any of the Axis.  Germany was in the 30s and so was Japan.  Russia stunned the table with a 52 income after taking Finland and Bulgaria and Balkans in the same Round.

    Axis conceeds.

  • Title:  Rookies for AA50, But not A&A 1941
    Date:  4/5/09
    Special Rules:  1941 with Tech + NOs
    Victor:  Axis Victory by Allied Concession
    Game Length:  5.5 rounds
    Bias: Experienced Axis Player (Japan) and Experienced Allied Player (Russia), rest Rookies to AA50

    Tech almost turned this game from a dashing Axis victory to a slim Allied win.  All players (except Italy) rolled for Techs, but only the Allied players succeeded.  In Round 1 German took out the UK in the Med Sea and Egypt.  Italy was able to mop up and move toward Russia.  Japan had great dice and lost virtually nothing on round 1.  India was ripe for the taking on J2 as was Australia.

    The US spent 90% of its IPCs on the Pacific.  It caused some problems and 2 seperate fleets begun to move towards the Japanese.  On J3 a classic pincher move with Carriers, 1 Battleship, 1 Cruiser, surrounded by Destroyers sent both fleets to the bottom of the sea. This however slowed down Japanese movement toward Russia and allowed China to just ‘hang around’.

    Russia began to fade and a failed invasion of France on UK4 doomed Europe.  The USA got Heavy Bombers on US4 and started to become a real problem.  Japan fully dominated the Pacific landmass and the islands, but Heavy Bombers out of Alaska started to put some dents in the fleets.

    Luckily Moscow fell on G5.  It was recovered on Russia5, but Italy and Japan were closing in. The Soviets could not last another round and UK was all but useless with a few men in Great Britain and a couple in South Africa.  The US could have survived a few more rounds but a Axis victory was declared b/c Europe and most of Asia was engulfed.  Another fun adventure in AA50 1941.  It was quite evident to me that Russia needs to go on some offensive to keep Germany from just pushing the entire game. Also the US strategy for hitting the Pacific played a bit differently could have been disasterous for the Japan.

  • One of the problems with USA directly confronting Japan is that if America loses it’s first fleet or takes severe losses on it, USA must spend the next few turns rebuilding it.  This is really a tempo setback for the United States.

  • I would completely agree.  The US lose its fleet and for the next few turns they could do very little.  It neutralized the threat to the Japanese island holdings and allowed a push toward Moscow.  The UK without US help could not hold Europe or even put enough pressure on Germany, that late in the game, to stop them from charging east and ending things.  What always amazes me is how Techs change the game.  W/o heavy bombers the US would have conceded and the game would have ended a turn earlier. Happy gaming!!

  • Title:  Allies Take Capitals but Lose Anyway!
    Date:  4/10/09
    Special Rules:  1942 with Tech + NOs
    Victor:  Axis Victory > Allied Concession
    Game Length:  8 rounds
    Bias: About equal

    	Japan	Russia	Germany	UK	Italy	USA
    1	41	29	54	39	12	48
    2	46	28	51	33	24	48
    3	54	29	39	39	24	47
    4	56	27	49	40	28	55
    5	60	22	50	37	30	49
    6	72	15	52	83	25	43
    7	77	11	45	20	19	53
    8	68	15	54	24	23	78
    Axis	394	474	185	1053
    	G	J	It	
    1	54	41	12	107
    2	51	46	24	121
    3	39	54	24	117
    4	49	56	28	133
    5	50	60	30	140
    6	52	72	25	149
    7	45	77	19	141
    8	54	68	23	145
    Allies	176	315	421	912
    	R	UK	US	
    1	29	39	48	116
    2	28	33	48	109
    3	29	39	47	115
    4	27	40	55	122
    5	22	37	49	108
    6	15	83	43	141
    7	11	20	53	84
    8	15	24	78	117

    Major Events
    1 Russia has bad opening, gets unluckky, Germany sinks a lot of UK fleet, US takes solomons
    2 UK takes Norway, Germany takes Karelia, Japan begins building factories in Asia
    3 UK takes Finland, Russia liberates Karelia, UK withdraws from Egypt, Italy takes it
    4 UK takes france, Italy takes it back, US lands in Morocco
    5 Japan defeats China, closes on Mosow, Italy own most of Africa, Japan retakes solomons
    6 UK gets very lucky and takes germany amphibiously, Italy liberates
    7 Japan attacks Moscow and fails, but Moscow is weakened heavily
    8 USA attacks and takes Italy
    9      Japan takes moscow, allies conceed.

  • List has been updated.

  • Title:  A bridge too far 1941
    Date:  April 10th, 2009
    Special Rules:  NO’s
    Victor:  Allies Victory by Concession
    Game Length:  4h
    Bias:  About equal.
    Allies: Adopted a Kill Germany First (KGF) strategy.  UK divided it’s forces between India and Europe. USA made landings in Norway and Congo Africa via Brazil while still sending reinforcements in Pacific.  Russia kept their ground in front of Germany , fighting for the big 3s.

    Axis: Japan conquered  most of Asia but were stalled in the Burma jungles, faced by the dreaded Indian IC, dubbed: ‘‘call center’’.  Germany steadily advannced on Russia, marching trough Poland.  Italy was overwhelmed in Africa after breifly holding Egypt.

    On their biggest push toward Russia, Germany was stopped near a bridge in  Poland and ambushed by two subsequent massive allies landing that destroyed all of it’s panzer forces, luftwaffe and opened a clear way for the Red Army. It was soon followed by surrender.

    Allies won, despite their heavier losses in Poland, they still had a huge production advantage and there was no way for Germany to replaces it’s tank and planes. Japan was stalled long enough and failed to take India.
    Link:  None

  • USA made landings in Norway and Congo Africa via Brazil while still sending reinforcements in Pacific.  Russia kept their ground in front of Germany , fighting for the big 3s.

    How did USA manage to do that all in one game?  To me that seems like a dilution of effort and a logistical nightmare.  You could probably get 2 of 3, but how did the Axis react to all 3?

    On their biggest push toward Russia, Germany was stopped near a bridge in  Poland and ambushed by two subsequent massive allies landing that destroyed all of it’s panzer forces, luftwaffe and opened a clear way for the Red Army. It was soon followed by surrender.

    You know, I often wondered how the war would’ve ended in real life if the Allies (USA/UK) attempted a landing closer to Berlin.  Perhaps not on Polish soil but somewhere along the German/Lowlands coastline.  Would’ve it have been a disaster or shortened the war?

  • Title:  Epic
    Date:  5/10/09
    Special Rules:  1942 with Tech + $4/8 NOs + Dardanelles Closed + Escort/Interceptor rules
    Victor:  Allied Victory > Axis Concession
    Game Length:  13 rounds
    Bias: About equal

    First off what $4/8 NOs means is that instead of being $5 National Objectives we played with all NOs for all countries being worth $4.  The single Russian one was worth $8.  The objectives themselves were unchanged.  Why?  Cause Popeye and Santa told us to do it that way.   🙂

    The game got started in an unusual fashion when instead of buying a carrier or more fleet the UK instead bought 2 bombers on their first turn and moved all fighters within striking range of the Italian fleet.  This meant dropping off 2 infantry in Gibraltar and landing 2 fighters Gibraltar in turn 1.  On turn 2, the Italian fleet was attacked off the coast of Egypt by 4 fighters and 3 bombers, who all then landed in Egypt.   Although the UK got higher than average losses, the Italian fleet was sunk after having used it only once - to invade Transjordan.  Throughout the whole game Italy only got more than $9 income when Japan took Egypt and Transjordan for a round or two.  This was in exchange for UK getting a somewhat late start building a fleet.

    Prior to turn 7
    Allies had adopted an “all in” European strategy to attack France or Italy.  If you’ve played AA50 more than a couple times you know the drill, the UK builds a fleet and does some little landings in Norway or France maybe.  The US builds a big fleet and ships it over around turn 3 or 4.  The difference in our game is that the US was in SZ12 on Turn 2, since there was no Italian fleet to worry about anymore.

    Turn 7
    Ok so we pick up around turn 7 when things start to get interesting.  UK and USA do a joint landing and combine fleets in SZ6 and land in NW Europe of all places with about 40 units total.  This is enough to prevent being immediately counter attacked by the Germans and destroyed, but by the turn after it was impossible to hold this position without being wiped out.  At this point Japan was starting to threaten Africa and had secured all of the pacific.

    Turn 8
    Despite having a low income, Italy had basically been buying infantry all game long, and so now if you do the math they had like 25+ infantry sitting around.  Germany and Italy both had to play somewhat defensively because of big fleets off the coast but Germany was still putting the heat on Russia, and by now Japan had motored up into the Caucus and taken it along with some Germany forces.   Russia decided to take a chance and try to take back Caucus from the combined Japanese and Germany force there.  Russia rolled incredibly well, and although they statistically should have won this battle, they won it by a landslide, and even retained some infantry.  This very will might have been the turning point for the game.  UK and USA, being unable to hold their position, decide to split their fleet, the UK going north to Archangel and beginning to funnel troops from UK to Archangel, 8 at a time each turn.  USA went to SZ12 and kept the threat on Italy and France but not before leaving some troops (about 16) in the Karelia for help to Russia.

    Turn 9
    About this time USA got the wacky idea to build a transport and a sub in the pacific and start to threaten Japanese holdings in the south pacific with some bombers too.  Japan had just moved all its navy near Egypt, ready to take it and move into the Med.  However, Japan turned some of its fleet around to deal with this new American threat.  USA was maintaining fleet in SZ12 and also dropping troops off in Africa, both to hold it from the Japanese and threaten Italy.  Russia was slugging it out with Germany and had the bright idea to advance into Persia, which held up the Japanese advance in this area, although still Japan was advancing through China and across Siberia.

    Turn 10
    One thing that was interesting about this game was she sheer amount of USA and particularly UK troops in Russia at this point.  Numbering between them over 40 units, it really stalled what would have been a Russian defeat at the hands of the Germans and also Japanese.  Japanese still building up and doing a good job mobilizing forces and getting ready to take on Russia, but it’s not possible yet.  There are just too many UK troops around.  On this turn Japan gets Paratroopers and USA gets Heavy Bombers.

    Turn 11
    By this time USA had 15 fully loaded transports sitting in SZ12.  Still, Italy and Germany would have been able to at the very least counter attack and destroy any landing force in France or Italy.  The German air force was like 9 fighters and 3 bombers by this time, stalemated against a USA fleet of 3car,6fighters, 1battleship, 1cruiser and a few destroyers.  So if the USA lost any of those fighters attacking Italy, it was a dead fleet.  The Italian/German player is very thorough and careful, and it is extremely difficult to find a weak spot in his defenses to make a meaningful attack.   So the Allies make the decision to head east.  The Japanese kind of over-committed a portion of their fleet to deal with a very small American presence in the Pacific.  The Americans head to the Med (SZ14) but don’t actually attack Italy, just take the Balkans for an NO cash-in.  The american pacific bombers withdraw and start the trek east to join in a battle two turns from now….(forshadowing!)

    Turn 12
    USA fleet heads to SZ34, within striking distance of Japan’s IC in India, Burma, and East Indies.  The fleet is an even match for the Japanese fleet in the area, but the USA has 30+ ground forces and the Japanese have more like 20.  Russia adds 15 tanks to the mix and it’s advantage allies.  USA Heavy Bombers mean a strike on the Japanese fleet is a good idea.  Germany and Italy figure out what is going on and start heading east with massive amounts of troops they were saving in the west to fight a USA landing in France, but it will take 4+ turns to get to Moscow.

    Turn 13
    Japan, knowing it cannot hold India this turn, withdraws from India.  Russia advances into India.   UK immediately builds 3 ground forces there.  USA moves 20+ more troops to India — then also to East Indies and there is a big sea battle.  4 carriers on each side, a battleship and a cruiser.  But the USA brings 4 heavy bombers to the party and it’s lights out for the Japanese.  Japan lose their fleet and their IC in East Indies.  A smaller 2nd battle in the carolines goes badly for the Japanese and at this end of this round Japan has 4 transports and one destroyer left.  USA has 3 carriers full of planes and about 15 transports in the vicinity of very underdefended pacific holdings.  Japan has now lost 2 ICs in two rounds and a 3rd in Burma is in jeopardy.

    Axis concede.

    Economically speaking the stats aren’t much to look at.  The Allies were down consistently about $10 a turn compared to the Axis.  Germany hovered in the 40s most of the game, Japan in the 60s, peaking at 71.  USA was consistent at 42-48.  UK was generally in the 30s.  Russia was in the 20s, higher earlier on, lower 20s later on.

  • Title:  Allies Snatch VCSs
    Date:  5/15/09
    Special Rules:  1941 with Tech, Without Nos, Dardanelles Closed, With Interceptor/Escort SBR
    Victor:  Allied Victory > Axis Concession
    Game Length:  5 rounds
    Bias: About equal

    Allies won in turn five by attacking 4 underdefended Victory Cities (Paris, Warsaw, Manilla, Calcutta) and holding them we were playing a reduced VC game.

    As you can see here the economics were than Allies were up by 22 in the first round, and then in later rounds up by 3-6 IPC until the last round when taking France and Poland helped boost the money

    We were playing with Tech and UK was the only country to get something, Increased Factory Production, which never helped the UK once.

    G	R	J	UK	I 	US
    38	27	30	35	10	38
    36	29	42	27	10	38
    35	26	44	28	12	38
    33	28	43	27	14	38
    32	26	44	35	14	46

  • The game got started in an unusual fashion when instead of buying a carrier or more fleet the UK instead bought 2 bombers on their first turn and moved all fighters within striking range of the Italian fleet.  This meant dropping off 2 infantry in Gibraltar and landing 2 fighters Gibraltar in turn 1.  On turn 2, the Italian fleet was attacked off the coast of Egypt by 4 fighters and 3 bombers, who all then landed in Egypt.  Although the UK got higher than average losses, the Italian fleet was sunk after having used it only once - to invade Transjordan.  Throughout the whole game Italy only got more than $9 income when Japan took Egypt and Transjordan for a round or two.  This was in exchange for UK getting a somewhat late start building a fleet.

    Interesting.  Given these turn of events, I’m not sure what the Axis Counter to this would be. I would suppose the Germans would have to make a forced invasion of Egypt G2.  Still, it seems like a very strong move.

    UK and USA do a joint landing and combine fleets in SZ6 and land in NW Europe of all places with about 40 units total.

    With 40 pieces why not just wheel backwards into France?  That would threaten both Italy and Germany at once.

    Other than that, that was a pretty Epic game.  I’m surprised by the sheer amount of units on the board at one time.  Also heavy bombers seemed swingy, tipping the scales of the American fleet.

    Title:  Allies Snatch VCSs

    How many VCs did you declare necessary for victory?

  • With 40 pieces why not just wheel backwards into France?

    Well at the time the Allies landed in NW Europe that was the only place the fleets could meet and join up.  UK had been up near Archangel and USA had been in SZ12.  The reason the Allies didn’t stay in NW Europe or move to France is that Italy had 25+ pieces they moved to France and Germany had 40+ pieces in Germany.  Completely outnumbered, the Allies would have been destroyed in France.

    How many VCs did you declare necessary for victory?


  • First time poster… but here it goes.

    Title: Can’t stop Japan

    Date: 5/17/09

    Setup: NOs,no Techs 1942 scenario

    Victor: Axis won, Germany took moscow, Japan too strong

    Game length: 7 Rounds,  10 hours

    Bias: Nearly equal skill level. Maybe a little bit in Allies favor

    Description: As being Axis, I wanted to establish myself heavily of course in Asia. However my main focus was weakening UK, because a weakened UK player means no Allies victory in my opinion. As Japan I ended up buying 3 complexes the first 3 rounds ( First in Burma, 2nd in Manchuria, 3rd in India.) Germany sunk every single british ship in the Atlantic round 1 except for Cruiser and transport near canada. Axis took over both Egypt and India both in round 2. Everything from this point looked to be a footrace towards moscow, and as the Axis player I actually got worried because the US nicely reinforced in the Atlantic and UK started to build up a little bit so that was going to be a bit of a problem eventually. Turning point in the war though was in turn 4 when Germany got a bit lucky with dice rolls and was able to take Caucasas with hardly nothing left in Russia so Russia fell the next turn without even a single Japanese force there. From this point it was definitely over, as the next turn for Germany they purchased 7 bombers which was the end of the allies.
    Observations/recommendations: Basically in this version if Japan is played right, there is nothing the allies can do. The US actually in round 4 purchased some navy and tried to threaten Japan but since Japan was so strong and saw them coming they just matched them which ended up being a waste for the US. UK was making right around 25 Ipcs the whole game which is a very good thing for the Axis. Italy actually wasnt much of a threat, they assisted with a lot of the Africa campaign but mostly Germany was just strong and well played. Russia made a few purchase mistakes, as they need to be ready for anything. They lost a bomber in a worthless battle and actually purchased a fighter in round 3 which they really can’t afford. What I found very useful is after the Navy battle around india in round 1 the Japs will usually have a batteship and carrier left from that fight and using them to help defend Italy’s fleet worked really well. Having that flexibility and defense over there was very useful. Overall the turning point was Caucasas falling to good rolling by the axis. The odds were pretty close but Germany still had a such a force left that they just tore right into russia. In regards to Japan, who was making 50+ ipcs all game, are incredibily hard to stop. I feel if the US did a full on Pacific theatre, then that would leave Germany to be even stronger as then they wouldn’t have the US breathing down there neck. This is the only game Ive played with this strategy and maybe there is a counter that I will find eventually, however right now Japan looked pretty awesome.

  • Bitten by the Axis bug I see.  How many times have you played the 1942 scenario total?

  • This was the fifth time I played the 42 version. Previous times were with a lot less experienced players, so this game marked the first where the 2 skilled players got to face each other  😛

  • Title: Hang on…where’d my empire go?
    Date:  June 9, 2009
    Special Rules:  Played 1941
                        NO’s + Tech (increased factory production tech works on territories with 2 or more IPC’s)
                        also due to a misread of the rules, players can build ICs in territories captured that turn, and build units from ICs the turn they capture them. (ruins british capture france,build IC, recapture france,build 6 men strategy lol)
    Victor:  Axis Victory by Concession
    Game Length:  2 hours, 2 1/2 turns
    Bias:  equal experience (4 players with 8 games each), axis slightly better
    Allies: russia built man man artillery combo, only attack was manchuria turn 3.
             U.S. ran away from pacific, sent planes to england, attacked north africa. started building subs in pacific to harrass japanese shipping
             england built a factory in france, recaptured it turn 2. didn’t build factory in asia (would be gifting it to japan)
    Axis: Germany unlocked IFP, sunk some british fleet, attaked EVERYTHING into russia(karelia first turn, caucuses 2nd, moscow 3rd)
           Italy took egypt, then put everything into defending france.
           Japan attacked some U.S fleet with planes, rushed india with 3 transports + entire fleet. took china, south-east asia with fighter backup(lost all but 2Inf but no opposition so who cares?). invaded africa,pacific on 3rd turn.

    The first game where the axis have won  :-)(finally got it sorted). it seems that our usual containment tactic doesn’t work against super aggressive axis players. allies had an effective navy/airforce in europe but were being far outproduced with no realistic way of crippling the axis(turn 2/3 assaults on Europe seem suicidal). what am i missing?
    Link:  None

  • how did england build a factory in france and then recapture it in turn 2? this seems impossible….

  • What is IFP?  Increased factory production?

    I’m assuming you played the 1941 version of the game.  Under game bias you stated that each player had played 8 games.  Yet, under Observations you state this was the first time the Axis won.  Furthermore you stated you don’t see a good Allied counter to this strategy.  Am I missing something?  :? Were your first 7 games Allied victories?

  • Title : Tokyo falls, Moscow falls, Axis win
    Date : Last week 25th July, at my friend’s house
    Game setup : 42, with NOs, sz 16 closed.
    Game lenght 8 hours, about 10 turns
    Gaming experience. We were 4 players. I got Germany+Italy. I consider myself as the player with most knowledge (as I read alot in these forums). I was playing against very capable players. My ally was a good player too, although he has really bad luck with dices.
    Game summary.
    Japan 1 : Can’t do much in 42 due to the lack of mobility. My partner do not attack Pearl Harbor, fail at destroying China (But destroy Yunnan with loss of airplanes). Hit 0 in BRY, total failure… (2 fighter, 1 bomber retreat to MAN). Attack on UK fleet and he manage to lose a BB + 1 fighter…
    Russia 1 (probably the second player with most knowledge) : Build a bomber and try a very suicidal 3 INF + bomber against 1 bomber + 2 fig. The attack against Japan airforce fail. Japan lose 1 bomber and Russia take 3 inf as casualties. Ukraine attack fails
    Germany 1 : The usual sink British ships. Home fleet and Med fleet are sunk without too much loss to my airforce. Im trying something new. Built 1 DD 1 cruiser and bought 17 of inf, art. Take Karelia without loss (he abandonned it). Take down most of his tanks.
    UK 1 : Rebuild fleet (2 cv and with us Plane). Doesn’t do much that turn.
    Italy 1 : Egypt is too strong… so I go and take Trans
    USA 1 : Build some fleet. Combine his pacific fleet and take back Solomon island for his bonus. Start to bomb Germany

    That’s the round 1 for everyone. Japan, my partner, keeps doing his things, fail at beating China because of his bad luck. He kill Russia bomber that landed in BRY. Built an IC in SUM but it was probably the worst place because USA had their fleet Sol Island. Japan is forced into a navy war against USA in the Pacific. A lot of hit and run. The smaller Japanese fleet are sunk easily (Bomber + fighter). I think its only after round 4 that UK loses his bonus definitely (his African troops being slowly killed). USA did managed to take one Japanese Island, so that gave another +5 to UK. Eventually, USA bomber + ships sunk the entire Japanese fleet. He sailed in Japan sea with 4 loaded transports. So my friend that had drank quite a lot, didn’t see the threat. (He had 14 units in Japan and thought it was enough. He didn’t count shore bombardment, and aircrafts….)… Tokyo has fallen! Fortunately for us, only 1 American soldier survived.  My partner was able to do a suicide attack on US fleet, and do an attack on Japan with 1 art + 1 fighter and took it back.

    Germany : I’ve built like 0 tank in the entire game. By doing the G1 naval build, my fleet survived for a really long time and scared UK a lot. I was able to unload 4 inf each turn in the Russia front. So I didn’t need tank’s mobility. Every round that I made 50+, I’ve built 2 planes and the rest art+inf. The rounds where I made less, I tried to max my production, while trying to produce 1 aircraft. Eventually, UK and USA realized that my fleet was weak (3 dd, 2 ss, 2 cruiser). So they just sent in their airforce and sunk everything without too much casualties. But by doing so, they made the mistake of sacrificing 2 of their precious Fighter. My airforce was equal to UK fleet defense. So I sent my entire airforces and sunk UK fleet. It was a crazy roll! I rolled really badly the first round (my bomber hitting none). Eventually, It was 1 fighter vs my bomber. I need to destroy fighter and survive. If not, the transports survive and Germany/France were threatened due to the loss of Fighters. I roll a four and await my opponent roll…. and he roll a 6! I sink Uk’s transports and win a lot of time. Africa has been quickly retaken by America. Against Russia, I’ve been able to hold him on the defensive (due to my 4 troops transported there each turn + 2 inf/turn in KArelia that helped me to keep Russia in check). Eventually, Japan threw everything she had at Russia. My partner rolled terribly, as always… He lost everything, but Russia had 3 fighter left. Even with 6 inf, that wasn’t enough to stop Germany

    Italy did what Italy do. With sz 16 closed, not much to discuss. Italy was never seriously threatened, so I’ve sent everything I had in France, my tanks went east.

    It was a great game, mistakes on both sides, tons of fun. Playing with people is a lot better than playing online 

  • Sounds like a lot of fun!  That’s quite an impressive feat to pull off with Japan and Italy as no shows.  The German navy build is a new strategy, though I question if it’ll work a second time now that the Allies are wise.

  • Its a very risky gamble. But I see it like this: Putting alot into the navy allows it to survive some turn against UK (if you’ve sink their fleet). Your fleet act both as transport (transporting 2-4 inf each turn to the eastern front. Average, its about 1-2 turn faster than walking all the way there), but it also threatens United Kingdom, which is fun. Combined with airforce (that you build starting round 2), you can easily sink almost any UK fleet for the first few turns. At a point of the game, UK will have spent so much into his fleet that it will easily beat yours (you can’t commit too much into fleet like UK can). But if before attacking your fleet, he needs to be sure that the survivors will survive to your air strike!! and this is when things get interesting. Germany navy will be week. But if UK rush to kill it, he will lose his too!! And that’s a very fair trade for the Axis.
    My opponent probably made the mistake of not calculating well. The fleet could have been sunk with just their incredible airforce (due to my japanese partner being incapable of getting rid of US soldiers on his worthless islands, that give a powerful +5 ipc to UK)


  • The most immediate counter to such a strategy is for UK to rush-build bombers.  That way they can simulatanously threaten the German and Italian fleets.  Of course this keeps the British limeys - temporarily - off the mainland, which may assist in a Moscow push.  Still, I’d like to see more of this strategy in play.  Be sure to pick the Germans on your way to the table.

  • I agree. A bomber rush could have easily sunk my fleet. And you also pointed correctly that going bomber rush mean that the fleet will be weak, so uk won’t be able to put any transports into sea


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