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    I’m in the middle of my first solitaire play of AAG.
    I’m not sure to have understood the order of play in combat.

    In the movement phase, the movement of units is almost simultaneous, type by type.
    However, in the combat phase, I understand that the first player is the only one to initiate battles.

    So in the first game turn, Japan moves and the US player cannot attack the Jap garrison in Guadalcanal in this combat phase until he is given the player phase token.

    Also, the regroup phase would be for Jap only.

    Is that correct ?

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    Just to clarify, the Jap player would not be attacking with his infantry Guadalcanal in his turn.

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    The first player doesn’t decide where battles will be fought, only the order in which they will be fought.  All zones containing units from both sides will have battles fought in them each turn.  This is not optional.  Also, the second player may declare that he or she wants to attack with ranged fire, and the first player decides when in the sequence of combats this will occur.

    The Regroup phase is always for both players, but the first player performs each step first, in the same fashion as when moving units.

    If you haven’t already, check out the FAQ for important rules errata and clarifications.

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    So, at the beginning of combat phase, it is the responsibility of both players:

    1. to identify every zone where a combat takes place even if it’s not the liking of 1st player.

    2. to declare beforehand the “free shots” from ranged fire (“free shots” as stated in the official FAQ) that they wish to take.

    Then, the first player decides the order of combats, including those “free shots”.

    This was not really very clear to me by reading the rules

    Thank you very much !

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    The hard part of Guadalcanal is remembering your artillery can fire to sea and your ships can fire to land even if both sides don’t have units in the sea zone or on the island.

    I’ve gotten looks  😮  :? about my artillery purchases. Serious what-the-heck looks. When the heck did you forget how to play A&A looks. Then when it is my turn to roll the naval battle it all becomes clear. Especially when they go, “You have 8 dice.”

    :evil: “No, I have fourteen.”  :evil:

    Gotta forget the other A&A games you might have played when playing G’canal.

  • Nice.I’m going to have to try that. :evil:

  • Official Q&A 2007 AAR League


    Nice.I’m going to have to try that. :evil:

    It is pretty neat maneuver.  It is easy to forget in G’canal that you still need land units. But you only get that trick once at most per opponent.  :lol:

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