Germany 1st Round

  • I’m just curious to know what everyone’s typical G1 buy has been thus far?  What have been your typical combat moves?  etc.

  • i bought a german navy in rd 1 of my last game as axis. it was eventually sacrificed to the allied navy in a combined navy/aerial assault.

    the downside of this strat is fewer units against the russians.

    the huge upside is the delayed allied landings in the west, and the extra turns that it buys japan to get into the action.

    so far, i have little to no idea what the allies should be doing in 41.

  • All infantry, except for one token of course. 😉

  • @Crazy:

    All infantry, except for one token of course. 😉

    Okay, but what are your G1 combat moves?

  • I ignore the Baltic states and instead but a lot of troops into Ukraine and East Poland. I also sink the UK BB and trannie with my subs, fighter, bomber.

  • Does anyone go for Karelia in round 1 (with 4 inf, 4 figs, bomb, and a cruiser bombardment)?

  • Purchases: 2 tanks, 7 Infantry

    I honestly haven’t found an effective G1 set of attacks for the 41 scenario, even if I do take Ukraine and the Baltic States, it still feels like a paper thin front, idk maybe someone will come up with a new set of plans for ze Germans.

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