• russias the best, russia then germany

    good russian strat^_^
    yeah ive been raised w/ the whole russia restricted so my whole defense is centered around that. for giving up manchuria or whateer the fringe country is by the end of placing new pieces russia isnt going anywhere w/out a fight. yeah no attacks r made but the japanese can be stopped coming through towards russia for 3-4 turns depending on how he reacts.

    good us strat^_^
    hey i agree w/ the cant ignore the pacific theatre. yeah the us is obligated to be the rainmaker to the brits and soviets long enough for them to stay alive. t1 a good way to start is bring ur transport to help take out the afrika korps and pushing ur fighters/ bombers to britian. at the same time if they ignore the japs completely it will be a wild fire thats consumed most of asia, australia/ new zealand and depending on how long germany actually holds up africa. ive played tons of games and deeply disheartened saying the faulty us strategy of keeping away from the pacific theatre.
    they americans had a lovely plan during ww2 called island hopping, worked out quite well if i remember right. the sub strat was was good but what u can do after that is 2 battleships and 2 loaded transports island hopping in about 3-4 turns.

    ill answer any ?s if ya have any^_^

  • i chose japan for overall favorite, but it really depends on who all is playing. guess it would be japan, america, britain, russia, germany (i suck at germany for some reason)

    oh, and just found these forums today, while lookin for a cheep/free source of the computer version, since i lost mine.

  • I don’t thnk anybody could suck at Russia or Germany (well except for the opening turn). All you do is buy infantry and stack. That’s all there is to it. 😎

  • ud be surprised, ive seen a couple games where after the japs move they just restarted the game bc of a faulty russia strat 😄

  • That’s true about Russia and Germany when you play the computer, but when you play a human player it’s much harder. You need to out-msart the enemy. In the computer game I captured Russia as Germany on the 2nd turn.

  • Yeah, it isn’t that hard. 5 inf in the Caucasus with 4 inf in Moscow!? What was the Russian AI thinking? Probably too much electronic vodka :roll:

  • the sad thign about it is that the Russian AI can re-take Karelia with all his forces if he tries but he doesnt and then when you take Russia on turn 2, all the Russian player does on turn 3 is take Ukraine which doesnt even help him because he is gaining no IPCs.

  • Yeah, there are plenty of times where I’ve taken Russia with 5 or less ARM remaining. And since my planes can’t provide backup, Russia can easily take it back on T3. Unfortunately for the AI, wasn’t pre-programmed for what to do in that situation.

  • i feel like the UK has alot of options, they are all over so you could go atlantic navy, IC is australie, india or south africa, that is more options than germany or ussr, i feel like if germany and ussr are played equally and japan is aggressive than the uk can change the whole game by either hitting germany hard or if they can hold the IC in india making japan very ineffective. i dont likeplaying them much, but they can be huge.

  • As Japan I always take India and China on the first turn so a complex there is pretty useless. When I play the AI, it’s very convenient because the UK will always place a complex on India on T1 so when I take it, I get a free complex and the UK wastes its IPCs for the first turn. South Africa and Australia are good places to put a complex on. East Canada is also an option.

  • Whoa, I can’t imagine the monster Japan would be with those rules. 😉

  • you can hold india T1 if you know what you are doing, there are many inf. you can bring there as well as a russian fighter if need be, also if the E meditaranean sub escapes some kind of attack on G1 you can use that to block the amphibious assault from the islands of japan. therefore india can be held, and if it is then that is a nice thorn in the side of japan

  • Not just India but landbridging into Asia itself. Usually with Japan you spend a lot of money buying 5+ transports. But with these landbridging rules, it’s just one transport and you can place inf en mass by T2.

  • JAPAN!!! 😄

  • Yeah, we all know that Japan is the best. 😉
    However, looking at the poll, I was quite disappointed that USA and UK came out bottom last. I thought they would at least score higher. UK is great, since there’s so many possibilities to take advantage of (the India factor, Monty in Africa, helping the Russians, or D-Day in Europe. USA is also a great country to play as, giving you a steady income (compared with UK) and many different approaches (Pacific, Europe). Plus USA is the “game breaker” that can easily swing the game in the Allies favor.

  • I have refrained from posting on this topic 'cause there were so many posts already, I didn’t want to have to read the whole thing. Well I still haven’t so bear with me if I repeat something that was already said!

    I’ll have to agree with you Mose, about the U.K. I’m probably in the British school of thought when it comes to strategy anyway! (gag) :roll: Well, the only problem for U.K. is not having enough stuff to work with at the begining, so you can’t concentrate on much more than one spot. (Historically this is probably because of post-WWI disarmament) (more gagging) :evil: They do start with a lot of territories though.

  • Yeah, playing UK isn’t easy. When you first start out, you have the largest Empire (Territory Wise). From then on, you IPC income drops and drops and you empire gets smaller and smaller. [Sadly, I learned that the hard way in my first game of A&A]. However, if you’re good enough, I have seen UK pursue and effective two point strategy of helping out Asia as well as Europe.

  • It can give you a sense of accomplishment if you’re successful with UK, if you win with Ger. on the other hand, it can get you killed! 😄

  • “It can give you a sense of accomplishment if you’re successful with UK,”

    Well what I do like about UK is the “underdog” factor. Nobody really gives that country any credit (weakest of the three Allies). But if you can pull off an upset (UK actually dueling without the aid of the Allies), there is a huge sense of accomplishment. I had times where UK went on to capture Germany, since the German was too busy focusing on Russia and the US! 😉

  • Cool. 😎

  • Very good thread. It’s interesting but no suprise that half the people pick Japan - they get to go nuts! And I’m also not suprised that the US is lowest, they have the slowest game and probably the least amount of variation. My favorite is the UK because they really have the most options in how to play effectively.


    the US must, at all costs, ignore the Japs in the Pacific. It doesn’t matter if they lose their entire fleet in the Pacific. I’ll say it, and others will back me on this…The Pacific is a waist of time, resources, and energy…a hopeless cause! Let Japan have the Pacific…if they do try to build forces to land in the US, you’ll see them planning it before they know what their doing themselves. If Japan tries to go after the US before they attempt to sieze Asia…they’re idiots! Plain and simple. Ok, maybe not idiots…but they’re dead. The US only has to think about the Pacific when Germany is dead.

    Well Major, most people seemed to think you’re crazy… doesn’t it make you want to play them with the Axis? 😉
    I’ll back you 100%!!!

    In all seriousness, that is one of the many fun things about playing A&A - it is a lot of fun to teach new players how to play well. You can really teach newer players how to play, moreso than in other games, by delivering a serious butt-whippin’ to them and explaining what you are doing as you go along. When I get tired of ladder games or playing my friends, I’ll sometimes play a pick-up game in The Zone as Allies against someone who isn’t playing with bidding. Then you can teach them and beat them at the same time. Kind of like “You really shouldn’t have bought all those tanks with Germany - you should be buying all infantry. Infantry are the key to this game - look how many I am buying. You’ll see what I mean in about two turns.” You can tell which players are going to get really good because they will want to keep playing you over and over again - “Wait, I think if I try this instead I can stop you.”

    Does anyone else do this or am I the only one?

    I guess what I mean by all this is that A&A is one of those games where you really have to see strategies in action to believe them, because a lot of ideas sound good in theory but don’t work in a real game.

    That reminds me - Yanny, when will the strategy pages get updated on this website? I remember some discussion on it a few months ago… all of them are either garbage or apply to 1st Edition rules… some of them are downright malicious if a new player reads them and believes them! :lol:

  • You could probably compile a good collection to post on the strategy page just from this forum, there’s some pretty good stuff to be found here. Then you could provide a link to the topic on the forum where it was originally posted. That way a surfer could get straight to the point, and if he wanted to could read what other people thought about it in the ensuing discussion.

    (Yanny this may be better posted in the “website discussion” forum, but I wanted to reply to the above.)

  • Yeah, this website could use a good update, not just the forums.

  • ansbach, i do the teaching thing too, telling em how im gonna smack em long before i do it. sometimes i even let em backtrack once they see how they messed up. oh, i love japan best overall, but america and britain are great fun too. but really, any country is fun. even russia is a blast if your playing against newbies 🙂

    its really creapy reading this forum while watching “pearl harbor” on cable….

  • Japan 😄

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