• Bossk…what would you rather have? Appease Germany, only to have them crush russia…OR, appease Japan, only to have them reach Moscow and then get blown away by all three nations that just finished Germany for dinner?

  • I say keep them both occupied and slowly build offensive forces to kill Germany and then Japan. Believe it or not the Allies really do have enough resources to keep both the axis from expanding while having enough left over to do this. In fact I’ve managed to hold off Germany without any US help.

  • Putting effort into the Pacific is stupid for either nation. USA can’t do anything against, Japan, and Japan can’t do much against the US. Now the Atlantic, thats another story. Now THATS where I can see a good Japaneese IC.

  • what’s the worst Japan can do Take moscow.what’s the worst Germany could do win the war.

  • my favorite countries are- in order Japan, US, Germany, UK, Russia.
    about the pacific, the only attention anyone should give it is Japan to take the Austrailias(not right away), take Hawaii(in order to strat bomb USA, (though bombers could better strat bomb Russia), Alaska (to distract US, but if it doesn’t distract them, then walk right in) Japan might also want midway if US has Long range aircraft.
    US should take it outside (to the atlantic).

  • exactly.

  • russia sucks, germany rocks

  • Yea i really fail to see how anyone could actually LIKE to play as russia or germany. USA, Japan, and Uk all have options for strategy and movements while russia and germany just simply buy men and tanks, men and tanks and have big battles…how is that fun? You gotta get all in on the navy and airforce and industrial complex fun…US is my fav followed by japan, uk, germany, russia

  • I don’t have a favorite country. I prefer

    being the axis though. The axis area a real

    challenge against a solid opponent. I have

    had some AWESOME defensive stands with the

    axis and won many games that way.

  • Russia is not boring if you play aggresive and if you play good with it, you can easily win the war for the allies. I cant see why US should be more fun, its fun to fight naval battles in the pacific with them, but shipping infantry into western europe over and over again bores me 😉

  • what are you talking about germany and russia are 2 of the best countries to play with

  • ok i’ll concede to germany just because its a challenge trying to hold out against 3 countries at once and you options as far as infantry, tanks and planes. However russia is not fun at all. I would love to hear how it is. You sipmly buy men, maybe a few tanks every once in awhile and counter-attack the germans. you only move like 1 space every turn. like i said, its boring….

  • no its not.
    You have to divide your forces between two fronts, furthermore you have to gain valuable ipc’s by capturing countries like ukraine, scandinavia, eastern europe, etc. Its allways a real challenge to get an income of 30 or more IPC’s before you do an all out attack on Germany, while your last remaining forces in Russia itself defend the capital against the japanese 😄

  • While my favorite powers are definitely the Axis, I can’t see why “ignoring” the Pacific should be an option for either side. If UK can hold an IC in India and USA can destroy the Japanese fleet, Japan will have virtually NO impact on the rest of the game whatever! No Jap fleet means East Indies, Borneo, New Guinea, Okinawa and Philippines are all taken–that’s 7 IPC’s. Even with 3 captured far east land territories Japan couldn’t make up the losses, and putting more IC’s on the board will only stave off the inevitable. The only way the Pacific can be “ignored” is if the other side agrees to do so, too.
    On the other hand that’s why Germany is so fun to play–how are you gonna hold off ALL the Allies while simultaneously crippling Russia? It’s not easy, but it’s fun…


  • Germany….yep.

  • On the issue of the Pacific. It has been my experience that Japan tends to concentrate its efforts on the far East, leaving what resources it started with just “floating around” the Pacific. While it is understandable why Japan must commit to the far east in order to put pressure on Russia, it has been my practice to use the USA and it’s economic power to create and deploy a Pacific fleet in order to put enormous pressure on Japan by first conquering all the lightly defended islands and then assembling a huge landing party for the Japanese mainland. The Japanese are forced to pay attention and allocate resources in their defence. This will inevitably stall their far east efforts. If Japan ignores the USA buildup for too long, they will be in big trouble. If they commit naval resources, they will not have full force in their eastern operations. In any case, the USA will be effective in tying up the Japanese thus relieving the Russians from fighting a two war front, which they simply cannot afford.

    …in summation, I always have lots of action in the Pacific when playing the USA. It works more often then not…with any luck. Like any “plan”, not always perfect.

  • I dont, building a pacific fleet takes at least 3 or 4 turns, these turns can be used by both axis to cripple russia. So a pacific fleet only relieves the russians after they have been crippled far enough by the axis.

  • It sounds like your UK player is asleep on the job! He/she is having absolutely NO impact on either Asia OR Europe theaters and should be relegated to banker duty or whatever. Your USSR player isn’t much better, if he is being “crippled” in 3(!) turns by even a combined assault. They should both be fired immediately.

    Seriously, though I appreciate what you are saying: if USA is spending all their resources on slow attack in the Pacific it makes the Allies jobs a lot tougher. But USA can HURT Japan in the Pacific without breaking the bank. I had 1 game where Japan destroyed most of the USA fleet T1 as usual. USA responded by building a MONSTROUS fleet of subs that in very little time (and at relatively little cost) were prowling the Pacific sinking every TR in their path! Japan wa forced to rely on air power and 1 IC in Manchuria and were pretty quickly bottled up. At the same time USA was able to build a sizeable D-Day force as well.

    My point isn’t that the Pacific is always THE decisive theater. I’m only saying that every game is different and if you make a pat rule like “I always ignore the Pacific…” sooner or later your buddies are gonna get wise and take advantage–as Axis OR Allies…


  • the problem for the allies when japan relies on air power is that japan starts out with (and usually doesn’t lose) like 5 fighters and a bomber…does it seem to you that they just might be able to hold off the US subs, who by the way, can’t retaliate against airborne units.

  • I always thought Japan was the best country since everybody always seems to neglect the South Pacific. Plus Japan is capable of accomplishing all sorts of feats: conquering Africa, taking Moscow, blitzing London, and crossing into the Atlantic. In no way could it have happened in real life but here it does.

  • I like playing with US the most

  • I must agree completly with Ozone 27. You, my friend, have a firm grasp on what this game is all about.

  • UK is my favorite country right now. It is fun and challenging to oust Germany from Africa and then cross the Suez into Asia or the Meditteranean into Europe and kick some Axis ass. America is also fun because you get to decide when and where to drop the hammer. I usually reteat the remnants of my crushed Pacific fleet to the Atlantic and then funnel troops into Africa, ignoring the Japs in the Pacific because, lets face it, what exactly are they going to do. I’ve seen a lot of people have a naval arms race in the Pacific that only serves to drain the resources of both Japan and America. There can be no decisive naval victory in the Pacific if you stick around. Germany is fun to try to knock UK out of Africa, and today I played UK and conceded defeat when Germany attacked Great Britain on the first turn and won. I had tried this in a previous game in which that player was playing, and it worked pretty well then, but this guy was lucky as hell with his dice and won an impossible victory before I was even able to move. Bastard. But it was fun. I have never played Japan because the guy that I always play with is Japanese and damn proud of it. Russia I have never wanted to play that badly because they never seem to go anywhere and always end up just cranking out infantry defense and slowly dying. I have only lost once, and that was playing America with a static Russian ally and a very stupid UK that didn’t even make a bid for Africa and just sat there on Britain. My record is probably due to the level of competition and stategies that I picked up from here. Before each game, I set goals for myself to achieve victory. Whether playing US, UK, or Germany, my major goal is to dominate the Atlantic. If you can do that, your enemies are flat out screwed.

  • Whoa, how did you manage to lose in the first turn? I mean there’s only 1 transport in the Northern Atlantic that probably gets taken out by USSR on the first turn? Plus, who did he/she manage to wipe out the entire UK fleet and land 2 inf against planes, bombers, inf., and tanks?

  • Landbridging is one of our house rules. If a transport occupies the only sea zone between two countries, you can ferry as many troops as you want between the two locations. Russia tried to take out the German transport but rolled horribly and lost their whole fleet with the exception of the transport while scoring absolutely no hits. The mighty German armada raped UK’s pitiful fleet, taking the battleship out with subs so it couldn’t fired back. The rest of it was just incredibly lucky dice on his part and incredibly poor on mine.

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