Non-Combat Movement/Reinforcement Clarification

  • Evening!

    Question for the rule lawyers out there.

    The new AA50 rules don’t prohibit you from moving land forces to reinforce a territory that you just finished capturing in the combat phase. In fact, I can’t find any prohibitions to it in my copies of LHTR 2.0, AAR, or AA 1986 rules.

    When I tried to perform this maneuver tonight even my ally told me I wouldn’t be allowed to do it.

    Any insights appreciated.

  • Totally legal.  Any units that were not used in combat can move in non-combat.
    These units can be moved into a friendly territory at this time (except planes)

    This can be a very strategic move (see how many units you may have lost in the battle or how other battles went) to decide to move more units in or leave only the conquering units on their own.

  • Thanks Axis_roll.

    I thought my dotage was kicking in again, but in order to keep the peace I just smiled and agreed to get some further clarification.

  • Official Q&A

    This is actually a question that gets asked fairly often about each incarnation of A&A.  I guess it just confuses some people that they can move forces into a contested area after the battle is over.

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