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    Where can i go to get some painted pieces or have someone paint mine. Plus i would like a bigger revised board like 5 ft by 3 ft or something.

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  • Looks real good imp but where would i get this printed out at?

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    put on disk and take to printers.

  • Two years ago, I changed most of my Axis and Allies pieces for CinC product, 1/700 airplanes and 1/72 soldier from different manufacturers.
    I painted the infantries, airplanes, tanks and warships with the real paint scheme and/or camouflage).
    Everything…… except artillery,subs and AA gun.

    My german, US and Russian tank are decorated with 1/285 decals from Microscale.
    I rebuilted most of the japanese,US and UK carrier.


  • I’ve given the pieces in my D Day and Bulge games a ‘makeover’, paint jobs for the Germans and US mainly, but the UK and Canadian infantry were a little more involved, using glue to extend the tropical shorts (!) into battledress and the shirts of the airborne guys into paratrooper smocks.  I did the US hardware in light Olive and the British in darker bronze green.  The allied armor got white star decals while the Germans got a coat of camo.

    My last project was to make the UK artillery pieces look more like British 25 pounder guns!  This was done by trimming the spade detail and bending the trail legs together; a small sliver of balsa wood was added underneath to represent the box spade and a towing eye added from a length of broken jewelry chain.  The whole thing is then glued to a brass trim washer which represents the quick-traverse turntable that was a characteristic of this gun.  Sounds a lot more complicated than it was to do! The US 105’s have the upper recoil cylinder (from a length of wire) added atop the barrel and a paint job -I have yet to tackle the job of putting gun shields on all those 88’s though……

    axis & allies D-Day UK Sherman & 25 pdr.jpg

  • Have any photos?

  • @Constantinople:

    Have any photos?

    Yes, I posted on of my “25 pounder” - here are some of the bad guys

    axis & allies D-Day German infantry SS & Para.jpg

  • Allied airpower and infantry

    axis & allies D-Day pieces B17 & Lancaster bombers.jpg
    axis & allies D-Day pieces P38 & Typhoon fighters.jpg
    axis & allies D-Day pieces UK & Canadian infantry.jpg

  • What did you use for the aircraft bases?

    What others used for aircraft bases?


  • The aircraft bases are a fender washer with a fishing line sinker weight glued on.  A small brad nail goes up throught the sinker and into a tiny hole drilled in the airplane.  Before glueing the plane on top, I sprayed them with the appropriate A&A base color - light olive for the US, tan for GB and gray for the Luftwaffe peices in the Bulge game.
    I can do roundels with paint and marker pens but US stars and German ‘outline’ crosses required after market decals!


    What did you use for the aircraft bases?

    What others used for aircraft bases?


  • Fishing line sinker, how clever!!

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