• Ok, I sat down to play out Barbarossa the other day, not ant entire game of game of A&A Europe but just that first important move for the German player.  The first points to keep in mind is that you will lose troops accept that fact and don’t let it hinder your judgment.  Secondly, though you can mass considerable firepower against the Russians it is not always the best move because the Russians can counter attack on their move with a still dangerous force.

    Purchase with a mind that you will make up he majority of your loses.  Buy 6 Infantry (18 IPCs) and 3 tanks (15 IPCs)  use the remaining 8 to buy a sub for that “other” war.    The extra 12 should be used to either store or build a new fighter.

    Organize your forces before you move in your mind.  The break down of forces goes sup-thing like this, in Poland you have:
    6 Infantry
    2 tanks
    1 artillery
    1 fighter
    In Hungary you have:
    3 infantry
    1 artillery
    1 tank
    In Rumania you have:
    3 infantry
    1 tank
    In Finland you have:
    3 Infantry
    In air units you have:
    2 fighters in Germany
    1 bomber in Germany

    The Fin’s usually send 2 Infantry into Vyborg, don’t worry about Karelia yet, move 2 infantry from Norway in the non-combat portion of your turn to fortify this spot.  Though you might be tempted to use the fighter located there (Norway) it is best to leave it be for now.

    Now create Army Group North for the drive into the Baltic states. This force should consist of 2 Infantry, an artillery, a fighter,  from Poland and the bomber from Germany, against 3 Infantry in the Baltic states. Chances are here you will lose 1 Infantry perhaps 2 saving the artillery unit, meanwhile destroying the Russians.

    Create Army group Center for the drive into East Poland.  This force should consist of 2 Tanks, 2 fighters, and 1 Infantry, against 4 infantry in East Poland. YOU WILL lose an Infantry as well as possibly a tank in this battle but eliminate the Russians. Don’t worry you will regain the 2 tank advantage the next turn from The coming from Hungary.  In the non-combat phase move the remaining 3 Infantry from Poland forward  return the fighters home to Poland.  The likely counter-attack should come Belorussia at 4 Infantry and a tank.  You should bounce this attack right off with little loss perhaps an Infantry which should bear the brunt of this attack.  After which the road to Moscow will be open.

    Create Army Group South with 2 Infantry and artillery and 1 Infantry and a tank from Rumania into Bessarabia against an infantry and tank.  Loss here should be light again an infantry or two.  The 4 Infantry and 1 Artillery in Ukraine will give you the greatest amount of worry but the country attack here should be repulsed too with heavier losses.

    SO that’s what I think will get you going on the right road to winning in Russia.

  • The problem is that all of these fights are dependent upon average-or-better dice. If things go south in one or two of those fights, it won’t look pretty. Imagine those Russian infantry in East Poland scoring four hits in their first roll (which CAN happen!). Doesn’t look to good for Germany, does it?

    If you’re looking to avoid exposure to a counter-attack, it’s sound enough I suppose, but Russia might pull the same trick against you, in which case, you’ve wasted a round (giving UK and US more time to get into the fight), and a lot of offensive hardware (2 Artillery, 3 Tanks, plus whatever Inf you lose) simply taking 2 IPCs that Russia can take right back if he wants to.

    Germany’s best bet is to build all Infantry in the first round, then nothing but tanks until Moscow falls. Anything else, IMO, is a waste of resources. Aggressive attacking while following this strategy WILL produce results. Sitting with tanks on defensive 2’s instead of offensive 3’s (as your post suggests) is as damaging to the German army as any Allied action…you’re far better off committing just Infantry and Airforce to fewer fights in the first round, and saving your tanks for Round 2 once you see how the Russians have distributed their initial forces.

  • I often find that much of the Russian fighting power becomes stacked in Belorussia. Btt by building eight tanks each turn, I can easily use the combined forces to crush the Belorussian army, and after that the door to Moscow is blown wide open.

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