• A group of friends recently got into this discussion.

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    Airsoft. I got a AK47, but id like to get a tommy gun or MP44

    Its more clean and the rate of fire can be greater.

    Plus its really inexpensive for ammo.

    Its better for historical as well. The fancy uniforms don’t get paint on them.

    I know many fields don’t like airsoft because they make less money on ammo and also because the guns run on batteries rather than co2, so it totally cuts out the park from making money.

  • We recently had a large paintball match nearly 10 players on each team.

    In a fit of rage I did a Charge at a few guys, caught them off guard and got all three. I did suffer a few wounds. But it was awesome.

  • I have never played airsoft.  Are their rounds reuseable?

  • if i played airsoft how would i know where and if the opponent was hit

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    You need to have honest players.

    But alot of times shooting would be close action and it would be obvious they got hit.

    Airsoft is the best for buildings and ruins, while if you want long range shots from cover paintball is better.

    But i like fighting in buildings like in COD2

  • Does it hurt -+ the same as getting hit with a paintball?

    I would think it would hurt less since the round is smaller but on the other hand you could make the bed of nails argument.  One nail hurts since all that force is resting on one point but a bed of nails distributes the weight making it hurt less.

    What say you?

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    It hurts less, but many of these guns are automatic, so you get hit 3-5 times in a row. If it hits your neck it stings, but clothing removes this. Nothing to worry about.

    Also some people have machine guns like Mg42 that shoot alot and do hurt.

  • Are the airsoft rounds reuseable?

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    its not worth it to do that. 5,000 round is like $10 bucks

    so if its worth it to you to pick up something worth a small fraction of a penny and clean it off, then i guess you can go real cheap.

  • @LT04:

    Are the airsoft rounds reuseable?

    Yes, but as Imperious Leader said, the rounds are very cheap.

    But I enjoy paintball more.

  • Paint ball all the way…

    I was on a team a few years ago back in high school with my crazy friends,It’s much more satisfying popin some kid in the face with paint  :evil:

    No pain no gain i alwase say 😄

  • This deserves a Karma!

  • Have any of you heard of the lagest paintball match? It’s held in Oklahoma and is called D-day. It’s very cool looking. Below is a link.


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    Airsoft. Although I haven’t played in forever. Dang college… RPK-74 is righteous along with US SAW’s and the Steyr AUG.


  • Almost got into a fight playing paintball yesterday. I rushed behind a large tree to take on the last two guys on the oposing team, as my friend layed down covering fire.  Only to have a guy from the other team, that was eliminated, broadcast to his surviving team that i was advancing.

    I then get acused of being a hot head.

  • Airsoft all the way. If I’m gonna play army I want my guns to look and feel real. I have a TM M16A2 with an M203 on it.

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    oh come on now. You do realize that you can wear vintage ww2 uniforms and have vintage ww2 guns and not mess up your uniform?

    Its strange to play and have paint all over your clothes and have weird looking guns.

  • Airsoft for me as well. Nothing against paintball though. I’ve got 2 TM mp5’s. Haven’t played in awhile as it’s hard to find groups.

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    I am for vintage WW2 Airsoft but I’d rather play in Europe where the terrain is more “realistic” to the engagement, then in the US, i.e. Texas. 🙂


  • Wow, Paintball took a comfortable lead for weeks. Now Airsoft has pushed to even the score. Who will win?

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    I don’t think there is a close to the poll… In actuality Paintball would win cause you have more players.


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