• I have a question about territories that I don’t believe has been answered yet.  I don’t have the game yet, so it’s just based on pictures and such.

    Since there are 2 scenarios, and the map itself is “set up” for the 1941 scenario, when you play the 1942 scenario where Germany has expanded and the setup boards instruct you to place down nation markers, if you take those territories as the UK/US, do they go to you or to the USSR, because they are USSR color and belonged to them in 1941?

  • I suppose they goes to the 1941 owner, i.e. USSR. In the set up is explicitely indicated that in the Russian territories owned by the Germany is present a Control Marker. So I am supposing that 1942 scenario do not change original ownership of territories. Howerver a confirmation from someone that own or has read the rulebook will be interesting to have.

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    Consider it confirmed.

  • Yeah! I got one!  😄

    Tanks Krieghund!!!

  • '10

    As a follow up question on territories/control markers, i believe one of the NOs for UK is to take a Japanese territory.  In the 1942 setup, does that include Japanese-controlled at the start but originally UK territories, such as Borneo, or only 1941-controlled japanese territories, such as Manchuria?


  • Think Krieghund has answered this about 5 times now  😛 Only 1941-controlled territories like Manchuria and Iwo Jima.

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    You’re right, Silent Observer, except that Manchuria doesn’t qualify, since it would be liberated to Chinese control.

  • I remembered after I wrote it, it was just so easy to use the same example as him  😛

  • So in the '42 scenario, If uk or Usa take territory that germany begins the game in control of, but are '41 russian controlled, the territory goes back to russia, and russia loses the NO income of not having allied units in her borders?

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    Yup.  Kinda makes you want to invade western Europe, doesn’t it?

  • @Krieghund:

    Yup.  Kinda makes you want to invade western Europe, doesn’t it?

    Or not… be aware of the russian bear when it awakens 😉

  • i don’t think so, i think if like brits take baltic states, that it turns british
    i’ll look it up fast 😄

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