• I haven’t got to play me copy of AA50 yet.  I will this long weekend when my cousin comes up if he can manage to get away from his wife long enough but any way…

    Just looking at the board set up the US looks to be sitting in a better position in the Pacific then they did in AAR.

    For sake of discussion lets say they have the same number of ships but they are spread out.  The Japanese will have to work harder to dominate the Pacific since now they have to play cat and mouse.

    Your thoughts,


  • Man, I don’t know LT - I haven’t played a full game yet, but my buddy and I played two full rounds - I think that the US is weaker in the Pacific in AA50 vs. revised.  With Japan starting with 3 fully stocked A/C’s makes it tough.  Japan does however have a lower starting income, but I think it’s fairly easy for them to grab their bonus’ fairly early in the game.

  • Maybe its just me but as Japan I liked to feel that sense of spreading my wings in the Pacific starting with Pearl, although it was a bit repetitive to have to do that every opening round.

    Maybe with smaller pockets of navy spread around the Pacific on both sides this will create very different schools of thought for openings for us to discuss.


  • I was thinking…

    My Father and I have played once and the first thing i did was split the japanese taskforce and land in Kawangtung and Borneo.The reason for this was to get the Japanese ecodemy boost and hurt the English ecodemy.

    But then he deployed 2 Battleships to the west coast after i had destroyed the one in Pearl.He moved his carrier in the south pacific to the Australian waters.But then i thought…what if the Taskforce started heading straight for the westcoast along with the force in the solomans and take LA.this will almost force the americans to build in Washington and circleing the wagons.now the Americans will have arounf 40IPC’s to spend in Washington,most of which will be Infintry and the japanese will have 6 Fighters to support the ground force im thinking this will be around 4 infintry.The japanese will wait in LA for the Americans to attack them and try to puch them off,this is where the japanese air force will roll 4’s and destroy the American force,they will then make a run for The Capital(Haveing reanforced with the IC in LA) (assumeing this is 1941)  P.S sorry this does not go much with the topic.

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    US player is more potent in 42 than revised. no issue. IN 41 its much worse provided japan cleans the board well enough.

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