Marshaling cards

  • So far the thing I miss the most during the transition from AAR to AA50 is the marshaling cards.

    I think it is worse now that you have a bigger variety of ships and to top it off they are all much smaller then their land unit counter parts.

    I was wondering what the consensus was here on this matter.


  • I think I will use Marshall cards from Revised.

  • Oh yeah, I agree.  It just seems to me they moved a step backwards by getting rid of them.


  • @Craig:

    Never used them.


    Really!? <with a="" stunned="" bewildered="" look="" on="" face="">  I would go out on a limb and say that marshaling cards were one of the top 5 improvments going from classic to AAR.


  • Then, sure you never tried a Pacific fleet in AAR. Try mixing USA fleet, UK fleet and some marines in the islands. Try moving this each turn and you’ll see why you should keep marshalling cards. Still, z6 was pretty small. And let’s forget when Japan goes and attack the mixed fleet.

    I think the reason for removing marshalling cards and making China a popping inf country is the same: economical crisis. You know, those are less miniatures and more cards to do, and AH or WOTC need spent less money. Their legitime choice, of course. Of course, also is our legitime choice mod China and take some marshalling cards from AAR  😉

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