• Well, it’s been a ‘wild’ week. I started this week with 9 players that were going to show for our little mini-tourney, BUT, by weeks end that number dwindled down to 3. (Scratch six from my X-mas card list.) Saturday morning I pulled myself out of bed, went over the rulebbok, just one more time, drove to the store & prepared myself for what I thought would be a totally ‘crappy’ day. I was wrong!
    The store opened at noon & my first two players were already waiting. (Sorry Carl & Jim, next time I’ll post store hours.) They had been there since 10:00 am. We did our introductions, set up the game & waited for our third to arrive. During set up another gamer,Dan, who was there for a ‘Texas Hold Em’ tourney, asked if he could join. (I wanted to hug him!) All the players involved said sure. Our fourth, Brian, got there around 1:00 and after a brief go over of the rules we began……
    I picked the 1942 scenario, as I believe this is the most balanced. In this four player game I decided to have Germany/Italy & United Kingdom/USA each be played by single players. The draw worked out great! Carl & Jim were the most experienced players, Carl got UK/USA & Jim was playing Ger/Italy. Brian pulled Russia & Dan, who admitted he hadn’t played A & A in about twenty years, drew Japan.
    Turn 1… Japan went first & Emperor Dan was ‘rusty’, but with some coaching from Jim he decided to buy two transports & an IC (industrial complex). He totally destroyed the Hawaian Fleet & advanced into French Indo-China, which is where he placed his IC. He left the British India fleet untouched, & this would come back to haunt him!
    …Russia went next & Comrade Brian was ‘SEEING RED." Brian built 8 infantry (normal reaction) & proceeded to push the Nazi’s back from where they came. He attacked into Belorussia, Eastern Ukraine & the Ukraine. All attacks were successful, but Russia’s loses were extreme. (Die rolls sucked!) His frontline was ‘shakey’ at best. I think I would have let Germany grind it claws on my defence for a turn, or two, before launching Operation Mars.
    …Furher Jim came back with a vengence. His purchased 5 infantry, 2 armor & 3 artillery. (Remembering he could only place 10 units in germany.) Jim then counter-attacked into the territories Russia had just reclaimed, plus took Karelia. (Lenningrad falls.) If infantry hit on ‘sixes’ Comrade Brian would have been very pleased. The Furher also did two, “what the hell” attacks by moving his subs from sea zones 8 to sz 10 & sz 7 to sz1 in hopes of eliminating each allied fleet in these locations. “What the hell,” it didn’t work. I think these two subs, plus some air support & the destroyer from sz 13 should have been used to obliterate the UK fleet off of Gibralter, but what do I know. During his non-combat move Jim left Norway undefended & pushed most of his ground forces east.
    …Prime Minister Carl didn’t look worried. All of his at-start forces were still intact. (HUH?!) Britain hadn’t been touched! (RRHUT?!-my best scooby-doo.) PM Carl built some ground pounders & an IC. (Industrial complex.) He moved the India fleet, remember them, into the East Indies & promptly kicked the snot out of the one Jap infantry defending it. Also, at this time, we decided to change sz 14’s name to ‘Iron Bottom Sound’. Carl attacked the Regia Marina with two destroyers, a cruiser & air support. ALL units on both sides were GONE!! All that was left was one italian transport. At turns’ end he placed his IC, where else, INDIA.
    The Prime Minister smiled…
    …El Duca (Jim) was in tears. From his palace window he had just watched his Grand Fleet slip beneath the waves. His vision of dominating Africa sunk with it. With his ‘whopping’ 10 IPC he bought 2 infantry & 1 artillery. (My best Italian joke). He transported an infantry & armor to the Ukraine, via the Black Sea, where he had some protection by joining the German fleet of 1 destroyer & 1 transport which had retreated there during the Furhers’ turn. Italys’ turn was over.
    …President Carl smiled.(Funny, he looks alot like the Prime Minister, I wonder if their related?) The US built two destroyers & a battleship. With a Japanese fleet sitting in sz 53 the Presidents’ mind was made-up. ATTACK!!! With the west coast fleet & a couple of bombers from the mainland, & some really bad defensive rolls by Japan, the US fleet slid into Pearl Harbor with minamal damage. The Japs had lost 1 sub, 1 destroyer, a cruiser 2 fighters & a carrier. OUCH!!! The Chinese, with help from the Flying Tigers, were also successful at liberating Burma. The President ordered his new purchases to be placed on the west coast. More blood would soon be spilt in the Pacific…and it wouldn’t be his.

  • Ooops!!! Thanx, Craig. This will be corrected in future games, and not a bad buzzer. I believe I got this confused w/Kwangtung, which can be liberated for Great Britian by the chinese.

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