• What possiblescenarios could i make with the following units

    Mauser Kar x2
    volkstrum infantry x1
    Oberleut. x2
    ss stormtrooper x3
    Mg-42 x2
    panzerchreck x2
    fortress defender x1
    ss panzergrenadier x1
    panzergrenadier x2
    grizzled vet x1
    panzerfaust x1
    luftwaffe infantrymen x1
    20mm flak 38 x1
    pak 40 x1
    sgrw34 x1
    pzkpfw (38) x1
    BMW R75 x2
    panzer 3 ausf f x1
    skfz 254 x2
    nashorn x1
    marder 2 x2
    ss panther G x1
    Focku-Wolfe x1
    ME109E x1
    Flakpanzer IV x1
    ME262 x1

    Russian ( and a chinese/russian tank)

    Soviet grenadiers x2
    communists partisans x3
    PPsH41 x1
    red army FO x2
    Cossack CAPT x2
    PTRD-41 AT x1
    82mm PM-37 x1
    cossack cavalrymen x1
    fanatical sniper x1
    T34/76 x1
    T70 x1
    Zis2 57mm x1
    T-26 sieres 1933 x1

    I also have a map like stalingrad
    please respond

  • anyone
    ive been able to add a few extras

  • How’d you get that map? Also – I don’t feel like going into my book right now, well…wait. Just for you I will. Hook me up on the Karma for this one buddy  😉

    Ok ok. I dug out the info. The year is 1944. You could do many scenarios involving the Battle for Narva. The Germans were dug in really well and the Russians continued to establish small bridgeheads only to have them wiped out and be pushed back again and again. The only thing was the Soviets could afford and easily replace their losses while the SS couldn’t.

    Still, The SS was so dug into Narva that eventually when the city was shelled into ruins, the SS merely dug into the ruins deeper and continued to repell attacks.

    The Soviets in “The Battle for Narva” were the 8th and 47th Armies and the 2nd Shock Army.

    At the beginning of February, the Soviets forced a crossing of the river between Hungerburg and Narva and established a small bridgehead. The Germans own 11th Panzer Battalion "Hermann von Salza and Waffen SS grenediers were able to destroy it. You may want to recreate that scenario and see if you can change history. Or you can recreat any of the failed attempts to gain ground on Narva. I think with what you have, you could do an excellent battle with one of the spearhead initiatived the Soviets were using.

    One being the brigdhead they set up at Ssivertski which was pushed back by an SS Battlegroup. That would be a great one for you as well!! You are lacking obviously in Soviet Troops so you have to recreate a smaller battle for one of the bridgheads. Your German troops are perfect for this!! In Narva there were Luftwaffe men forced to help as infantry and plenty of SS units that would be the equivalent of what you have. You also have the appropriate armor to represent facets of the 11th Panzer Battalion.

    You could even change the objective to something different like either holding one hex for a certain amount of turns or merely having the Germans outnumber your Soviets and the goal for victory would be a percentage of German Casualites you have to take by the end of Turn 7 or until the Red army is wiped out entirely. Then calculate point wise, if you were able to take out that decided percentage of the German army.

    The only thing I would say your really missing here is pillboxes but that’s no big deal! The cover of a city and maybe making mock pillboxes would work just as well. I would be happy to give you the pill box stats and point values. After all, the pill boxes are not a very special piece. You could just make up a marker for them and use them on either side.

    I admire your adoration of recreating an accurate scenario! I think that’s great but you’ll have to leave out the 262 which didnt play any part of that battle to my knowledge. Personally I think its a little ridiculous using the plane considering it was used to counter the bombing of German Territory and saw almost exclusive air to air combat in it’s short career.

    So tell me what you think of my ideas? I would love your feedback. I’m glad your post motivated me to dig that info out of “The SS, Hitlers Instrument of Terror” by Gordon Williams which I took direct quotes from. I’m excited to try one of these scenarious myself. Let me know if you like any of my ideas and if not, maybe I can help you with some others. I’ve been studying the battles of the Eastern Front avidly these last few months so I think I can be of help to you. Let me know how it works out for you!

  • I see where your going with this.(i hope). Is there a wikipedia link to the battle
    thenx. Finally someone else posted

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  • cant find it a little more specific

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  • ok ill give you some when i get 100


  • any other ideas

  • Ideas ,any


  • got alot more units for germany its now my largest nation but only a few more russian troops have been added

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