The Burma Road in AA50

  • The Burma Road should be added to AA50 similiar to AAP. It could be a National Objective for China.

    If India and Burma are in Allied hands, China gains 1 extra infantry.

    China should be able to enter Burma unlike how the rules forbid them. Chinese forces did fight in Burma. This gives China a little more fighting forces too so they are not instantly defeated.

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    I like this idea. AS long as Burma and or Yunnan are not under Japanese control, China should get 1 infantry each turn.

  • Yes, Yunnan should be under Chinese control as well. I didn’t think of that but, should be part of the rule.

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    well they BOTH need to be controlled…just one or the other, because the Japanese will take one on J1 and basically render the rule useless. You created a road apple to slow down Japan from killing China too soon. I like this idea especially for 1941.

  • I keep thinking that the US and the UK, especially the US, were supporting the Chinese before the Pacific War started.  Claire Chennault was basically running the Chinese Air Force from 1937 or so on, and the US was supplying a fair number of aircraft, both as ready to fly aircraft, and as assemble in China planes.  I would have to look up the exact number, plus the AVG was being recruited and trained before December 1941.  Not quite sure how to reflect that in the game however.

    Chinese troops did move into Burma, both in 1942 and later in the war. For them to go anywhere else, i.e. into India or the Soviet Union, would require them to cross some very bad territory.  Restricting their movement to areas outside of China to Southeast Asia might be a good way to treat that.  That is basically where they can move in the Pacific game, as north and west are not an option.

    One thought that I did have for the Chinese fighter, to distinguish it from the US planes, is to use the P-38 from the Pacific set, and use the Hellcat for the US fighters, as that seems to be the aircraft used in A&A50.  Then you could have a Chinese-specific aircraft to use and continue to replace.

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    Thanks at least for not making a book recommendation.

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