• 2007 AAR League

    can a tank with fixed turret shoot at a target in its own hex?

  • Sorry for the delay.  If it says it can fire “only in front” then no, it cannot fire into its own hex.  The siG33 for example, cannot fire into its own hex.

  • ok I have a question. Can a fixed turret make defensive fire like a normal tank? For example if a unit moves into an adjacent hex that’s not directly in front of the turret? We’ve been playing yes because most of the time those tanks have additional machine guns either inside or on top of the tank and since it’s only disruption, we play the tank can respond to enemy movement. I would love clarification however.

  • First just so its said, tanks cannot make DF vs infantry (barring the Overlapping Fire or Awarness SAs),

    Second, as long as the DF is made while the target is adjacent to one of the three “front” hex sides then yes you can DF.  A tank moving completely behind a turretless tank is safe from DF.

  • Thanks Motdc. That totally answeres my question.

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