• Has anyone ever thought or wanted this to happen. If wizards were to make a minuture war game (like AAM) but for Vietnam.
    and if you have please give me units and stats you think would be appropriate.

    Some units would be


    M60 lmg
    M16 assault rifle
    m79 gernade launcher
    m14 sniper
    and more like australian,french and other communists and anti-communists.

    please respond

  • come on no one has thought about this someone

  • some one reply please!!! :x :x :roll:


  • I need someone anyone to post here ill give KARMA! I need someones thought

  • I think that would be cool, but there would be a lot of new rules t oget straight. i think that it might not be the greatest idea unless there is a huge crowd wanting this game. I am fine with WWII myself.

  • I think a modern war game might be a bit more interesting but here’s some units.
    Communist AK-47
    Green Beret
    South Vietnimese Infantry.
    M14 Rifleman
    Huey Helicopter
    AH-64 Helicopter
    M21 Sniper

    I am not an expert on the tanks and planes of this period though.

  • '18 Customizer

    The Korean conflict would be easier to emulate using existing AAM Units. You have your work cut out for you in Vietnam, the age of jets and mobile fire groups will require a whole new set of cards and mini’s. Good luck!

  • But since its just jets you could just use the regular plane rules.

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    how will u do B-52 strato fortresses?

    Also, and this was a huge weapon in Vietnam, Napalm, hmmm how would u do that?

    Also would need Patton Tanks, M113 armoured transports and Huey Choppers

  • Vietnam War wouldn’t work well since it’s so one sided… asymmetrical warfare and all. So even the best cards for Viet Cong RPG’s couldn’t really do much damage to a Patton, even a Bradley or Duster! 😄

    Napalm is already houseruled into AAM HRR 4.0, very powerful, but expensive… so it would be hard to field a bombload of it! 😄

    My thinking is that the Korean War or a WWIII of China/Russia vs. UN/NATO would work, since dogfights, tank battles and squad to squad fighting were still used all the time. Good luck to any one who tries to make a ruleset for this, I’d like to playtest anything you come up with! 😄

  • The WWIII idea is what I was thinking too, but it might have to be a three faction war, since China and Russia together would completely overwhelm US/NATO.

  • It’s pretty easy, though politically incorrect, to imagine an alliance of Muslim countries… add to the Euro Union, add the Sino Russian Conglomerate, add the Great American Coprosperity sphere, and you have 4 imaginable enemies, and with a South American dictator, or an Aussie monarchy, you could have even more! 😄

    The tricky part is finding units for them all, and making it fun yet partly realistic! 😄

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